Dear Nick, Lauren, and Baby Boy Carter…. – Love, The Fans


From a low-key romance to a fairytale wedding to a family of three, Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt-Carter are living the dream in a larger than life way. We’ve watched them become husband and wife, now we will watch them become mom and dad and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (or in any of the homes of viewers) last night on Dancing With The Stars when the couple revealed they’d be having a sweet baby boy. Social media is lit up with congrats and sweet words for the couples and of course, we wanted to try and gather all of those feelings into one post.

Dear Nick,

For nearly 23 years, we’ve seen you as the baby of the Backstreet Boys, but last night, everything changed. We saw you, perhaps for the first time, as a 35 year old man who is deeply in love, incredibly happy about his accomplishments, over the moon excited that he’s having a son, and finally fulfilled. We’ve watched you succeed and we’ve watched you struggle and nothing makes us happier than seeing you on the upswing. You’ve always had so much love to give and we are thrilled that you’ve finally found someone worthy of receiving that love in Lauren. We know that you’ll be an incredible dad. You have so many gifts to pass along, so many talents to share with your boy, and for the next 18+ years, you’ll have someone to instill your wisdom inside. Just think – you’re going to have a little buddy to cheer with you at football games, celebrate Halloween, and to a mini-Alien seeker! We hope that he gains from you the same zest for life that you possess and the go-getting attitude. We also know that when he looks back on his Dad’s life, he will be as proud of you as we have always been. You have turned your life around and you are finally getting the happiness you deserve. In the time you’re celebrating your 23rd year of your being a Backstreet Boy and your 2nd year as a husband, you’ll also become a Dad – wow. Live in the moment. Relish every moment. Be in love with the life you’re living because it’s a good one and we’re all so happy for you. ❤

Dear Lauren,

Thank you. Thank you for being the woman that you are. Thank you for being the woman that grounds Nick and loves him unconditionally. It’s unbelievably clear how happy and in love you both are and nothing is better than a baby born out of a love like that. While being married to a celebrity hasn’t always been the easiest, please know that the majority of us are rooting for you (even though we might hate you a little when your body bounces right back after pregnancy 😉 ). You’re going to be an awesome mom! We can’t wait to see you take care of a child the same way that you love and care for Nick, your family, and your pets. You have a good heart, Lauren, and it shows. We also know that you must have an insane amount of patience to be married to Nick and it’s all going to play a part in the great mommy you will be. You deserve all the happiness and joys that motherhood brings and to say that we’re happy for you is an understatement. Oh, and we hope that your son inherits your insanely amazing eyebrows! The dedication you show to living a green life and protecting the earth so that the world is a better place for your son is something we should all strive to do. You’re basically superwoman and your baby boy is lucky to call you his mom. ❤

Dear Baby Boy Carter,

We don’t know your name yet but you are already loved by millions of people all over the world. From Israel to Brazil to Italy to Indonesia to home in the United States, you’re the biggest news in entertainment since your mom and dad found out you’re a boy last night. It’s been a year since we watched your parents marry each other on TV and longer than that that we’ve watched them fall in love and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to be born into such a beautiful kind of love. Your dad is an international celebrity with multi platinum records, but his greatest accomplishment will always be creating and raising you, we’re sure. Your mom is an incredibly smart, beautiful, and strong woman who will work hard to keep your life as normal as possible (but they both love aliens and ghosts, so you might have a slightly different version of normal). From your mom and dad, to family, to Backstreet Boys, to fans, you’ll never be short on love. Your parents feel lucky to have you, but you should know how lucky you are that they have been chosen to be your parents. The world will be waiting for you. ❤

4 thoughts on “Dear Nick, Lauren, and Baby Boy Carter…. – Love, The Fans

  1. this was perfectly said, I couldn’t have said it any better. As a fan for 21 years, I’m one of the ones that grew up with Nick, i remember being a giddy 11 year old when I self proclaimed myself as Mrs. Nick Carter, and actually calculated that Nick was 5 years, 4 days, 19 hours and 3 minutes older than me, even carried a picture of Nick in a tux in my wallet saying it was our wedding picture. My God, in retrospect, the things I did as a teeny bopper!! I remember all the way back to when Nick “resigns” in Tampa…like you said, watched him grow up and transform from a boy into a man, and last night was the ultimate transformation. Nicky, Kaos, Frack…he vanished, and Nickolas Gene Carter, husband, father, and success emerged. Millions of us dreaded the moment Nick would say “I do” to someone that wasn’t any of us, and dreaded even more that moment when we heard there would be a baby Carter that none of us were carrying. Living in both those moments I couldn’t pick a better match for Nick (aside from myself husband knew from day 1 he wouldn’t compare to Nick lol)…and I couldn’t pick a happier life for him. Congratulations and God Bless Nick and Lauren, and especially to Baby Carter–were all anxious to meet Kaos 2.0 😀


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