10 Things You Need To Know About Nick Carter’s ‘All American’


It’s been a few days since our brain has experienced the eargasm-inducing new music from Nick Carter from his album All American. We waited so long for it and now we can not “Get Over” it (pun intended). If you’re iffy about buying the album, here’s a few things you should know.

1. “19 In 99” WILL Be Your Jam No Matter What Age You Were In 1999.

Sure, you hear the title “19 in 99” and think “Oh man! I was only 10!” or “I was 28 in 1999, I’m not going to like this song!”.

Well, you’re wrong.

Whether you’ve never listened to Tupac or don’t know anyone named Lana (but everyone really should – I’ve never met a Lana I didn’t like), you’ll pretend you have for the sake of listening to this Bowling-For-Soup-esque song. Let’s face it, everyone likes a little nostalgia and everyone loves a good song. This is it.

2. Despite Avril Lavigne Collaborating on “Get Over Me” – It’s NOT What You Think.

Of course when you hear that a male and female pop star are collaborating on a song together, you automatically think emo ballad. To top it off, “Get Over Me”? Duh. This is going to be so sappy love song with a sassy title to trick you.


Perhaps the biggest fan favorite across the board on the new album, Nick and Avril go back and forth about which one of them is really “the stage five clinger, trying to put a ring on my finger” (if you’ve heard it, that part is stuck in your head RIGHT now). This song is SO good and you should really force everyone you know to listen – including your own stage five clinger.

3. “California” Is The Chill Answer To Katy Perry’s “California Girls”

A few years ago, Katy Perry topped the charts with her bouncy tune “California Girls” and this year, Nick Carter has released a “California” of his own. The cool surfer tune is blatantly honest about it’s sex, sin, and chihuahuas, but then admits “that’s California” and people like it. Visit anytime! By the way, does anyone feel like they should be on a carousel in the beginning? Is that just me?

4. “Second Wind” Will Make You Feel Better About Life Instantly

Oh my God, first world problems are SO real and now even Nick Carter himself is admitting to them. Double parking and hangovers? Crazy significant other’s moms?! YESSSS. We’ve all been there. If you can get past the naked Nick that’s implied in the first half second of the song, this song is everything you tweet about. We feel like a hypothetical music video would include Sugar Ray, Jimmy Buffet, and Nick all sitting on a beach with margaritas. You can literally hear the tiki bar.

5. “Swet” Will Make You…..Well….Just Listen

You have to hear the song to understand why “Swet” is spelled without an A.

So wet.

You be the judge. Nick just went there. So did we.

6. “Cherry Pie” And “Man On The Moon” Are Retro Sounding… But One Will Make Your Grandma Blush.

The light, sweet retro sound in both of these songs will draw you in if you’re a lover of the times when sockhops, diners, and cardigan sweaters were all “in” things. Take a closer listen to “Cherry Pie” though, and you’ll realize the lyrics would make Elvis blush. You’re recovering from “Swet” and BAM! Nick is singing about unwrapping your candy….

….Why are you not buying this album RIGHT now?!

7. “Tijuana” May Explain Why He Woke Up Naked In “Second Wind”

Like “19 in 99” and “Get Over Me”, you’ll be singing this song whether you like it or not. Like “Second Wind”, we think Jimmy Buffett would be all over it. This is something totally new for Nick and it’s what everyone is talking about… because we’ve all totally had Tijuana nights somewhere.

And “Que loca mi vida” may be our new favorite lyric!

8. “All American” Isn’t About Baseball or A Hamburger

Like most things American and celebrated on the 4th of July, you might expect this song to be about hot dogs, hamburgers, flip flops, and the red, white and blue. Nope. It’s all about that ass, ladies, and it has us all doing squats to get that booty poppin’.

9. While The Chill Vibe Is EVERYTHING, “Horoscope” and “I Will Wait” ARE The Ballads You Need In Your Life

There are only two real ballad-ish songs on this album and they are ABSOLUTELY worth it. Finishing out the album, they WILL make you feel things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. If You Have Never Bought A Solo Nick Carter Album, THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY.

All American is the album you need to gift for Christmas to force your friends into a Spring Break roadtrip. It’s the PERFECT soundtrack for roadtrips, for girls night out, for a good day, and for your life. I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t believe it, guys.

Buy it in all of these places:



And the only place you can get a physical copy of the album at nickcarter.net!

And thank me later. 😉



One thought on “10 Things You Need To Know About Nick Carter’s ‘All American’

  1. I’m loving it so much. So proud of Nick for evolving, he’s come SO FAR. These tunes, I’m listening to them every day!
    Favs: Swet, Cherry Pie (it kinda makes me blush but I can’t NOT listen to it) Man on the Moon (LOVE it), I Will Wait, Tijuna and Second Wind.


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