18 Thoughts We Had About Nick and Sharna’s Quickstep

Week 9 6

1.5 seconds into this dance and that hat has given us “All I Have To Give” throwback feels.

2. Ok, maybe a little “Smooth Criminal” ala Michael Jackson.

3. Then those arms gave us a “Panic” flashback. YOU ALL THOUGHT IT! This was just a little more controlled.

4. Did Nick just brush his shoulder off? That suit and hat give him some serious sass.

5. Can the Backstreet Boys please do a sassy dance like this?!

6. This is so Great Gatsby meets Jessica Rabbit – LOVE it.

7. Nick is a pro at sliding across the floor, you guys. Sliding in sync with two other pro dancers though…that takes talent.

8. How is Sharna not everyone’s woman crush everyday?

9. Nick’s face is so on again. WHO IS THIS MAN?! He’s a real dancer.

10. Look at his footwork! Look at his frame! Look at that pep in his step!

11. Actually, if the whole Backstreet Boys thing doesn’t work out for Nick, he could probably be a pretty great Frank Sinatra impersonator. Maybe? Maybe he could be a dancing pro.

12. Sharna Burgess – First woman in history to ever slap the hand of Nick Carter off of her leg.

13. We have not made it through ONE episode of DWTS without Nick’s signature point and side eye. This time he put it IN the dance.

14. Here come the pseudo-Backstreet Boys again!

15. This isn’t Nick’s first time with a hat. It may be, however, the smoothest he’s done it!

16. That whole hat-popping move – I hope the Backstreet Boys in the audience liked it because I want it ON TOUR.

17. We actually enjoyed how many times Nick got turned down during this dance….

18. Bottom Line: This quickstep was INCREDIBLE. Bruno got it right with his 10. Maybe the judges should see how Nick was dancing before DWTS. 😉 


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