6 Reasons The Backstreet Boys Are More Than Just A Band


We’ve all been through it.

Family members, coworkers, friends… all asking what’s the big deal about the Backstreet Boys. “Oh, you still like them?” “They’re still together?” “You care way too much about a band…” Some of us stay quiet. Some of us get defensive. Some of us throat punch… (Just kidding. I hope.)

The fact is, there’s not enough time in the day to list ALL of the reasons we’ve taken the Backstreet Boys in and won’t let them go. Also, there’s a good chance they’ll stop listening halfway through. However, if you’d found this post by googling the BSB, one of your Facebook friends shared it on your timeline, or it’s simply a tweet you happened upon, I invite you to continue reading. Backstreet Boys have clearly seen things a different way for the past 23 years. We grew up with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick. We know almost too much about them, but in them, we’ve found reflections of ourselves. Let us explain…

1. Kevin.


Who Outsiders See:  The oldest member of the Backstreet Boys, who left the band and came back years later to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. Kevin is the “mom’s favorite” and the “dad” of the group.

Who Fans See: A man from Kentucky that followed his dreams, loves his family and friends, and cares deeply about everything he does. The minute you meet Kevin, you’ll feel like the only person in the room; his depth and sincerity are beyond anything you can imagine. He left the Backstreet Boys because his heart wasn’t in it, because he had other dreams, because he wanted to start a family. In Kevin, we’ve found inspiration to do what makes ourselves happy, to care about our friends and family enough to do something about it and to be appreciative of everything we have been given in life.

2. Howie.


Who Outsiders See: The “quiet” Latino member of the Backstreet Boys. Known for his high notes and sweet persona, he’s been a BSB since the beginning.

What Fans See:  The nicest guy and one of the biggest party animals you could ever meet. Howie is wise and full of good advice, as well as possessive of a big heart. He’s incredibly talented, incredibly lovable, and sort of a darkhorse. We most recently grew a new respect for him while watching the BSB movie, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, where Howie opened up about standing up for himself and taking more parts in the latest album. He’s also super business savvy. Howie has taught us that you can make your dreams happen and still be kind, have fun, and be down to earth.

3. Brian.


Who Outsiders See: The cute Backstreet Boy with a golden voice and an infectious smile. He’s southern to the core with a history of heart issues and a deep faith that he isn’t afraid to hide.

Who We See: First and foremost, we see Brian and we see a fighter. A survivor since day one. He’s an amazing performer with a heart of gold who has never made any qualms about who he is. An artist, a husband, a dad, a christian, and a friend, he’s touched the hearts of so many of us with his talents and his words. If we could pinpoint one thing we continuously gain from Brian, it’s to never stop fighting. Everything in life is what you make it – live in the moment and have an unshakable faith.

4. AJ.


Who Outsiders See: The Backstreet “bad boy” who went to rehab in the early 2000s. His name is synonymous with tattoos and raspy vocals.

Who We See: A tender-hearted man who overcame his demons and works hard everyday to try and make the world a better place for his daughter to grow up in. Speaking of his daughter, AJ is the cutest dad and we never saw it coming. He’s continuously working on new things and is always down to chat with fans and help in whatever way he can. AJ has taught us that it’s never too late to make huge changes in your life and to hold yourself accountable. Your mistakes don’t define you.

5. Nick.


Who Outsiders See: The 90s teen idol with the split part hair, crazy charm, and a sparkle in his eye. They also see a boy who dated his fair share of public figures and has grown up in the public eye, for better or worse.

What We See: Oh Nick Carter. If we didn’t grow up with him, we watched him grow up… and grow up, he has. In the past few years, Nick has really truly proven himself as a strong vocalist and a man capable of completely turning his life around. Now a husband and a soon-to-be dad, he is all about the positive lifestyle he’s been striving for since many years ago. Oh, and did we mention that the man NEVER. STOPS. WORKING. Nick has taught us that a change in mindset and hard work will get you wherever it is that you need to be. Don’t think you can’t.

6. Us.


Because of the Backstreet Boys, we’ve met friends. We’ve created memories that don’t necessarily even involve them, but simply because of them. We’ve done things we’ve never thought we’d do. We’ve learned how to live life. We’ve been inspired and we’ve been healed by their work, by their music, by their words. For some of us, because of the Backstreet Boys, directly or indirectly, we’ve felt not so alone.

No, the Backstreet Boys aren’t “just a band”. They’re five individuals who formed under a group name, came into our lives, and changed everything. They are five men that we believe in and support. They are five humans that have been a part of our lives for 20+ years, that we have obviously learned from, that have influenced us more than they could ever know.

It’s not an obsession, it’s  gratitude. We keep going to see them, buying their albums, listening to their music, etc. because how else can we thank the five guys that have done so much for us?

Not just a band. Heroes. Inspirations. Blessings.


5 Ways To Tell What Kind Of Backstreet Boys Fan You’re Dealing With


We’ve all been there. We’ve found a new person who, when you mention the Backstreet Boys, says “Oh my God! I LOVE THEM!” and instantly, we bookmark the person in our minds for further investigation. Why? Because in the 22 years that the Backstreet Boys have been together, we have all learned that there are many types of fans. There are diehards, there are nostalgics, there are “the returned”, and there are the fans by association.

These are loosely defined by the following:

Diehards: The ones that know everything. They know obscure and ridiculous, not because they’ve researched everything, but because they have memories. They’ve been around a long time and have a vast knowledge of the Boys, their history, and display some form of BSB in their homes.

Nostalgics: The ones who, when you mention the Backstreet Boys, automatically mention some 90s reference and quite frequently say something like “oh yeah, I went to see them and Christina Aguilera and the Spice Girls…”. They still think Nick Carter has a middle part and Howie has a ponytail. God bless you if you’re ever stuck next to a nostalgic at a recent BSB concert, diehards. You’ll probably want to cause them physical pain…but don’t. Kevin won’t approve.

The Returned: The ones that fell off of the BSB fan-map after the Millennium era. Maybe they fell off after Kevin left. They were once heavy into all the Backstreet knowledge and, for whatever reason, they have returned. These are the fans that knew the old stuff very well and researched what they’ve missed before they jumped back in. Why? Because they didn’t want to be a nostalgic. 😉

Fans By Association: The ones who are friends or family members of a diehard and were thereby, sucked into the Backstreet hole….and they kind of love it. They may not have been a huge fan to begin with, but after their friend / fam paid for a few concert tickets, they’ve found themselves singing along to the songs without the diehard in the car or following the Boys on social media. They’re not sure where it started and they’re not sure they’re going to admit it…but they look forward to the next event.

If you think that telling the difference is hard, you thought wrong. Read on to find out how you know.

1. Ask What His/Her Favorite Backstreet Boys Song Is.


Diehards will most likely tell you a song that isn’t a single, an unreleased song (followed by a 3 minute rant about why it should be released), or give you one song from every album (including the Euro releases).

Nostalgics will either say “I Want It That Way” (which is only favored by 2% of ride or die fans), “Everybody”, or “As Long As You Love Me”. They might also say “Oh, what was that song where they ____?” Try not to roll your eyes too hard.

The Returned will give you a solid answer as to not be too exposed. They might mention something on the Never Gone album or “Don’t Want You Back” or, if they’re really good, “Like A Child”. Their cover is only blown when you ask how they feel about Unbreakable…. and they start to sweat.

Fans By Association will have a favorite….but have to ask the real fan which one it is.

2. “Wait. There’s Two Leighannes?”


Diehards probably won’t even understand without thinking about this for a second. We know Leighanne and Leigh D., but for those who haven’t been around…. this question is legitimately baffling for them. Fans By Association won’t understand either – “Uhh, I thought it was all dudes?”

3. How Well They Know The Solo Projects.


Of course, Diehards and The Returned have schooled themselves in the solo projects – how else would we get through the withdrawals?! The Returned know all of the solo projects, because once you quit and come back, you must suck up all the material and binge and honestly, they may like the stuff better than the ones that have been here all along. The Fans By Association also probably know the solo projects….because the diehards have forced them into loving it. Nostalgics: “Wait, Nick has 3 solo albums?!” Bless you.

4. “Kevin Left?!”


Diehards don’t want to talk about it (and if they do, watch out). The Returned likely left because of it. Fans By Association know better than to bring it up. Nostalgics might think Joey Fatone left the Backstreet Boys as well.

5. Ask A Fan To Name Their Favorite Backstreet Boys Memory.


The Returned will either have a memory from the days of yore, one that’s really cool that will make you jealous, or one that is from recent times since they’re triumphant return. It is to be noted that some of The Returned have severe guilt issues about ever leaving the BSB fandom and will spend years (and major money) making up for it.

Diehards, much like their favorite song, will not know where to start with favorite memories. If you need a reason to not talk for a while, ask this question.

Fans By Association, if a husband or boyfriend, will have some weird bro-time Backstreet Boy memory. Nostalgics will say something like going to the Millennium concert….the only Backstreet Boys concert they’ve ever been to.

Go out, be knowledgeable, and love those Boys, Backstreet Fans. Whatever kind you may be.


5 Reasons We Need A Backstreet Boys Land Event


Since 2010, the Backstreet Boys have set sail with their fans every year on what can only be described as the greatest cruise of a BSB fan’s life. There’s the Backstreet Boys, a giant boat, thousands of your closest friends, parties all weekend, drinks abound and absolutely no sleep. Many friendships and memories have been made….

….But maybe it’s time for something new.

A few months ago, we posted about four events we’d love to see the Backstreet Boys do and one of them, the one we got the most response about, was the suggest Vegas (or wherever, but preferably) cruise-like land event. We tentatively titled it Backstreet Boys: Shipwrecked… just for kicks, but it seems to have caught on. With the Euro cruise in 2016 and a tour not until later in the year (supposedly), a one off event around an album release might be the perfect time to try it out. Here’s why:

1. We’ll Be Thirsty For Some Backstreet Boys.


By the middle of 2016, those of us not venturing to go on the BSB Euro Cruise will be in the middle of a year-without-BSB withdrawal. Unless you’re going to see Nick’s All American tour, there is currently nothing concrete for the Backstreet Boys as a group next year. This means, if they were to do some kind of one-off event, we would literally empty our bank accounts because they’re the Jacks to our Roses and our hearts can’t go on! Ok, you get the point….

Shut up and take our money, Boys! We only want to breathe in the same air again. Perhaps it should coincide with the album release? We’ll be much less rabid fans if we have a pre-tour appetizer. It’s a win win.

2. No Seasickness? No Sea Legs? No Problem.


Following the days after BSB cruises are always the mass amounts of tweets about the room spinning, the floor moving, staying in bed, etc. Other fans have stayed away from cruises simply because they are too sensitive to motion sickness and as much as they want to go, it would be a fairly miserable time. With a land event, the only side effects might be the (normal) hangover and maybe a little air sickness! You wouldn’t have to worry about a thing unless you’re allergic to fun….or Nick Carter is sick.

3. Anything NKOTB Does, BSB Can Do Better…


The New Kids On The Block did a weekend event in Vegas in 2014 that garnered rave reviews. I actually happened to be there for the Backstreet Boys concert a month before and the promotion for the event was CRAZY. We know that the Backstreet Boys could pull in just as much love and throw a better party…’cause Backstreet parties don’t stop! Man, that never gets old.

In fact, if we must, Backstreet Boys, we DARE you to top NKOTB: After Dark. Double dog dare, actually.

4. Don’t Feel Like Attending A Certain Event? There’s Plenty More To Do!


The Backstreet events are sure to be fun, but everyone needs a break. While your options may be limited on board, your options are certainly NOT limited in a city like Vegas. Shopping, swimming, naptime? You can do it all. Trying to avoid someone? Way more room to do so. Also, just like the boat, there’s also lots of chances to run into your Boys!

5. It’s A Good Time For Everyone!


Fans have been begging for years for more Backstreet Boys events outside of a full blown tour. We love love love tours, but we understand how much of a toll it takes on the band and honestly, a one time event means slightly easier post-event depression for us. Plus, we can extend our vacations to hang with our friends to soften the blow. Two or three nights with our Boys and our girls in an amazing city with new events? We’re so down.

“The Night Before Christmas…” – Backstreet Style


T’was the night before Christmas

And all through the land

All the fangirls were tweeting

About their favorite man-band


Notifications were on, so they’d ring loud and clear

If hopes that the Backstreet Boys soon would appear.


Some of us were nestled all snug in our beds

While visits of our Boys danced in their heads

Some in our tour merch, some in a sweater

Arguing over which BSB is better.


When there from the internet, alarms started beeping

We spring from our slumber, was that a Backstreet Boy tweeting?

Straight to our screens, we fly super quick

Is it Brian? Kevin? Howie, AJ or Nick?!


Quickly we respond to the words that they tweet

How fast we can reply is surely a feat

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,

All of the Backstreet Boys –they’re finally here!


With Howie and Brian, so lively and quick,

Four tweets in 10 seconds? It must be that Nick!

More rapid than eagles, Kevin and AJ they came

They emoji-ed and tweeted and called us by name:

“Hey Jen! Hello Kim!

Hi, Amber and Stephanie!

Yo, Rose! Yo, Sasa!

Hey Monica and Katie!

To all of the fans,

We see all y’all!

Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet,

Replying to all!”


And then, in a minute, alerts we all heard

Tweeting and chirping from each Backstreet bird.

As we scrolled through replies and refreshed our page

Our hearts filled with excitement, no matter the age.


Our blood was flowing fast, from our heads to our feet,

The Backstreet Boys were making our night with each little tweet.

Lots to say about when Backstreet would be back

Say no more, Boys, we’re already packed.


Kevin’s eyes – how they twinkle! Nick’s dimple, how merry!

Brian’s cheeks were like roses, Howie’s nose like a cherry!

AJ’s bearded mouth, draws up in a smirk.

The charm of a Backstreet Boy, man, it seems to work.


A few hours later, things seemed to wind down

And away the Boys went, but still lurked around

We saw them all tweet, before they went out of sight,

“We’ll see you next year! Backstreet will be back, alright?”

4ish Backstreet Boys Themed Gifts You Can Find On Etsy


It might be a little too late to order gifts in times for the holidays, but there are some Backstreet Boys themed items on Etsy (and more) that would make great gifts into the new year! Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day… it’s ALWAYS a good time for BSB presents, right?

1. For Your Friends With A Birthday.


Umm, you definitely might want to order these cards in bulk for EVERYONE with a birthday in your life, which is, well, everybody. After you order the cards, you’re going to need some tasty treats as an actual gift. That’s when you order this!


I mean, a Backstreet card and cookies?! Best birthday EVER!!

2. For The Friend With A Baby.


Whether it’s for a baby shower or for your friend’s new baby boy, of COURSE they need this ‘Backstreet Boy’ onesie. While it’s not only a nod to the greatest band on earth, it’s also a gift for your friend with the husband that would normally object to BSB apparel on his child. “But it’s a GIFT!”, she’ll say. Gifts are made to be worn…. and passed down when the baby grows up. It’s can be the traveling onesie among your friends.

3. For The Beer Drinking Friend (Or A Sneaky Present For Your Man Friend)


Really though, you can put anything you want IN it because the freaking Backstreet Boys are ON it! You’ll want to take this glass everywhere!

4. For The Friend Who Likes To Be Discrete


The Backstreet Boys faces on things aren’t for everyone. In that case, you have lyrical gifts, like the bracelet above! There’s also the joy that fills any fan when you slide the Backstreet Boys inconspicuously into a gift for a relative and we’ve found the perfect one for the Perfect Fan….you know, your mom.

There’s also always our favorite Etsy shop from fellow fangirl, Made With Love Jewelry!  You may remember the giveaway we ran with her a few months ago. She has amazing things in her shop but also takes custom orders as well… and yes, that includes Backstreet Boys themes. Check it out!



11 Videos You Can Watch From The Backstreet Boys To Get In The Holiday Spirit


Every year around this time, hoards of fans ask the Backstreet Boys the same question: “Why is there no BSB Christmas album?”. Sometimes, it gets shady with “Guess I’ll just listen to this Nsync Christmas album, since the Backstreet Boys won’t give me one *insert side eye emoji*”.

Have no fear, fans! We may not have an entire Christmas album, but we have plenty of material from the Boys (group and solo) to satisfy our needs. Check it out below (starting with the very old)!

And really, you shouldn’t miss Nick’s jingle balls…

Going away from the group ventures, not many people were aware of Kevin’s performances during Rob Gonzalez’s “Home For The Holidays”.

Then, of course, we have Brian and his crazy beautiful vocals during his Christmas concert run. Below are a few of the favorites. The Littrells have also an album that you can stream on Spotify or purchase here!

WARNING: Baby Baylee is THE cutest!
(These videos are not my own. Thanks you everyone who shared via Youtube!)

In Defense Of Brian Littrell…


At 18 years old, Brian Littrell left everything he knew in Lexington, KY behind to join the Backstreet Boys. For the past 22 (nearly 23) years, he has shared every piece of his life with us, whether he wanted to or not. Yes, he has been blessed with a successful career, a good life, a family, and many other things. Yes, sharing his life is something that generally comes with the territory when you’re a celebrity and of course he knew that.

What wasn’t around when the Backstreet Boys began, nor when they rose to fame, was social media.

In the past few years, each of the Backstreet Boys have found their groove on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Kevin is a tweeting machine that doesn’t follow anyone, Nick has full out Twitter fests with follows and tweets abound (he’s Twitter Oprah), AJ is better at the Instagram thing, and Howie…well, he’s a wild card.

Then there’s Brian. When Twitter was first a “thing”, Brian “chirped” quite a bit, sharing words of wisdom, inspiration, and overall fun things. Then, things started to get a little dramatic. It’s completely understandable why people love Brian Littrell and why people want his attention – who wouldn’t?! He’s an amazing human! (We’ve already discussed his superhuman status)

What isn’t understandable is that the minute that Brian wasn’t tweeting EVERYONE and their mother, fans turned against him.

What isn’t understandable is that recently, there have been a LOT of fans bashing Brian for his social media practices. These are the same people that want so badly for him to “notice” them.

What isn’t understandable is that people tweeting constant nasty comments, hating on others, and saying completely insensitive things and thinking he can’t see them.

NEWSFLASH: Brian Littrell is a human being just like you and me. Every one of the Backstreet Boys are humans.

If you came onto your social media channels with the intent to chit chat with online friends and had nothing but messages of negativity toward you and others you obviously like,  you wouldn’t be encouraged to chat either. Actually, your mood would probably go down the drain. The way you feel when Nick Carter is tweeting everyone but you? That might be how Brian feels when he’s reading nasty tweets / comments from fans. You wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing things with the world either if you knew everything and everyone you tweeted would be scrutinized.

That’s right, he sees them. For some reason, fans get caught up in their own feelings and don’t think about how their words affect others. If the people you are speaking about are out of sight, then you’re safe, right? Wrong. So wrong.

In the end, I’m imploring you, Backstreet Boys fans, please think before you tweet. This doesn’t just go for Brian – it goes for any of the Boys. Please stop thinking we’re entitled to every corner of their lives.

We’re here for the music. The fact that the Backstreet Boys have been our heroes, insanely kind humans, and so giving of their time has only been a plus. 

When it comes down to it, there are not many fans that can say that one of the five have ever been rude to them in person. If you need proof of how kind they have been, click here.

Remember everything Brian HAS shared with us? Highs and lows in his life, his triumphs and struggles, and most importantly – his music. If that’s not enough, you’re a fan for the wrong reasons. If a tweet, a comment, or online connection with Brian makes or breaks what you think of him, then kindly, get out of here.

Next time you feel “ignored” or feel the need to send a tweet to any of the Backstreet Boys, send love. Send appreciation. Send something funny. Send encouragement. Spread love and love will spread. There’s no “buts” about it. Everyone is fighting their own battles and the Backstreet Boys aren’t immune.

And maybe your tweet / your comment will be the one to change his (or Nick’s, or Howie’s, or Kevin’s, or AJ’s day). It’s far better to be known for loving too much than the hate. ❤

365 Days Ago, “What Happens On The Backstreet” Began…


365 – The Number of Days “What Happens On The Backstreet” Has Been Open.

Today, we celebrate one year of being open as a site and I know that’s not as huge for many of you reading, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

For those who don’t know, my name is Sara and I started WHOTB out of a need for a creative outlet. I’ve always been a writer and could write my way out of anything all the way through school. I’ve been a Backstreet Boys enthusiast since I was 9 and have stayed relatively quiet in the fandom until now. Once I jumped in hardcore, I felt there was a need for a fun Backstreet “buzzfeed” type website where fans could share their input, stay updated in fun ways, and know they weren’t alone in how they feel about things.

In one year, we’ve celebrated the IAWLT and mourned the end of it, rallied around Nick in his DWTS journey, cheered for a new Backstreet Baby, shared our VIP experiences, our BSB cruise memories, and so much more. I never expected WHOTB to be such a success. It started out as a hobby that I would work on during dull lunch breaks and weekends. I never expected it to turn into writing and moderating for nickcarter.net or writing for the BSB official site. That STILL blows my mind.

What also blows my mind is the incredible support from Backstreet Army. Never did I dream that I would get 100 hits in a year and here we are, coming up on 200,000. There’s 3440+ of you (including two Backstreet Boys) following WHOTB on Twitter and 2050+ on Facebook.  The kind words, funny replies, constant excitement for new things and huge love I have received is EVERYTHING and I am beyond grateful for each and every tweet, comment, message and email.  You wouldn’t believe how much it means to me. Having 4 out 5 Backstreet Boys and their wives read your posts is awesome, but the love from the fans themselves means just as much.

A lot of you have made comments assuming I have a team working on this site because I use words like “we” and “us” when writing. While this site is solely mine and I am the only one writing, my goal was always to make What Happens On The Backstreet feel like it was for everyone written by everyone. And some of it is. There are multiple posts that you have opened your hearts and shared your personal stories. Those are my favorite. Getting to know a lot of you has honestly been the best part of this whole thing. Thank you for trusting me to tell your story. Thank you for sharing my own work.

If you’re reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope to keep you around for another 365, fan-mily. As long as there is a Backstreet, I’ll be telling you what’s happening on it. 😉


3 Things You’ll See When You Follow @_Nick_Nation_


Do you want a place to tweet your heart out about Nick Carter and all of his upcoming projects? Do you want a place that will give you updates straight from his official site and alert you about any new merch in the nickcarter.net store? Nick Nation is your answer!

Launching today, Nick Nation, like What Happens On The Backstreet, will aim to please the Nick Carter lovers and work to build a fun fan community on all of his solo projects.

What can you expect from Nick Nation?

1. Live Tweets.

Much like WHOTB did during Dancing With The Stars, we’ll anticipate live tweeting the premiere of Dead 7 and anything else that might come up.

2. All American Tour Updates.

While I can’t be at every show obviously, other fans will be. For every show, Nick Nation will be creating a hashtag. For example, #AllAmericanBevHills. By using this hashtag, fans will be able to click and get live updates from fans at the show!

3. Nickcarter.net Posts.

If it’s posted on Nick’s site, it will be tweeted from Nick Nation. Always up-to-date, always official. While this Twitter is not an official representative of Nick himself, we will do everything we can to support him in everything he does!

4. Fun, Fun, Fun! 

The main goal of Nick Nation is to bring fans together and have fun. We will be hyping all upcoming projects and events, playing games, talking about favorite Nick things and more! Don’t suffer from FOMO, y’all!

Follow Nick Nation NOW!

6 Dream Experiences For Backstreet Boys Fans


When things hit a small lull in the world of Backstreet, fans start talking. What do we talk about? A bunch of “What If” situations. Recently, there’s been a lot of “What if they did _____?” and “OMG I would pay GOOD money for that!”

So, what are some of the dream experiences we’d pay an arm and a leg for? (Backstreet Boys, if you’re reading this, an auction is a brilliant idea.)

1. Watching Friends With AJ McLean.


Anyone who is a fan of the Backstreet Boys and Friends ….needs to read this post. Then, you need to think about how FUN it would be to watch the 90s show with AJ McLean, who seems to rival some of us as biggest fan ever! Maybe don’t even watch the show, maybe just play the Friends trivia game. How awesome would it be to say you beat AJ in Friends trivia?! Or that you let him win…

Either way, we NEED to know where AJ stands on the whole “we were on a break” debate. We also need to know what he thinks the Friends are doing now. This really just needs to be an all-night deal.

2. Going To A Football Game With Nick Carter.


Long time fans of Nick Carter know there’s nothing better than when he gets worked up about his team. A passionate Nick is the best kind of Nick and there’s at least half of us that are kind of dying to experience all of the drama up close and personal. Getting accidentally punched in the eye because Nick got excited that the Bucs won would be the greatest honor! That’s one black eye we’d instagram all over the place.

3. Having Kevin Richardson As Your Tour Guide… Anywhere In The World. 


I mean, do you even follow Kevin on Twitter? If you do, you know why this would be the best experience of. your. huge. fangirling. life. Kevin is the master of making the most of his travels and thoroughly enjoys all of his adventures. The way he posts and speaks about the places he’s been, we have no doubt that traveling with him as your tour guide would be nothing short of amazing. Is he ever even really home? The Richardsons are ALWAYS somewhere, it seems. The Travel Channel is really missing out not tapping this guy to work with them on something.

4. Playing A Game Of Basketball With Brian Littrell.


We don’t want to just watch the game with B-Rok (although we wouldn’t turn it down), we want to play! If you’ve been a fan long enough, you instantly flashed back to the Backstreet Boys Disney Concert with Brian and Nick playing basketball on Houston Street in NYC. Nothing is more fun than seeing this speedy Gonzalez in action! Let’s face it, he’d beat you the second he jumps over your head to score, but whatever. The only game we’re willing to lose is to Air Brian himself.

5. A Day With Howie D.


Honestly, our first thought is Howie = party. When you think about it though, we want to just spend a whole day with him! He’s chill. He’s wise. He’s damn good looking and we want tips! Whether we go grocery shopping ala I Heart Nick Carter or we hit all the hot spots, we just want to hang with Howie and pick his brain. He’s also AMAZING arm candy.

6. A Backstreet Boys Party Plane (BONUS: It Flies To An Acoustic Show).


I know, I know… the NKOTB have already done this. It doesn’t mean the Backstreet Boys can’t do it BETTER. They don’t even need a 100-hour-around-the-world plane! All they have to do is team up with an airline and fly with us from one location to another. It’s 4 hours that would absolutely change our lives. Admit it, just thinking about it makes you feel squiggly inside, right? We don’t even care if Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick and Howie flee the minute the plane lands. We don’t care if we’re flying to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. We just want the party plane experience.

But, if it flies to an acoustic show or an on-land-cruise-like event, we wouldn’t hate it. 😉