20 Reactions We All Had To The Backstreet Boys Studio Photo #BSB2016


After Mr. Littrell posted a photo onto his Instagram last night that he was “off to work” with an airplane view, we tried to remain calm. The Backstreet Boys aren’t supposed to be in the studio until January per most of their current interviews. Surely, this was something he was working on on his own.

Then… it happened.

Straight from the Backstreet Boys twitter account on an unsuspecting Tuesday afternoon (or night, for some of us), they dropped the fan bomb.

“So it begins…” the mystery BSB tweeter wrote. The photo is literally just parking spaces with our Boys’ names and recording studio at the bottom. Our reactions went a little something like this:


2. Fangirl screams that have only progressed in annoyance to those around us as we have aged.

3. “It’s DECEMBER 1st, not January! WHAT is this?!”

4. “What happened to Backstreet time?”

5. All the calculations about when the album which actually come out if they’re starting now. Better start saving money. Better start booking travel. BETTER START EATING RAMEN NOODLES BECAUSE WE MUST VIP. 5 TIMES.

6. “I wonder if they’ll finish ‘Spotlight’…”

7. “How about a Christmas album?”

8. “WE NEED PROOF OF ALL FIVE BOYS! I mean, a lot of people are named AJ and Howie and having cars to park.”

9. “Where is this studio exactly? Someone track the location! I’ve seen this brick before!”

10. “Can we have those signs when you’re done?”

11. Are AJ and Howie parking on top of each other or….?

12. Why did Howie almost hit the wall?

13. Does Nick have two parking spots? You know how he likes to double park….

14. Why are the Boys not tweeting about it? This must be a trick.


16. Must. Tweet. About. This. Photo. Of. Parking. Spots. 45. Times.

17. Must stay awake and watch for more tweets.

18. 4 hours later…shaking our electronic devices as if more pictures / tweets / signs of communication will come to us.

19. Speculation. What BSB fans do best.

20. WE CAN’T WAIT FOR BSB 2016! Let’s do this, Backstreet.


2 thoughts on “20 Reactions We All Had To The Backstreet Boys Studio Photo #BSB2016

  1. I don’t know who writes up these BSB updates…..but I just have to say THANKS! They make me laugh each n every time! Very creative writing plus so true on things we fan girls would actually do! I’m not going to say who but in 2003i think it was my friend n I chased a tour bus down the freeway caught up to bus driver window and we both screamed how much we loved this “IDOL”. That’s all I’m saying til the BSBS come to my area! Keep up the great writing! I love it!


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