In Defense Of Brian Littrell…


At 18 years old, Brian Littrell left everything he knew in Lexington, KY behind to join the Backstreet Boys. For the past 22 (nearly 23) years, he has shared every piece of his life with us, whether he wanted to or not. Yes, he has been blessed with a successful career, a good life, a family, and many other things. Yes, sharing his life is something that generally comes with the territory when you’re a celebrity and of course he knew that.

What wasn’t around when the Backstreet Boys began, nor when they rose to fame, was social media.

In the past few years, each of the Backstreet Boys have found their groove on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Kevin is a tweeting machine that doesn’t follow anyone, Nick has full out Twitter fests with follows and tweets abound (he’s Twitter Oprah), AJ is better at the Instagram thing, and Howie…well, he’s a wild card.

Then there’s Brian. When Twitter was first a “thing”, Brian “chirped” quite a bit, sharing words of wisdom, inspiration, and overall fun things. Then, things started to get a little dramatic. It’s completely understandable why people love Brian Littrell and why people want his attention – who wouldn’t?! He’s an amazing human! (We’ve already discussed his superhuman status)

What isn’t understandable is that the minute that Brian wasn’t tweeting EVERYONE and their mother, fans turned against him.

What isn’t understandable is that recently, there have been a LOT of fans bashing Brian for his social media practices. These are the same people that want so badly for him to “notice” them.

What isn’t understandable is that people tweeting constant nasty comments, hating on others, and saying completely insensitive things and thinking he can’t see them.

NEWSFLASH: Brian Littrell is a human being just like you and me. Every one of the Backstreet Boys are humans.

If you came onto your social media channels with the intent to chit chat with online friends and had nothing but messages of negativity toward you and others you obviously like,  you wouldn’t be encouraged to chat either. Actually, your mood would probably go down the drain. The way you feel when Nick Carter is tweeting everyone but you? That might be how Brian feels when he’s reading nasty tweets / comments from fans. You wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing things with the world either if you knew everything and everyone you tweeted would be scrutinized.

That’s right, he sees them. For some reason, fans get caught up in their own feelings and don’t think about how their words affect others. If the people you are speaking about are out of sight, then you’re safe, right? Wrong. So wrong.

In the end, I’m imploring you, Backstreet Boys fans, please think before you tweet. This doesn’t just go for Brian – it goes for any of the Boys. Please stop thinking we’re entitled to every corner of their lives.

We’re here for the music. The fact that the Backstreet Boys have been our heroes, insanely kind humans, and so giving of their time has only been a plus. 

When it comes down to it, there are not many fans that can say that one of the five have ever been rude to them in person. If you need proof of how kind they have been, click here.

Remember everything Brian HAS shared with us? Highs and lows in his life, his triumphs and struggles, and most importantly – his music. If that’s not enough, you’re a fan for the wrong reasons. If a tweet, a comment, or online connection with Brian makes or breaks what you think of him, then kindly, get out of here.

Next time you feel “ignored” or feel the need to send a tweet to any of the Backstreet Boys, send love. Send appreciation. Send something funny. Send encouragement. Spread love and love will spread. There’s no “buts” about it. Everyone is fighting their own battles and the Backstreet Boys aren’t immune.

And maybe your tweet / your comment will be the one to change his (or Nick’s, or Howie’s, or Kevin’s, or AJ’s day). It’s far better to be known for loving too much than the hate. ❤


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