Dearest Kevin, We NEED ‘Cover Story’…


In 2011, Kevin Richardson rejoined the Backstreet Boys and we forgot what we were missing before. While we loved the Unbreakable and This Is Us eras, the Backstreet Boys were always the best with five. For six long years, we were happy with Howie, AJ, Brian, and Nick.

Then Kevin returned.

And we remembered what full satisfaction felt like.

While we watched Mr. Richardson hone his acting skills and grow his family in the time while he was gone, we were really hoping to hear his smooth, deep vocals once more. We didn’t care what it was, really. We would have settled for piano playing or maybe an album of lullabies. A few diehards would have probably settled for 8 tracks of Kevin breathing.

The fact is, for a lot of us, we have waited for much longer than since his 2013 Backstreet Cruise set to hear Kevin take on a solo venture musically. We’ve had Brian, we’ve had Nick, we’ve had Howie, and we’ve had AJ…and we have only been teased with facts about Cover Story.

We were overwhelmed with excitement when Kevin Beyonce-d us twice this year – you know, dropping songs out of nowhere. It was/is wine for our ears. Chill, relaxing, and beautiful. Attaching the hashtag #CoverStory2015 to his tweets regarding the songs, we assumed it was coming soon.

Now, there’s less than 30 days left in 2015 with no mention of any album drop. The only statement that Kevin has given about it’s release is that “we’ll know when it happens”.

Kevin, if you’re reading this:

Indulge us. We adore you and your voice. We have been waiting for an album filled with your soulful sound (and honestly, a tour… but that’s for another day). We need something to hold onto. We promise to buy 5 copies each if you just give us a few more details. We will start a indiegogo campaign to fund it if we must. WE NEED YOUR VOCAL WINE.

We’re not sure 2015 will be the year we finally get our wish, but we’re so incredibly grateful still, that Kevin even chose to come back to music…that we’ll settle for #CoverStory2016 and beyond if we must.

Just know, Kevin, that whenever we get it… we’ll think you’re even more incredible than you already are.

(But don’t take too much longer.)





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