20 Thoughts We Had Watching Nick and Sharna’s Contemporary

Week8 - 9

Week 8 was without a doubt the biggest week for Team Sharnick and for Nick Carter alone. Not only did they receive the perfect score they had been working for since Week 1, Nick also revealed that he and Lauren would be having a baby — a baby boy, to be specific, as we all found out together after the emotion-inducing dance. While this post will only give my thoughts about the dance, specifically, I will say that I had one HUGE thought during the whole thing – OHMYGODIMSOHAPPYFORTHEM. Oh, and that I thought Nick was literally going to pass out or implode with emotions. To read more on my baby news thoughts, go here.

Now, onto the dance…

1. From that first look, we’re already holding onto our hearts.

2. Nick is already sweating. Has he always sweat this much? Is this what happens when Nick get emotional? His entire skin cries?

3. They are SO smooth you’d think they’re ice skating.

4. There is nothing I love more in a dance than fake bounce running. You know what I’m talking about. That’s how you know it’s about to get really good.

5. We’re usually so obsessed with Sharna’s face but Nick’s face during this dance is KILLING IT. Watch around 25 seconds. He needs to be a “I’m-feeling-every-emotion” emoji.

6. 30 seconds – Nick is handling Sharna so delicately. I can’t even.

7. THAT LEAP. Nick Carter is a real dancing boy and we can’t take it.

8. Sharna just slid around and down his body like a snake. Is she even human? (No. She’s a fairy. We discussed this.)

9. Everyone look at Nick’s face at 51 seconds as he lifts Sharna. Human. So human. So emotional.

10. If you’re not crying, YOU aren’t human.

11. Dear Nick, if we run at you next VIP and hug your head then flip backwards, it’s because Sharna made it look so beautiful. Sorry.

12. That spin-and-propose move was better than any Backstreet Boys move ever.

13. Sharna is an angel. A fairy angel.

14. NICK – seriously, these lifts. Who are you?!

15. Clearly, Nick should never wear shoes to dance again. Shoes were his downfall. This is magic.

16. NICK HOLDING OUT HIS ARMS AND SHARNA JUST HANGING ONTO HIS BODY AND BOTH OF THEIR ARMS ARE OUT….What is this?! So good is what it is. That was the stand out move of the night.

17. Who knew rolling on the floor in sync could be so beautiful?

18. Those hands on Sharna’s stomach. Can you even see it through all the tears in your eyes right now?

19. Nick loses it. We lose it. Basically everyone watching at that moment LOST. IT.

20. Then he kisses Lauren and she’s doing that I’m-not-going-to-cry-but-really-I-am face.. Then we really Kim-Kardashion-Ugly-Cry. PERFECT SCORES FOR LIFE.

WEEK 8 is what dreams are made of, you guys.


4 thoughts on “20 Thoughts We Had Watching Nick and Sharna’s Contemporary

  1. Bravo! You lost your calling. You should be an author! The dance was beautiful! I cried. Not to be a downer, but today’s trending news I feel is a set up. A publicity stunt by ONE or ONES staff. Watch this ONE get all 10’s next Monday and Nick n Sharna won’t! JMHO. I mean really what judge has no idea that a famous father passed away. And her mother signed off on this! I honestly feel it’s a set up. Okay. Back to your writing! BRAVO AGAIN! I’ve watched the video more than I can count. And now the thinks you described u must watch again. Thanks so much!

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