12 Thoughts We Had About Nick and Sharna’s Argentine Tango


Before I begin, let me just say – after reading that they changed this choreography at the last minute, I am SUPER impressed with the job Team SharNick did. As always, Nick is a professional and Sharna is an incredible teacher.

1. Even dead-Sharna is beautiful!

2. Nick is magic! We knew it!

3. Fans are literally going to lay in the floor now and ask Nick to bring them to life. It’s totally going to be a thing now.

4. Typical Nick – before you get up, I must do a fancy spin then bring you even more to life! Isn’t that how he always gets us?

5. Anyone else wondering if Lauren stands against counters at home and Nick shuffle dances around her now?

6. That one armed lift though – You go, boy!

7. Let’s take a moment (as always) to pay homage to Sharna’s amazing face. And that hair.

8. Their arms are really beautiful!

9. Those spins while lifting! Line the Backstreet Boys up and have Nick do this with each of them on tour!

10. This dance keeps getting more intense! I don’t ever remember Frankenstein being so hot.

11. I’m a little dizzy…

12. Those last few counts were so slow and beautiful. WHY IS IT ALREADY OVER?!

Tune in next Monday when Nick and Sharna dance a Contemporary routine during “Icon” week!


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