35 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The “It’s Christmas Time Again” Music Video



While we were (still are) excited about a legitimate Backstreet Boys Christmas song, anyone that’s seen the video will know what I mean when I say….woah. Just when you think you know what’s happening, you’ll be back to “ummm, yeah, that doesn’t make sense.” Try and follow my thought process here:

1. Woah, did I click on the right video? This IS the Backstreet Boys, right?

2. The music starts on this video without even giving you a half second to take it in. Is this because they know we can’t cut off a Backstreet Boy?

3. Are we moving? I feel like I’m moving.

4. STOP AT 9 SECONDS! Why is Kevin so creepy? Assuming that’s Kevin….I wasn’t sure if he’s creeping in a window or someone has creepy Kevin hanging on their wall. Kreep.


5. AJ? Is that cartoon you? You look more colorful in real life.

6. Why is cartoon-Howie so suspicious? WHO can raise their eyebrow that high?

7. Wait. What? How are all the cartoon BSBs inside a building? 2/5 of them were literally just outside with snowballs.

8. WHY IS NICK SO GIANT?! Giant head Nick.

9. Why do these little people go from being happy together to the little guy being shocked by kissing?

10. Uh, what are these panda horse things? Man versions of unicorns?

11. These reindeer look sassy.

12. Why is Santa wearing goggles? Steampunk Santa.

13. All these years and we didn’t know Brian was sneaking down our chimney with Santa every Christmas. You better believe I’m staying up this year.

14. Oh ok, now cartoon-AJ has a suspicious eyebrow too. And Nick has the lips of RuPaul.

15. Of course Nick is in a spaceship. That’s the ONLY thing that has made sense in 50 seconds.


17. And now AJ is a skiing ballerina.

18. Howie and Kevin skiing. Phew, finally something normal.

19. UPDATE: Brian is now suspicious as well. And has a spacesuit on. But was COMPLETELY okay flying with Santa without a helmet.

20. I’ve given up making sense of this and we’re not even halfway through.

21. Anyone notice how long and dangly Kevin’s stocking is? You know what they say about the size of your stocking……….

22. So wait again. These little cartoon people live with the Backstreet Boys? Whose baby is that?! The mistletoe guy or one of the Boys? Is she really just a crazy fangirl who uses baby daddy to support her BSB habit? Did I go to far?

23. That baby looks like Kevin. You know, Kevin with the biggest stocking…

24. Who/what is that angry thing at the top of the tree? Looks like the happy “dad”.

25. Seriously. I’m about to cry. I’m so confused.

26. Uhh, Kevin’s a pirate boat captain? With presents? Is he, like, Santa’s competition? Because I’ll gladly take Kevin’s booty over Santa’s lame presents!

27. So now they’re carolers? I think cartoon-Nick got a scary story on accident.

28. Suspicious Kevin.



30. Pretty sure Nick’s raised hand is drawn on backwards.

31. Normal AJ. Normal(ish) Brian. Normal (but weird eye) Howie. Normal Kevin. Space Cadet Nick…..that’s totally normal.


32. So wait. Trains. Old people. Gates of Heaven? That escalated quickly.

33. SANTA LIVES IN HEAVEN?! We get to live in gingerbread houses when we die?!

34. Wait for the 435th time – was this whole thing in Heaven?

35. Ok. Well. Next time maybe get some “special brownies” before watching this.

De-stress yourself by watching the less suspicious, real life Backstreet Boys sing the same song below!



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