22 Thoughts We Had During Nick and Sharna’s Finale Jive

FinalMonday 2

It felt appropriate to hold this post until this Monday night – 6 days into our Team SharNick withdrawals and for their hottest dance of the season. For those who have tweeted me relentlessly, I told you I’d post soon! 😉

1. Woah! Sharna is on fire!

2. Woah! She’s going to blow away!

3. WOAH! Can we be her?!

4. We’ve never pictured Nick as the devil, but we think he might make a good fit… especially with all his temptation vibes.

5. These are the sassiest kicks and flicks ever. See what happens when you wear red?

6. Did anyone know Nick could kick that high? If the whole Backstreet Boy thing doesn’t work out, he could totally be a Rockette.

7. They’re moving faster than my thoughts can happen!

8. It took 11 weeks, but Nick’s faces finally rival Sharna’s.

9. Please note the massive use of Nick’s tongue during this entire Jive.

10. The whole Nick-using-his-hands-to-make-Sharna’s-body-move thing will never get old.

11. Her hip drops though…

12. Can Nick wear this on the next tour?

13. That guitar leg move! Seriously, you can not BLINK throughout this whole thing.

14. That’s twice that Nick has crooked his finger in a ‘come hither’ motion. You don’t have to ask us twice, Mr. Carter!

15. We’re not going to lie – Nick falling backwards during any dance freaked up out, but look at him go!

16. Not sure about that twinkle toes move when he got back up, but whatever. It works.

17. Look at those knees! Look at those hands!

18. This Jive is SO LONG and SO GOOD!

19. I mean, John Travolta WHO?!

20. There he goes on that dancefloor slip ‘n slide.


22. Literal. FIRE.


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