22 Thoughts We Had During Nick and Sharna’s Finale Jive

FinalMonday 2

It felt appropriate to hold this post until this Monday night – 6 days into our Team SharNick withdrawals and for their hottest dance of the season. For those who have tweeted me relentlessly, I told you I’d post soon! ūüėČ

1. Woah! Sharna is on fire!

2. Woah! She’s going to blow away!

3. WOAH! Can we be her?!

4. We’ve never pictured Nick as the devil, but we think he might make a good fit… especially with all his temptation vibes.

5. These are the sassiest kicks and flicks ever. See what happens when you wear red?

6. Did anyone know Nick could kick that high? If the whole Backstreet Boy thing doesn’t work out, he could totally be a Rockette.

7. They’re moving faster than my thoughts can happen!

8. It took 11 weeks, but Nick’s faces finally rival Sharna’s.

9. Please note the massive use of Nick’s tongue during this entire Jive.

10. The whole Nick-using-his-hands-to-make-Sharna’s-body-move thing will never get old.

11. Her hip drops though…

12. Can Nick wear this on the next tour?

13. That guitar leg move! Seriously, you can not BLINK throughout this whole thing.

14. That’s twice that Nick has crooked his finger in a ‘come hither’ motion. You don’t have to ask us twice, Mr. Carter!

15. We’re not going to lie – Nick falling backwards during any dance freaked up out, but look at him go!

16. Not sure about that twinkle toes move when he got back up, but whatever. It works.

17. Look at those knees! Look at those hands!

18. This Jive is SO LONG and SO GOOD!

19. I mean, John Travolta WHO?!

20. There he goes on that dancefloor slip ‘n slide.


22. Literal. FIRE.


10 Reasons AJ and Rochelle McLean Are Parent Goals


It’s been 3 years since AJ and Rochelle McLean became parents. It’s also been 3 years that we’ve watched them raise the only Backstreet baby girl just as we’d want to raise our own children. The McLeans have literally become Parent Goals for so many of us. Ava McLean has quickly become a favorite with everyone who follows her parents on Instagram and it’s all because of their amazing parenting.

1. She’s A Fashionista!

Ava Jaymes McLean literally never looks sloppy. Even her pajamas are cute! We want all of her clothes in adult size, really. Are we even surprised though? AJ has always had a love for fashion (although sometimes questionable) and Rochelle has the vintage Hollywood starlet look DOWN (plus her makeup – woah). The genes have been passed down to their tiny human and we always look forward to what she’ll be werking next!

Oh, and don’t think mom and dad won’t go to great lengths to nail that fashion. We were all super impressed when Rochelle blinged out these tiny Converse for a Minnie Mouse costume this year. These are the CUTEST things we’ve seen thus far. Mom love is strong.


Oh, and let’s not forget that hairband/hair bow game. This girl…

2. …And A Free Spirit.

Some parents LOSE their minds worrying about the messes their children create and the clean up after. AJ and Rochelle let Ava do her thing, engage her free spirit, and enjoy every minute. That’s the way to go and we wish we could all be so chill.

3. Rochelle and AJ Encourage Ava To Be Her Own Person.


Not only does she wear her crown backwards, but her¬†dance¬†at her recital last year might have been the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Playing into her free spirit, the McLeans encourage their only daughter to be herself and love everyone. We need more parents like them in the world.

We wish our own parents would have let us wear kitty slippers to school!


4. They’ve Taught Ava That Love Wins.


The McLean household always looks like the place to hang with all the cool kids! They have the coolest friends (and remember that baby-themed baby shower?!). Perhaps their most notable friends are Tom Adler and Madonna Mark, who they refer to as Ava’s “Guncles”. Raising a child in these times is hard with everyone telling you what to believe and who you can love. AJ and Ro seem to make it a priority to teach Ava to love everyone regardless. Isn’t that the best you can do for your children? Love is love.

5. There’s Always Time For Silliness and Playtime!

While other celebrities are constantly posting pictures that make you think “where are your kids”, these two are constantly making us want children. They make parenting look fun and, while we know it’s hard work, all of us want to be as cool as they are!



6. Disney? Ok, Let’s Go!


Just… what kind of parents wouldn’t want to take their babies to Disneyland all the time?! Encouraging the magic of Disney is ALWAYS a parenting goal.

7. That Dress Up Game Is On Point, Too. 

4 years ago, we never thought we’d see AJ McLean, Backstreet badass, with a tiara or a pink chef’s hat on. Now, it’s the norm. The memories he and Rochelle are making with this girl with the imagination the size of an elephant are going to last a lifetime. We’re all making a phone call to dad right now asking him to have a tea party with us!

8. Fangirl In The Making. 

More than once, Ava’s parents have mentioned that she loves the Backstreet Boys and of course, she’s Daddy’s biggest fan. This year though, baby fangirl was taken to a whole new level when her Mom took her to meet THE Taylor Swift. WHAATTTT?! Parent. Goals.

Oh, and there is also the fact that Ava was totally hanging out with Derek Hough after the Dancing With The Stars finale. What is her life?! Can AJ and Rochelle adopt me?!

9. Mom and Dad Date Nights Are BOMB.


Of course when you’re a parent, you have to make time for yourselves. While it’s usually¬†Friends and popcorn or quaint dinners for the McLeans, it’s also things like Lance Bass’ wedding and Madonna concerts. Parenting goals have now turned into relationship goals. Insert heart eyes here!


10. The Love For Their Daughter Is Incredible (And They Have Their Own Kind Of Normal).

Maybe the thing we love most about watching Ava Jaymes grow up via social media through the eyes of her parents is that you can tell, without even looking at the caption, how in love they are with her. Whether it’s Rochelle posting that she and AJ are “her everything” or AJ posting that “if he had ovaries, they would be exploding” over his little girl riding a bike, watching them raise their daughter restores our faith that the next generation might be okay if there is more parents like them in the world. Love, love, love.

At the end of the day, they’re normies just like us (except TMZ doesn’t stop to talk to our dads / husbands), but they’re totally rocking this parent thing and we feel like they should know. Hey AJ and Rochelle – Ava is super lucky and one day, she’ll thank you for the job well done.


3 Things You Need To Know About ‘If I Could Tell You’ Starring Kevin Richardson


As much as we love Kevin as a Backstreet Boy, we’ve grown to love him just as much as an actor. From the minute we saw him as Billy Flynn in¬†Chicago on Broadway, we knew he could do more amazing things than we previously knew about. We’ve now seen him as an addict vampire in Bloody Indulgent¬†and a retro husband in¬†Casserole Club¬†and now, something completely different. In the upcoming short drama,¬†If I Could Tell You,¬† we’ll see him play…..a sperm donor? The trailer hit the web this week and now we’re dying to see it.


If I Could Tell You – Official Film Trailer from SQUINT on Vimeo.

 1. This Film Was Made Possible By An IndieGoGo Campaign.

The campaign has been over since last year and raised $29,000 of it’s $50,000 goal, but still continued filming in February 2015 and will most likely be released at festivals and such. Their¬†campaign page¬†is worth a look. It explains the plot, inspiration for the storyline, a few videos that take you a bit inside the “underground” world of fertility treatments.

2. The Creators, The Clyde Brothers, Have An Extensive Background In Advertising. 

The Clyde Brothers (actual brothers living in L.A.) are writers and directors who own Squint Pictures, an independent and creative production company. Their clientele includes a wide variety of well known brands, from Nissan to Mattel.

This movie is their first endeavor into film making and if you visit their campaign page and their Twitter, you’ll understand their passion for this project and their appreciation for the the fact that it’s happening. Again, we can’t wait to see the final film!

3. Kevin Isn’t The Only One You Might Know.

Taking a look at the¬†If I Could Tell You cast, you might see a few familiar faces. Avery Clyde, the female lead, has played bit roles in quite a few popular shows, including¬†Dawson’s Creek and¬†Grey’s Anatomy.¬†There’s also Lucy Devito, daughter of the famed Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman. There’s absolutely no shortage on talent here – check out the rest of the cast on the IMDB page.

For more updates regarding¬†If I Could Tell You,¬†click on the film’s official site¬†and subscribe to their mailing list for all the latest!

UPDATE (July 2016):

  • You can now follow If I Could Tell You on Twitter!
  • The movie will be released on iTunes on August 2nd, but you can pre-order it now.
  • There will be an LA premiere on August 2nd and you’re invited. Purchase your ticket to the screening and q&a with cast and creators here.

10 Things You Need To Know About Nick Carter’s ‘All American’


It’s been a few days since our brain has experienced the eargasm-inducing new music from Nick Carter from his album¬†All American. We waited so long for it and now we can not “Get Over” it (pun intended). If you’re iffy about buying the album, here’s a few things you should know.

1. “19 In 99” WILL Be Your Jam No Matter What Age You Were In 1999.

Sure, you hear the title “19 in 99” and think “Oh man! I was only 10!” or “I was 28 in 1999, I’m not going to like this song!”.

Well, you’re wrong.

Whether you’ve never listened to Tupac or don’t know anyone named Lana (but everyone really should – I’ve never met a Lana I didn’t like), you’ll pretend you have for the sake of listening to this Bowling-For-Soup-esque song. Let’s face it, everyone likes a little nostalgia and everyone loves a good song. This is it.

2. Despite Avril Lavigne Collaborating on “Get Over Me” – It’s NOT What You Think.

Of course when you hear that a male and female pop star are collaborating on a song together, you automatically think emo ballad. To top it off, “Get Over Me”? Duh. This is going to be so sappy love song with a sassy title to trick you.


Perhaps the biggest fan favorite across the board on the new album, Nick and Avril go back and forth about which one of them is really “the stage five clinger, trying to put a ring on my finger” (if you’ve heard it, that part is stuck in your head RIGHT now). This song is SO good and you should really force everyone you know to listen – including your own stage five clinger.

3. “California” Is The Chill Answer To Katy Perry’s “California Girls”

A few years ago, Katy Perry topped the charts with her bouncy tune “California Girls” and this year, Nick Carter has released a “California” of his own. The cool surfer tune is blatantly honest about it’s sex, sin, and chihuahuas, but then admits “that’s California” and people like it. Visit anytime! By the way, does anyone feel like they should be on a carousel in the beginning? Is that just me?

4. “Second Wind”¬†Will Make You Feel Better About Life Instantly

Oh my God, first world problems are SO real and now even Nick Carter himself is admitting to them. Double parking and hangovers? Crazy significant other’s moms?! YESSSS. We’ve all been there. If you can get past the naked Nick that’s implied in the first half second of the song, this song is everything you tweet about. We feel like a hypothetical music video would include Sugar Ray, Jimmy Buffet, and Nick all sitting on a beach with margaritas. You can literally hear the tiki bar.

5. “Swet” Will Make You…..Well….Just Listen

You have to hear the song to understand why “Swet” is spelled without an A.

So wet.

You be the judge. Nick just went there. So did we.

6. “Cherry Pie” And “Man On The Moon” Are Retro Sounding… But One Will Make Your Grandma Blush.

The light, sweet retro sound in both of these songs will draw you in if you’re a lover of the times when sockhops, diners, and cardigan sweaters were all “in” things. Take a closer listen to “Cherry Pie” though, and you’ll realize the lyrics would make Elvis blush. You’re recovering from “Swet” and BAM! Nick is singing about unwrapping your candy….

….Why are you not buying this album RIGHT now?!

7. “Tijuana” May Explain Why He Woke Up Naked In “Second Wind”

Like “19 in 99” and “Get Over Me”, you’ll be singing this song whether you like it or not. Like “Second Wind”, we think Jimmy Buffett would be all over it. This is something totally new for Nick and it’s what everyone is talking about… because we’ve all totally had Tijuana nights somewhere.

And “Que loca mi vida” may be our new favorite lyric!

8. “All American” Isn’t About Baseball or A Hamburger

Like most things American and celebrated on the 4th of July, you might expect this song to be about hot dogs, hamburgers, flip flops, and the red, white and blue. Nope. It’s all about that ass, ladies, and it has us all doing squats to get that booty poppin’.

9. While The Chill Vibe Is EVERYTHING, “Horoscope” and “I Will Wait” ARE The Ballads You Need In Your Life

There are only two real ballad-ish songs on this album and they are ABSOLUTELY worth it. Finishing out the album, they WILL make you feel things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. If You Have Never Bought A Solo Nick Carter Album, THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY.

All American¬†is the album you need to gift for Christmas to force your friends into a Spring Break roadtrip. It’s the PERFECT soundtrack for roadtrips, for girls night out, for a good day, and for your life. I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t believe it, guys.

Buy it in all of these places:



And the only place you can get a physical copy of the album at nickcarter.net!

And thank me later. ūüėČ



4 Black Friday Sales Backstreet Boys Fans Won’t Want To Miss!

You might be a person that shops when the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday. You might prefer online shopping. You might hate shopping and absolutely REFUSE to do it on Black Friday. One things we all have in common though, is a deep rooted love for the Backstreet Boys and their merch. Whether you’re buying for yourself, hinting to your loved ones for gift ideas or buying for a fan friend, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t check out these deals!

1.Backstreet Boys Store

Black Friday

Who doesn’t love a good Backstreet Boys poster?! Whether you like a straight forward movie poster to relive the magic that is the BSB documentary (plus who doesn’t love 5 smiling Boys and an indian-style-sitting Kevin) or you’re a wild one who likes mystery, there is something for you! Know what you can wear while hanging up your new posters? Those badass Backstreet Boys leggings that you’ve been drooling over! All 50%! Get ’em before they’re gone (or before the sale is over on Monday).

Speaking of the Backstreet Boys movie, Amazon has the DVD on sale for $17.99!

2. NickCarter.Net Store


Remember the time Nick’s scary movie was called¬†Evil Blessings? You can own a piece of the history by purchasing the shirt! Also available is a DVD of¬†The Pendant,¬†the short film in which Nick Carter starred in and made his directorial debut. There’s also a few other goodies in there – and everything* is 50% off! The prices aren’t marked down until you go to “Review Your Order” in the check out process.

*Nick’s new¬†All American album is NOT included in the sale, but you could make a few people happy by purchasing it for the holidays. Stuff some stockings with jolly ol’¬†St. Nick.

3. Skulleeroz Store 


Whaatttt?! AJ designed things and has them in a store? Oh yeah he did and the things can be yours for 75% off! There’s three different shirt designs and honestly, you probably need them all. Or know someone that does. Plus yourself.

4. Wylee


If you’ve ever wanted to try a piece of Wylee merchandise or you’re already a fan, the company run by Brian’s wife is having a sale this weekend and it’ll blow your mind! Tops, dresses, handbags, oh my! Plus, there are even a few Brian tour shirts left if you hurry.

I mean, doesn’t he make you want to buy all the things? You can find this model on the site!


Happy Shopping!

3 Things You Need To Know About The Dancing With The Stars Finale


All good things must come to an end, and sadly, Dancing With The Stars season 21 is one of them. It seems like just yesterday we were freaking out about Nick Carter on our TVs every week and were oblivious to the fact that Sharna Burgess would steal our hearts. 11 weeks later, we’ve fallen in love with Team SharNick and we’re not quite ready to let them go.

Lucky for us, we still have Monday and Tuesday night – the two part Dancing With The Stars finale, because these two have been KILLING it in the ballroom. One more time, here’s what you need to know:

1. All Of The Remaining Couples Will Perform 4 Dances.

Monday:¬†Nick and Sharna will be paired up with judge Julianne Hough, who will help them choose creative elements from their Jive (performed earlier this season) to re-do to a new song, which we now know will be “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars. Thank God it’s not the Tango!

Also on Monday, Team SharNick will perform a freestyle, which is really the best part of the whole season every year. There’s no rules – just dancing. Backstreet Army, you will be super happy to know that Nick and Sharna will be dancing their freestyle to…. “LARGER THAN LIFE”!! Get your fangirl screams and your voting fingers ready.

Someone WILL be kicked off Monday night.

Tuesday: Just when you thought it was over, the ENTIRE DWTS cast comes back for the two hour finale on Tuesday. The remaining three couples will perform a favorite dance from the season.

In a new twist, they will also perform in a 24 Hour Fusion Challenge. JustJaredjr.com describes the challenge as follows: “The remaining couples will fuse two contrasting dance styles that they‚Äôve performed this season and they‚Äôll have less than 24 hours to prepare that dance for judges‚Äô points BEFORE the mirrored-ball trophy winner is announced.”

It could be a game changer for everyone. Assuming Team SharNick is in the competition Tuesday night (SEND ALL YOUR JUJU AND GOOD VIBES), the challenge could be make or break for who wins the Mirror Ball Trophy.

2. Nick Will Be Performing On Tuesday! 

Along with Andy Grammer, Chaka Khan, Elle King, and Alexander Jean (Mark Ballas’ duo with his girlfriend), Nick will also be performing. We can safely guess that this might be the first time we hear “I Will Wait” live. As if we weren’t freaking out enough…

3. Online Voting Will Only Be Open 15 Hours – NOT 24!

While the phone voting will the normal 60 minutes after the airing of DWTS, online voting (on Facebook and ABC.com) WILL CLOSE AFTER 15 HOURS. You must have your votes in by  11AM ET/8AM PT!

Backstreet Army and Sharna Squad – WE HAVE TO VOTE FULL FORCE ON MONDAY NIGHT. This is it. This is what we have trained ALL season for. We have 80 ABC accounts apiece, we’ve lied about the country we live in, we’ve live tweeted, we’ve found every trick in the book to vote Nick and Sharna into the finals. WE. CAN NOT. STOP. NOW. You call your friends, your family, your neighbors, coworkers, people off the street and you FORCE them to vote like they’ve never voted before. If Nick and Sharna don’t win, at least we know that we all did our very best. We will NOT let them down.

Call¬†1-855-234-5610 like it’s your ex’s number that you aren’t over.

Click HERE and HERE¬†to vote like you’re voting for BSB in the VMAs in 1999. It’s THAT important!

Regardless of what happens, thank you Nick and Sharna, for KILLING it every week. You’ve put endless hours in and all your hard work is not lost on us. No matter what happens, your our winners. Thank you for making our Mondays better, for helping us escape for 2 hours (even though sometimes we were nerve wracked), and for being the most humble, appreciative souls and beautiful humans beings every week. You’ve made us proud to support Team SharNick. ‚̧

Thank you, @sasarichardson, for allowing us to use your incredible Team SharNick drawings!

2002: The Year Of The First Backstreet Baby (We Can’t Believe He’s 13!)


In light of Nick’s recent baby announcement and Baylee Littrell’s 13th (THIRTEENTH?!) birthday, let’s take a walk down memory lane…

2002. Kelly Clarkson had just won American Idol. My Big Fat Greek Wedding¬†was big in the movie theaters and Usher’s “U Got It Bad” was #1 on the radio. Michael Jackson was dangling his baby over a balcony and the world mourned the loss of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, member of TLC.

It was before social media. It was before instant news. In the times of TRL and reality TV. 13 years ago next week, the first of the Backstreet babies was born and it seems like just yesterday we were reading about the announcement in People.

That’s right…We had to WAIT for People¬†magazine to PRINT it in a PAPER magazine. The Backstreet Boys were on hiatus, Nick had embarked on a solo career, and we had no direct connection to celebrities. It was the month before Baylee was born before we even saw the Littrells in their baby glow, featured in a¬†People magazine spread, that¬†we all subsequently died over. Many of us were barely teenagers, but even then, we knew that Brian Littrell would be the cutest dad ever! We weren’t wrong.

Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell, weighing in¬† 6 lbs., 7 oz., was born on Tuesday, November 26th, 2002 at 7:41 PM ET in Atlanta, GA, according the statement, again, released by¬†People,¬†a few days after his birth. However, they weren’t the first to tell the news. Howie D., in an interview with a radio show on the same day baby Littrell was born, leaked the information first. No tweets, no solid source on the internet…. the times have changed from the first baby to the most recent.

It was months before Baylee even made his first public appearance at an HHC charity event and we’ve been watching him grow up ever since.

We can’t believe he’s 13. We can’t believe Ava McLean is already 3. We can’t believe Nick Carter is finally married and having a baby of his own.

Source: Tumblr

Next week, Baylee, the baby who made us realize we were all growing up, will be a teenager. When. Did. This. HAPPEN?! In the blink of an eye…

To Brian and Leighanne,

You’ve made it to the teenage years! Many of us have watched Baylee grow up on tour and we’re continually impressed with the job you have done raising him. In a time where parenting can be ridiculously hard, you’ve been amazing examples of how to raise a talented, polite, and well adjusted son, despite the craziness. May God bless you both in your new journey raising a TEENAGER! We can’t wait to watch. ūüėČ


8 Things That Happen When It’s Time To Buy BSB Tickets


It’s been a year or more for most of us since our Backstreet Boys ticket buying skills have been flexed, but it all came back to us when Nick Carter’s tickets for the¬†All American tour went on sale this morning. The anxiety, the excitement, the power of beating the TICKETMASTER… we’ve been doing this for years. There’s a process.

1. Get The Tour Dates and Prioritize.


Tour dates are out and you’re immediately going through them to find the closest to where you live. Then, you see the date that’s 10 minutes from where your aunt lives. Oh, and a date on your birthday. And your friend has always wanted to go to Florida in August. Before you know it, there’s four dates you’re committed to and you have to prioritize which are most important, which you can trust your friends to buy your ticket and pay back, and which ones won’t sell as fast. Like I said, it’s a process. God bless those who haven’t been in the game that long……. making it easier for us to steal tickets right from under their noses.

2. Set Your Alarms!


10 AM local time…. and you’re buying in 3 different time zones. Of course you set your alarm for two hours earlier than necessary, just to make sure you’re alive and ready. Get your coffee, get your laptop, get your friends, and GET READY.

3. Give Your Friends Specific Tasks.


Of course you’re not going alone – you have your crew and you know by now who’s good at what. One person in charge of tickets for each date, one person assigned to tweet about it non stop, one person booking the travel plans (usually the one that gets some kind of discount), and the hype girl – she can’t be responsible for anything, really, but she’ll make sure it’s a fun time!

4. 10 AM…. FREAK OUT!


Oh God, it’s time. IT’S TIME. Don’t refresh…. don’t refresh. I need to refresh. I’ll just use my phone. Oh my gosh, is anyone getting tickets?! Do I let these go and risk getting worse ones?! I can’t breathe. THE TWEET I SENT FOR HELP DIDN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE. Why am I not drunk? Are these even good seats? I thought I was prepared for this! Do I want to do VIP for this date? I can’t remember.

You literally want to rip your face off.

5. Go Through 10 Different Emotions In 3 Minutes.


Who knew you could go from angry to excited to anxious to scared to happy in 2 minutes? We’re not sure it’s normal, but we’re sure it’s the normal for Backstreet Boys fans. Ask any of us. They’re basically our acid trip.

6. Buy Your Tickets… Then Debate Buying More…


Ok. Breathe. The confirmation came through. You’re going to see your Boy(s) four times in less than a month next year. Buuttt….

Is that enough? Really? PCD (Post Concert Depression) is HARD. Who wants to deal with that earlier than you have to?

Let me just ask who’s going to that date 7 hours away. You only get a chance to see long distance friends a few times….Right?

7. Freak Out With Your Friends.


Not only are you seeing the Backstreet Boys (or just one of them), you’re also going to hang out with your friends! Even the ones you’re not going with are still excited about the same thing and you’re so excited to compare notes on your experience. Let’s face it, the Beatles were right – we get by with a little help from our friends. Start planning the meet ups!

8. Indulge In Some Bad Habit.


You just went through¬†hours minutes of terror, joy, and anxiety. Who cares if it’s 11AM? You deserve that wine or those french fries or both. You’re going to see the Backstreet Boys!! Time to celebrate!! The truth is, as crazy as it is, we wouldn’t give up a minute of the hysteria. We’re so lucky there’s still tours to buy tickets for and as long as they’re selling, we’re buying — even if we have to sell an organ or two. ūüėČ


6 Reasons You Need To Order Nick Carter’s #AllAmerican ASAP!


After nearly a year of knowing an album was in the works, fans were delighted to hear that All American would finally be ours in less than a week! The album, now available for pre-order on nickcarter.net, promises to bring new things to the table. WHOTB has been keeping you updated on all the latest but why should you get in on this new Nick music immediately? Keep reading.

1. “I Will Wait”,¬†the first single off the album, is evidence of how phenomenal this album will be.

Nick released “I Will Wait” soon after his Dancing With The Stars¬†debut (the man does not QUIT) and immediately, we were struck by the acoustic sound and a more mature version of Carter than we had seen before. As if the song weren’t enough, he then released the beautiful video that brought a lot of emotion out of a good number of people¬†from all over the globe. If not for anything else, you’ll want to buy the All American album to have this song on repeat. Who needs Adele to make them ugly cry? We have Nick Carter.

2. Natasha Bedingfield and Avril Lavigne were involved in the making of this album!


Months ago, Nick posted the above photo to his instagram and revealed that he was working behind the scenes with British pop songstress Natasha Bedingfield. While we are not yet sure which song that was, you won’t ever find out unless you buy the album!

More recently, during a Twitter takeover with I Heart Radio, Nick also revealed that a song with Avril Lavigne would be on the album. “Get Over Me”, a song focused a crazy stalker bad romance, is the first collaboration on an album with solo Nick and we can’t wait to hear it!

3.¬†All American is the album that Nick “has been wanting to do for years”.¬†


He’s previewed a few songs via instagram and fanclub chats, but one thing has been consistent when Nick has spoken about¬†All American – that it’s the rock, surf, beachy type music that he’s wanted to do for years. One thing we know for sure, when Mr. Carter does the things he loves, they’re pretty fantastic.

5. You can’t judge songs by their titles, but the tracklisting is PRETTY enticing!¬†

1. 19 in 99
2. Get Over Me
3. California
4. Second Wind
5. Swet
6. Cherry Pie
7. Tijuana
8. All American
9. Man on the Moon
10. Horoscope
11. I Will Wait

Tell me honestly you don’t want to hear a song about “Tijuana” or “Man On The Moon”!

6. Nick’s website will be the ONLY place you can get a PHYSICAL copy of¬†All American.¬†

If you pre-order¬†All American before November 25th (the release date), you’ll not only get a physical copy of the album in the mail, but a digital copy as well at midnight on the day of release. There’s even an option for an exclusive poster and 500 people will get a signed poster – how awesome is that?! Again, this is the¬†ONLY place you can get a physical copy of the album (and the only place you can get it at all as of right now).

DON’T SUFFER FROM FOMO (fear of missing out)! Get yours NOW!

Also, don’t miss THE Nick Carter, live and in person, on tour next year. Check out the dates here!

For all the latest on Nick’s projects, keep your eyes on What Happens On The Backstreet AND nickcarter.net, where I will be updating the news section with everything you need to know.

#TeamSharNick : By The Numbers


11 : The number of weeks Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess have been dancing together on Dancing With The Stars. Team SharNick have made it into the finals and need you to vote for them to win on Monday!

5:¬†Sharna’s age when she began dancing.

13:¬†Nick’s age when he joined the Backstreet Boys, but had been singing and acting well before.

2: The number of wardrobe malfunctions Nick suffered during DWTS. In week 1, his pants button popped open and in week 2, his slippery shoes were to blame for a slip across the floor.

3: The number of times Nick was in a dance that received perfect scores Рtheir Contemporary, the Team Nightmare dance, and the Salsa trio with Peta Murgatroyd.

4: The number of other Backstreet Boys that showed up to support Nick in the audience throughout the season.

6: The number of other boybanders that have made an appearance to support Team SharNick.

14: The number of blue balloons that popped out of the box when Nick and Lauren revealed the gender of their baby live on an episode of DWTS.

6: The number of times Sharna Burgess has been a dancing pro on DWTS.

3: The number of times Sharna has been in the final 5 Рincluding this season.

5+: The number of times #TeamSharNick (or some variation) has trended on social media this season.

4: How many times Nick wore some variation of gray while performing.

6: Times Nick and Sharna were actually Jack and Rose.

1: The number of glasses Nick broke from being so excited over his scores in the 3rd week.

6:¬†The number of admitted Nick Carter fangirls on Dancing¬†this season (Sharna, Carrie Ann, Julianne, Kim Holziack, Peta, and….Carlos PenaVega)

15: Dances Nick and Sharna have performed in 11 weeks

0:¬†The number of times Nick and Sharna have been in the bottom two (not counting this week’s fake out)

4: The number of other projects Nick has been working on on top of DWTS Рhis upcoming album, releasing a single / music video, Backstreet Boys appearances, and Dead 7.

12: The number of hours What Happens On The Backstreet and our affiliates, The Dark Side, tweeted #WeLoveTeamSharNick this past Monday to get people to vote.

40+: The number of hours Nick and Sharna put into their dances every week.

49: The number of dates on the upcoming Dancing With The Stars tour where you can see Sharna Burgess and other pros LIVE!

8ish:¬†The number of times Nick and Sharna have made us cry. We cried when dances were beautiful, when perfect scores were given, when Sharna talked about her hometown, when Nick talked about Lauren and his baby, and we were forced to take strolls down memory lane and realized again how far Nick has come. Nothing made us more emotional though than when they were in the “bottom” and we thought we had failed them.

1,000,000,000+: The number of people in love with Team SharNick.

18552345610: The number you HAVE to dial Monday to help Nick and Sharna bring this Mirror Ball Trophy home!