Tons Of Love For #TeamSharNick: Fans Send In Their Kind Words And Support For Nick and Sharna


What Happens On The Backstreet asked fans to send their love and support for Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess as the competition heats up on Dancing With The Stars. Responses poured in from all parts of the world. From Brazil to the U.S. to Israel, everyone loves Team SharNick.


I really like how both of them are so humble and are working so hard every week. I love how Sharna supports and pushes Nick because she knows he can do even more and how she is so patient with him. I also like how Nick always gives his 200% and works hard. And seriously just how he answers all questions and is so kind about everyone! – @girlygirlstefie


Nick: out of all the contestants this season you have been the sweetest, genuine, authentic and humble! I’m so happy you’re enjoying this journey and getting to experience it with Sharna! I vote for you weekly because I want to see you in that finale and win that MBT. Week 7’s package showed how much you want to earn this with no strings attached and I couldn’t be more proud–as a dwts fan, sharnasquad member, and BSB fan!!!

And to Sharna: once again you have out done yourself!!! Your creativity is beyond brilliant! Since week 1 with Nick how you both use every beat of your songs is just insane! How you fuse style with theme each week shows how talented you are as a choreographer and how incredible you are a teacher to Nick. Even for switch up week your dance with Andy was out of this world! Let’s get TeamSharNick all the way to the end!!! – @OnYour6Chemist


My Monday nights became a lot happier ones thanks to you guys! Ive never watched DWTS before but I think it’s gonna be my favorite show from now on.

Sharna, thank you so much for letting us see a lot of new side of Nick! I’m not gonna lie, of course I am jealous of you that you get to see him everyday and get to be his teacher and all, I’m sure we all do lol But I am really happy that you are his partner! You are so talented and your dance is so beautiful and I loved every dance you performed!

Nick, thank you so much for competing in DWTS! It means a lot to me as a fan that I get to watch you on TV every week! How exciting is that we get to vote for you as well! I love your music, but also I love your personally and character! I can see your motivations and hard work throughout each dances and it really really inspires me. You keep surprising me every single Monday with how cool you are, how professional you are, and how amazing of a dancer you can be! I’m really looking forward to see you guys get the mirror ball at finals! Go TeamSharNick! – @otomoco


Nick: First, thank you for taking on the challenge. Second, don’t let the judges comments deter your momentum, just believe in each other. Last is to just keep growing. I want to see you going for that trophy. – @SilverKane13


Since DWTS has started, I’ve enjoyed every single “moment” of team #SharNick. It’s beautiful having the chance to watch such a journey and how both of them are professional in what they do and how they do it!! I will always support #TeamSharNick not only because Nick is my fave ever, but because I see two people who love what they do and that put such a genuine passion in their work, which totally fascinate me! Keep on doing what you love guys, I will vote till I can for you, ’cause you really deserve that trophy!! With love  – @CiapCarter


I really didn’t know about Dancing With The Stars before Nick joined it so I was just happy I could see his dances every week…but I’ve been surprised it’s tight and hard schedule every week especially Halloween week! For Nick, I just wanna say thank you for trying to do your best every dances, I truly admire your effort for the show even you mentioned to fans, you wanting to make us proud… we are super proud of you, being fan of you, hope you know it and enjoy the show not feeling too much pressure on you. You did amazing we know it! For Sharna, I can’t say enough how much thank you for Sharna, you understands fans feeling and always been great for Nick, he and we are lucky to get you as Nick’s partner, I really love and admire you! All supporting to #TeamSharNick from the other side of world Japan!  –  @jun_pure_bsb


I absolutely adore #TeamSharNick! Sharna’s so adorable and like a little pixie. She’s definitely only making Nick better and bringing out everything he has in him. They’re a perfect match as dance partners. They dance so well together. I love everything about them. And on top of all that, I freaking LOVE that’s Sharna’s a true BSB fangirl! – @Noora_S


I just want to thank you for making me dream every weeks!! You two truly make a DREAM team!! Mirror ball or not at the end of the show, you are for me the winner of this season!

Nick, you truly amazes me each weeks a little more! I am SO proud of you / so proud to be one of your fan!

Sharna, You are an amazing and beautiful dancer and woman.  I am super happy you are Nick’s partner! He couldn’t have a better pro by his side!

I am supporting you all the way from France…. Watching and voting every week! Keep showing them what you’re made of!!  TeamSharNick all the way!  Much love, Audrey – @yerdua4


I cannot believe that I will still be a fan of Nick when I am in late 20s. You have been my inspiration when I was 12 and I can’t believe how level headed you still are until now. Sharna, you bring out the best in Nick in dancing. Your professionalism is beyond imaginable, I love you for always welcoming the backstreet army with open arms. I hope you make it till the end! I love you both! – @fireprincesskm


Team SharNick is such a pleasure to watch. Sharna is such an amazing teacher, a kind and generous person and mostly an outstanding dancer. Since DWTS has started, it is so easy for those of us who are Backstreet Boys and Nick fans to see how far this man has come, how humble, serious, hard working and open to Open to criticism he is. Nick came into this fully committed, and is putting his heart and soul out there for everyone to see.  – @yael1983s


I’m so incredibly proud of Team SharNick. You are amazing together! Always looking forward to see you dance. Lots of love from Holland – Natalja (@SugaLover88)


Thank you so much Nick for doing DWTS and introducing me to a whole new show and Sharna! She is a beautiful person inside and outside, not to mention extremely talented. Thank you both for bringing it to the dance floor every night always leaving me wanting more. I am not only a Nick fan, but now I am a forever Sharna fan! – @Toni4Kaos


Dear Team SharNick,

What can I say that’s never been said about you guys since you began your wonderful journey on DWTS ?? All I got to add is that I proud of you guys!! I believe in you & you will make it to the finals & get that mirror ball. Keep up the good work & I keep voting for you like I do every week !! Go Team SharNick!

Ps. This one is only for Nick .. Sharna is a wonderful teacher & you are so lucky to have her as your partner!! I got to know her as we all do because of you & I love her so much !! (Don’t tell her I said that)

Lots of love from Israel  & Best of Luck – @Oshrat_Tz


From using my 10 minute break during my evening class to call for vote for team sharnick to trying to dye my hair what I like to call “Sharna Red”.  I do nothing but wish you the best and keep telling everyone who will listen to me that you’re the next owners of the mirror ball trophy.  Just….don’t make me cry!  KTBSPA! – @kbnhachicky


Nick and Sharna are shining stars! Another week another Monday another night without sleep (damn time zone!) but I don’t care because watching you dance make my heart feel so many emotions i cant even express! Nick, you always surprise me with your loyalty and motivation to be the best at what you do! Sharna, always so kind, patient and supportive the greatest partner Nick could have ask for! Whatever happens you two already won yourself and each other! Love you and wish you good luck as always! –@MaayanBenYakob, Israel


Although the fans already knew he could pull this off Nick had some doubts about his dancing skills….I am so damn proud to say that I am a Nick fan. He is such an example for me.  Thank you Sharna for giving Nick the confidence to perform his best. Please don’t forget to enjoy and bring that mirrorball home! Love – @Joanita270808


I’m always supporting you here from Brazil, every mondays I’m excited for see you guys on DWTS, and I love to see you dancing and doing the best. – @amandadocoutoe1


Just wanted to say you guys rock and I think you guys are awesome. I haven’t missed a Monday night since the DWTS came on im really glad to be a fan of both! KEEP ROCKING TEAMSHARNICK! – Beverly Turner


Mondays were the worst, until we start getting lost into Dancing With The Stars, where Sharna shines on the floor,
showing Nick the moves and they dancing into our hearts. – @nickphotosnet


Nick is awesome and he amazes us every Monday. He have everything – “looks, talent and the personality” and to be honest I didn’t know who Nick Carter was till he come to DWTS. I heard of BSB and I’ve heard their songs but never had the interest to look more of who the members are.. But when he paired up with Sharna automatically I was like I love this man because I love Sharna so much and I want to tell her that you have support from around the world who loves you and look up to you and you’re an amazing dancer, choreographer and a great teacher and you got me the second I saw “Michael Jackson Bad anniversary”. I still watch it time to time andI  still think you’re the most amazing woman on earth *well after mom haha* and the best pro on the show. I would love you more and more if you follow me on my twitter account. – @iarwa93


Sharna and Nick:
First obviously I love you guys. It’s amazing what are you doing. I love watching you guys dance every week. It gives me joy and made my day (imagine if Sharna followed me on twitter @fanofSB2012 follow me please 😂) This is a message from all Sharna’s Arabian fans specially Saudi Arabia. You got some love there and they’re going crazy! It’s Sharna Burgess season. I wish I pray we see Sharna’s face when she wins it with Nick. You’re champions. You are the good example for the young generation. Keep doing what’re you doing spread the love of dance and music! – Arwa


Nick and Sharna,

You said in your book, Nick, you’d never do Dancing With the Stars, but I’m glad you did.  You two fit together so well.  You’re the perfect team.  Nick, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of in terms of your dancing.  You are a good dancer.  You’re not the weak link in the Backstreet Boys, not that there is a weak link.  You are not weak.  This is has been a very fun season and I’m glad Team SharNick is a part of it. – Leah @blue4t
When I found out Nick was gonna be a part of DWTS, it was like a dream come true! I had never seen the show before but knowing I was gonna get to watch my favorite man on tv every week was just wonderful! And to make it even better, he was paired with Sharna, who’s seriously one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen! My family ended up sharing my excitement with me and watching DWTS has now become a family time! Team SharNick has accomplished what no one had, they make me look forward to Mondays!  – Adri Monterroza 🙂
To the team on DWTS that have THE best chemistry together!  Nick couldn’t have gotten a better pro dance partner than Sharna and their connection is out of this world.  It shines through each and ever time they step out on that dance floor together.  Your hard work is shown each week in the beautiful dances Sharna choreographs and Nick executes them so well, even tho the judges have yet to award them a perfect score *sideeyes Carrie Ann*.  But, as Nick fans, we know the man is dedicated to reaching perfection and with a perfect score to still strive for, we know he and Sharna will reach it soon.  We are soooooo proud of  you Nick.  You have shown nothing but humbleness and positivity  during this competition and you have been such a delight to watch and making us all more proud to be a fan of yours.  And Sharna…welcome to the Backstreet family girl. You have done wonders with our Boy. I bet you are as proud of him as we are..and we thank you! Win or lose the mirror ball, you guys are already a winner in our eyes.  – Jen Jenkins

I absolutely love the chemistry that they have and it’s so key in a dance relationship. I’m seeing Nick grow and blossom into a beautiful dancer right before my eyes. Sharna is an incredible teacher, mentor and friend. I love the fact that she’s a fan girl it’s so endearing. The fact that they go out every week without thinking “we need to win” really blew me away. It is a competition after all, but it’s the last thing Nick thinks about. Nick says he goes out there and just tries to be the best he can be. I admire the passion and dedication they have.

To Nick and Sharna, I don’t know any other dance partners who belong together. The passion and dedicated you both have is amazing. Sharna you’re transforming Nick right before our eyes just when we think he couldn’t get any more amazing. The lessons you’re instilling in Nick are going to stay with him and we can’t wait to see that in everything he does. I can tell you’ve formed a lasting friendship. You guys are amazing and no matter if you get that mirror ball or not you’re still winners to the BSB Army!!! Go Team SharNick!!!!!! Love Ashley – @sweetkaos26


Dear Sharna: First of all, I want you to know that I’m honestly your biggest fan! I seriously wanna be like you when I grow up. You’re incredibly talented and an amazing teacher, and everyone can tell by how much Nick has improved so far. You changed his life for the better, and the Backstreet army will be forever grateful with you for that. Never change girl! YOU’RE A QUEEN

Dear Nick: You never cease to amaze me, for real! You’re doing an awesome job! I know I’m nobody to tell you this, but I couldn’t be more prouder of you! I’m pretty sure you’ll be soon part of the DWTS pros for next season. This is a whole new experience for you, so learn from every week’s mistake and in words of Carrie Ann…Keep growing! Way to go Nick!
My best wishes for Team SharNick! You guys will always count with our votes! Break a leg and let’s get this mirror ball baby! – @stefbystef_
I have so much to say really. I suppose one that stood out significantly was this moment that I HAD to capture, while working the press line this past Monday.
Nick and Sharna were the last to arrive at the press event. HOWEVER, they were the very last to stop interviews. Nick was a machine. I mean it not like he hasn’t done 500 MILLION interviews in his time thus far…. LOL. It was impressive to watch. They literally stated taking down the banners behind him and he STILL was talking to media (, ET, USWeekly… etc) All of the various media outlets had their names printed out on papers and taped to the floor to ‘stake out’ their place on the press line itself. My husband and I were obviously waaaay on the end LOL. (He [and I] were there primarily to interview Andy Grammer. That’s how we had gotten seats for the show and credentials for press after the show. We shot video interview with Andy and then got to talk with others as we were able. I of course was BEYOND grateful to be there and experience the whole event and see Nick again. It was pretty neat for sure).
To summarize, their dedication to the completion and strong drive are unparalleled. Even more so ‘behind the scenes ‘. It’s just incredible. I am SO PROUD to be a fan of his/theirs and to support them on this journey. I truly believe they deserve that mirror ball trophy for sure.  – Jenn McDonough
Boy, you are amazing! I think that Nick has discovered in Sharna the best dancer and their magic, emotion, feeling are in all dances! I’m from Barcelona (Spain) and every Tuesday I see the actuation and it’s amazing! I really admire how Nick can dance in this way! The “Everybody day” with my sweet AJ in the studio make me feel how they feel and support the others like a real brothers… It’s a thing that only a BSB fan can understand! I will always support Sharnick team! You are the best couple and the funniest!  Good luck and the mirror ball will be yours! Thanks for all you give to the public and the fans! – Angela Sánchez Vicente
I’ m @fabysc from Puebla, Mexico. I’m taking class of Jazz Funk, its really fun and when I found out that Nick was one of the contestants of DWTS I feel so happy for him and for me because I know how hard can be to dance something you are not used to do. I think Sharna is doing a great job teaching Nick to different dance styles. Break a leg! xoxo
Nick and Sharna,
Don’t let anything discourage you. The connection you two have on the dance floor is palpable.  Nick get out of your head, you know the steps, you know the story you two are telling through the dance, tell it, don’t think about it. Sharna don’t change a thing. I hope that as you two continue, because you will, you keep pushing Nick out of his comfort zone. There is NO reason for you two to be worried about tonight, but don’t be lazy in your performance either.  I fully expect to have to use my once dormant TRL voting skills through to the end of the season.
Nicky Gene–don’t ever doubt the support the fandom has for you in everything you do.
Sharna–Just because you’re new to the family means nothing, we are passionate in our love!
– Katie O’Kennon @KatieOK_
Nick, do you realize how proud the Backstreet Army is of you? Thank you Sharna, for the amazing choreography and showcasing Nick’s talents! – @sweetheartgirly
I love all the dances of you guys. It’s awesome and I’m enjoying it. I’m so proud of you both. You guys have great connection as dancers. Sharna is a great teacher and Nick is a great student. So talented guy you are Nick. I am always watching and voting for you guys. You guys are always no. 1 for me when comes to this season of dancing with the stars. I always love and support you guys as always. #TeamSharNick baby! – @sapnasajnani
Nick and Sharna, we are so proud of how far you have come and we will continue to vote for you each and every week. As we sit here and watch you get better, we feel those dances reach us into our souls. There have never been a better partnership than what we have seen between the two of you. We all love and support you 110% and no matter what happens in the future, you both will forever be our champions! – @spobyandstelena

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