30 Thoughts We Had During The #TeamSharNick Trio

Week 10 18

With a Tango, a Samba dance off, and a Salsa trio this week, Team SharNick had a full night this past Monday. While we love watching Nick and Sharna perform alone, there is something to be said about about the crazy phenomenal Salsa trio they performed with Peta Murgatroyd. Sassy, saucy, and Salsa-y, it was really everything and that’s why I’ve chosen it this week for our “Thoughts About” series.


1.Anyone else have “All I Have To Give” silhouette flashbacks?

2. Nick looks like he’s dancing in the sun. YOU DANCE IN THAT SUN, NICK!

3. Someone is feelin’ himself.

4. DAMN! This is sassy and we’re just 12 seconds in.

5. Peta and Sharna are like fancy yellow peacocks that are really good at dancing.

6. They just swung Nick like cheerleaders!

7. That Aussie sandwich though…

8. Always so impressed when dancers lift their leg in sync with each other. I know that sounds weird, but you know what I mean.

9. Sharna and Peta could TOTALLY fill in if a BSB or two broke their leg. Backstreet Girls 2016!

10. Double dip!? Nick just dipped them both at once! By their necks! I smell another VIP pose next tour…. GRAB YOUR BFF!

11. How come we never knew that Nick could dance with two girls at once like this? Let’s reflect on all the missed opportunities.

12. Nick is always at his best when he’s doing some belt-buckle-grabbing dance. Am I right?

13. The more I watch, the more I think Peta and Sharna would do AMAZINGLY well in hair commercials.

14. Nick is such a pimp.

15. That whole painting-a-rainbow-across-the-sky move made Nick insanely happy. Look at this man’s face!

16. There are so many parts of this Salsa that are Backstreet infused.

17. I vote AJ and Kevin do this dance with Nick next tour…

18. Sharna and Peta get in front of Nick, we expect some amazing arm thing….but no, Empire-pimp Nick is just like, “YEAHHHH, look at my ladies!”

19. OH MY GOD. HE’S MICHAEL JACKSON CROTCHING THIS DANCE. Where’s my 11 paddle?! Somewhere, Bruno just fell over the judges’ table.

20. OH MY GOD, he let go of his crotch and it’s still moving.

21. Who shakes their asses in sync? Peta and Sharna.

22. Who enjoys it? Nick.

23. Oh, now we’re letting Nick drive a car. Be careful ladies, he doesn’t know how to park.

24. That whole walking down the stairs, swaying the hips while turning in a circle – I’m BEGGING the Backstreet Boys to adopt that swagger.

25. Finally, Nick and the floor are friends. SLIDEEEE like you mean it.

26. I’ve never seen Nick look this happy in a dance.

27. I’ve also never wanted Nick to be a pimp before now.

28. THERE IT IS – the signature point! The night is complete.

29. Hell. Yes.

30. This dance was the definition of fire. Perfect score, indeed.