6 Reasons You Need To Order Nick Carter’s #AllAmerican ASAP!


After nearly a year of knowing an album was in the works, fans were delighted to hear that All American would finally be ours in less than a week! The album, now available for pre-order on nickcarter.net, promises to bring new things to the table. WHOTB has been keeping you updated on all the latest but why should you get in on this new Nick music immediately? Keep reading.

1. “I Will Wait”, the first single off the album, is evidence of how phenomenal this album will be.

Nick released “I Will Wait” soon after his Dancing With The Stars debut (the man does not QUIT) and immediately, we were struck by the acoustic sound and a more mature version of Carter than we had seen before. As if the song weren’t enough, he then released the beautiful video that brought a lot of emotion out of a good number of people from all over the globe. If not for anything else, you’ll want to buy the All American album to have this song on repeat. Who needs Adele to make them ugly cry? We have Nick Carter.

2. Natasha Bedingfield and Avril Lavigne were involved in the making of this album!


Months ago, Nick posted the above photo to his instagram and revealed that he was working behind the scenes with British pop songstress Natasha Bedingfield. While we are not yet sure which song that was, you won’t ever find out unless you buy the album!

More recently, during a Twitter takeover with I Heart Radio, Nick also revealed that a song with Avril Lavigne would be on the album. “Get Over Me”, a song focused a crazy stalker bad romance, is the first collaboration on an album with solo Nick and we can’t wait to hear it!

3. All American is the album that Nick “has been wanting to do for years”. 


He’s previewed a few songs via instagram and fanclub chats, but one thing has been consistent when Nick has spoken about All American – that it’s the rock, surf, beachy type music that he’s wanted to do for years. One thing we know for sure, when Mr. Carter does the things he loves, they’re pretty fantastic.

5. You can’t judge songs by their titles, but the tracklisting is PRETTY enticing! 

1. 19 in 99
2. Get Over Me
3. California
4. Second Wind
5. Swet
6. Cherry Pie
7. Tijuana
8. All American
9. Man on the Moon
10. Horoscope
11. I Will Wait

Tell me honestly you don’t want to hear a song about “Tijuana” or “Man On The Moon”!

6. Nick’s website will be the ONLY place you can get a PHYSICAL copy of All American. 

If you pre-order All American before November 25th (the release date), you’ll not only get a physical copy of the album in the mail, but a digital copy as well at midnight on the day of release. There’s even an option for an exclusive poster and 500 people will get a signed poster – how awesome is that?! Again, this is the ONLY place you can get a physical copy of the album (and the only place you can get it at all as of right now).

DON’T SUFFER FROM FOMO (fear of missing out)! Get yours NOW!

Also, don’t miss THE Nick Carter, live and in person, on tour next year. Check out the dates here!

For all the latest on Nick’s projects, keep your eyes on What Happens On The Backstreet AND nickcarter.net, where I will be updating the news section with everything you need to know.

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