30 Thoughts We Had Watching #TeamNightmare


In my 21 seasons of watching Dancing With The Stars, I have NEVER been so obsessed with a team dance as I was with Team Nightmare’s dance on Monday night (and no, it wasn’t because of Nick….for the most part). Besides Halloween being my favorite holiday, the choreography and imagery behind this dance was ON POINT. Bravo to Sharna, Allison, Emma, and Val for putting this together. Now onto the thoughts:

1. Anyone else having flashbacks to the “Everybody” video in the first second of this dance? Nick is AJ for Halloween!

2. There he goes, moving things with his hands again…

3. Nick is ON THE TABLE, you guys. Can’t decide if it’s hot or if he has really bad table manners.

4. Look at his smell the fart evil face!

5. In these few moments, I realize how badly I want Nick to play some kind of wizard at some point in his life.

6. The banging on the table and switching is so perfectly done that I’m not sure who the celebs are and who the pros are.

7. The most adorable thing I’ve ever seen Hayes Grier do is come down that table like some big guy!

8. How does one jump onto a table with such grace?! IT WAS SO SMOOTH!

9. I do so love when they shake around with their arms in the air. This REALLY is Halloween!

10. That table splits apart?! I must own it.

11. Andy and Allison have the scariest spider fingers. I’ll bet they’re really good ticklers.

12. Is it just me or is Tamar more sparkly than everyone else?

13. If you look at Val’s face through most of this, it’s pretty terrifying.

14. I want to take Hayes home. He is SO cute during this whole thing.

15. Nick skipping out from behind a tombstone like he’s part of the Lollipop Guild is not to be missed.

16. Normally, things that crawl in scary movies freak me out. Nick and Sharna did it and I’m screaming in excitement.

17. Sharna is a damn good spidery thing!

18. Who thinks “let me lay on your back and be creepy while you crawl”!? I’m obsessed with the SharNick creepy crawler.

19. The way everyone hits a sharp pose on the beats of this song is INCREDIBLE.

20. Nick just lifted Sharna then front rolled! He is seriously a bag of surprises this whole show!

21. All of their arms popping out behind Nick — I die.

22. Also, I flashed back to the Backstreet Boys Coming Home concert. If you’re a fan, you know what I’m talking about.

23. I’m digging Tamar’s top hat!

24. Note: Nick is not the best at bending down and looking creepy. The man is too tall!


26. Val jumping around in the front is something to be seen.

27. Disney should seriously buy the rights to this dance.

28. I haven’t seen Nick get through one dance without his boyband pointing hand.

29. LOOK AT THE FINAL POSE! These are WINNERS, you guys!

30. Sharna is really good at flipping upside down at any given moment.

If you’re not hitting replay at this very moment (or haven’t already watched this dance 324 times), you’re living your life wrong.


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