11 Videos You Can Watch From The Backstreet Boys To Get In The Holiday Spirit


Every year around this time, hoards of fans ask the Backstreet Boys the same question: “Why is there no BSB Christmas album?”. Sometimes, it gets shady with “Guess I’ll just listen to this Nsync Christmas album, since the Backstreet Boys won’t give me one *insert side eye emoji*”.

Have no fear, fans! We may not have an entire Christmas album, but we have plenty of material from the Boys (group and solo) to satisfy our needs. Check it out below (starting with the very old)!

And really, you shouldn’t miss Nick’s jingle balls…

Going away from the group ventures, not many people were aware of Kevin’s performances during Rob Gonzalez’s “Home For The Holidays”.

Then, of course, we have Brian and his crazy beautiful vocals during his Christmas concert run. Below are a few of the favorites. The Littrells have also an album that you can stream on Spotify or purchase here!

WARNING: Baby Baylee is THE cutest!
(These videos are not my own. Thanks you everyone who shared via Youtube!)


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