4 Reasons We’re Still Talking About Those Balmain Backstreet Boys

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the Backstreet Boys surprise performance, but you can still show any fan a photo from that night and the drool is almost instantaneous. Even the Backstreet Boys Twitter account is still talking about that night with Olivier Rousteing – the french fashion designer who is responsible for H&M’s new Balmain collection and also, a big fan of the Boys. So why can’t everyone stop talking about those Boys at the Balmain fashion show?

1. Because We’re Backstreet Thirsty.

OK, this is probably the least of the reasons, but we have not seen the Backstreet Boys together as 5 since June after seeing them for 2 years straight. We were parched. We were in a desert and then the H&M fashion show came along. WERE WE HALLUCINATING?! Brian, Nick, AJ, Kevin, and Howie are coming down those stairs. They’re singing “Everybody”. EVERYTHING IS SO GRAINY ON THE PERISCOPE BUT WE’D KNOW THOSE BODIES ANYWHERE.

2. Because WOAH! They Looked SO GOOD!

Maybe we’re not used to seeing them out of blue suits anymore. Maybe it’s the Balmain. Maybe they stepped it up to fit in with those runway models. Whatever it was, the Backstreet Boys were on fire! They looked serious business. They looked like they had been prancing about in the fountain of youth. Those outfits were also incredible and there should be a petition for this is be wardrobe on the next tour (especially Brian’s red jacket).

3. They Made The Jenner Girls Fangirl.

Like it or not, anything surrounding the Jenner / Kardashian clan is news. Queens of looking like perfection at all times, Kendall and Kylie rarely show any emotion…… until the Backstreet Boys showed up. LOOK AT KENDALL – She has fangirl face just like we do. Kylie Jenner later tweeted about the Boys. OUR BOYS. Eat that, haters.

4. It Gave Us Another Chance To Yell At Everyone Who Said “Backstreet’s Back”.

When the Backstreet Boys showed up as the surprise performers of the night, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with comments about them. Of course, mostly “Backstreet’s Back!” and of course, we all went off to educate the masses on how Backstreet ISN’T back. Don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for YEARS. And clearly, they’re still making EVERYBODY rock their body. Even members of the Swift Squad. They’re that cool and we knew it all along. Get it, Boys!


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