3 Things You Need To Know About The Dancing With The Stars Finale


All good things must come to an end, and sadly, Dancing With The Stars season 21 is one of them. It seems like just yesterday we were freaking out about Nick Carter on our TVs every week and were oblivious to the fact that Sharna Burgess would steal our hearts. 11 weeks later, we’ve fallen in love with Team SharNick and we’re not quite ready to let them go.

Lucky for us, we still have Monday and Tuesday night – the two part Dancing With The Stars finale, because these two have been KILLING it in the ballroom. One more time, here’s what you need to know:

1. All Of The Remaining Couples Will Perform 4 Dances.

Monday: Nick and Sharna will be paired up with judge Julianne Hough, who will help them choose creative elements from their Jive (performed earlier this season) to re-do to a new song, which we now know will be “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars. Thank God it’s not the Tango!

Also on Monday, Team SharNick will perform a freestyle, which is really the best part of the whole season every year. There’s no rules – just dancing. Backstreet Army, you will be super happy to know that Nick and Sharna will be dancing their freestyle to…. “LARGER THAN LIFE”!! Get your fangirl screams and your voting fingers ready.

Someone WILL be kicked off Monday night.

Tuesday: Just when you thought it was over, the ENTIRE DWTS cast comes back for the two hour finale on Tuesday. The remaining three couples will perform a favorite dance from the season.

In a new twist, they will also perform in a 24 Hour Fusion Challenge. JustJaredjr.com describes the challenge as follows: “The remaining couples will fuse two contrasting dance styles that they’ve performed this season and they’ll have less than 24 hours to prepare that dance for judges’ points BEFORE the mirrored-ball trophy winner is announced.”

It could be a game changer for everyone. Assuming Team SharNick is in the competition Tuesday night (SEND ALL YOUR JUJU AND GOOD VIBES), the challenge could be make or break for who wins the Mirror Ball Trophy.

2. Nick Will Be Performing On Tuesday! 

Along with Andy Grammer, Chaka Khan, Elle King, and Alexander Jean (Mark Ballas’ duo with his girlfriend), Nick will also be performing. We can safely guess that this might be the first time we hear “I Will Wait” live. As if we weren’t freaking out enough…

3. Online Voting Will Only Be Open 15 Hours – NOT 24!

While the phone voting will the normal 60 minutes after the airing of DWTS, online voting (on Facebook and ABC.com) WILL CLOSE AFTER 15 HOURS. You must have your votes in by  11AM ET/8AM PT!

Backstreet Army and Sharna Squad – WE HAVE TO VOTE FULL FORCE ON MONDAY NIGHT. This is it. This is what we have trained ALL season for. We have 80 ABC accounts apiece, we’ve lied about the country we live in, we’ve live tweeted, we’ve found every trick in the book to vote Nick and Sharna into the finals. WE. CAN NOT. STOP. NOW. You call your friends, your family, your neighbors, coworkers, people off the street and you FORCE them to vote like they’ve never voted before. If Nick and Sharna don’t win, at least we know that we all did our very best. We will NOT let them down.

Call 1-855-234-5610 like it’s your ex’s number that you aren’t over.

Click HERE and HERE to vote like you’re voting for BSB in the VMAs in 1999. It’s THAT important!

Regardless of what happens, thank you Nick and Sharna, for KILLING it every week. You’ve put endless hours in and all your hard work is not lost on us. No matter what happens, your our winners. Thank you for making our Mondays better, for helping us escape for 2 hours (even though sometimes we were nerve wracked), and for being the most humble, appreciative souls and beautiful humans beings every week. You’ve made us proud to support Team SharNick. ❤

Thank you, @sasarichardson, for allowing us to use your incredible Team SharNick drawings!


One thought on “3 Things You Need To Know About The Dancing With The Stars Finale

  1. Thanks! This post is great! Everyone! Let’s vote for #TeamSharNick! For those who don’t know, you can vote on multiple browsers using the same account! (Sorry. I only found out recently. Such a game changer! My votes multiplied by two!)


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