3 Things You Need To Know About ‘If I Could Tell You’ Starring Kevin Richardson


As much as we love Kevin as a Backstreet Boy, we’ve grown to love him just as much as an actor. From the minute we saw him as Billy Flynn in Chicago on Broadway, we knew he could do more amazing things than we previously knew about. We’ve now seen him as an addict vampire in Bloody Indulgent and a retro husband in Casserole Club and now, something completely different. In the upcoming short drama, If I Could Tell You,  we’ll see him play…..a sperm donor? The trailer hit the web this week and now we’re dying to see it.


If I Could Tell You – Official Film Trailer from SQUINT on Vimeo.

 1. This Film Was Made Possible By An IndieGoGo Campaign.

The campaign has been over since last year and raised $29,000 of it’s $50,000 goal, but still continued filming in February 2015 and will most likely be released at festivals and such. Their campaign page is worth a look. It explains the plot, inspiration for the storyline, a few videos that take you a bit inside the “underground” world of fertility treatments.

2. The Creators, The Clyde Brothers, Have An Extensive Background In Advertising. 

The Clyde Brothers (actual brothers living in L.A.) are writers and directors who own Squint Pictures, an independent and creative production company. Their clientele includes a wide variety of well known brands, from Nissan to Mattel.

This movie is their first endeavor into film making and if you visit their campaign page and their Twitter, you’ll understand their passion for this project and their appreciation for the the fact that it’s happening. Again, we can’t wait to see the final film!

3. Kevin Isn’t The Only One You Might Know.

Taking a look at the If I Could Tell You cast, you might see a few familiar faces. Avery Clyde, the female lead, has played bit roles in quite a few popular shows, including Dawson’s Creek and Grey’s Anatomy. There’s also Lucy Devito, daughter of the famed Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman. There’s absolutely no shortage on talent here – check out the rest of the cast on the IMDB page.

For more updates regarding If I Could Tell You, click on the film’s official site and subscribe to their mailing list for all the latest!

UPDATE (July 2016):

  • You can now follow If I Could Tell You on Twitter!
  • The movie will be released on iTunes on August 2nd, but you can pre-order it now.
  • There will be an LA premiere on August 2nd and you’re invited. Purchase your ticket to the screening and q&a with cast and creators here.

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