30 Thoughts We Had Watching Nick And Sharna’s Samba


We had SERIOUS Monday Night SharNick Fever watching this dance, you guys. While we were all disappointed it didn’t get a perfect score, we have to commend Sharna – this dancing disco goddess gave Nick OUT OF THIS WORLD choreography. We give Team SharNick 10s…. as always.

  1. There is nothing better than Nick Carter walking down a street in a blinged out silk shirt carrying a disco ball. Where were you on this TMZ?
  2. That awkward moment when he’s being checked out while checking out someone else. What a tangled web we weave.
  3. Did he just drop his disco ball for a slice of pizza? Also, A for effort with that NYC accent.
  4. Oh good, he got his ball back.
  5. He has so much swag. I love Nick swag!
  6. Nick just hit that girl with his ball and handed it to her. When Nick hits you with a ball, you better hold it!
  7. Look at his face. I have never seen anyone look like the music just jumped inside of them as much as Nick looks like it 19 seconds into this video.
  8. Oh hey, let me spin Sharna and then find my bros!
  9. Nick’s disco squad needs to open for the Backstreet Boys.
  10. Those disco moves are so smooth!! He looks animated! It literally looks like someone drew him and is using a flipbook to make him move. That’s how fluid these movements are.
  11. HEY! Those two girls aren’t Sharna!
  12. We’re sure that those hand slide things could be incorporated into BSB choreo – which we’re still begging Sharna to do.
  13. Did he just snap and thrust?
  14. The way he put his hands on his pelvis before he did that snake wiggle thing was like he was preparing us.
  15. There is really nothing cuter than his face during that point finger move. He looks like a happyass turtle / frog. It’s really cute. Just watch. You’ll get the urge to squeeze his face off.
  16. Sharna, we barely recognized you! We dig your funk sister look!
  17. Why doesn’t Nick have a fro?
  18. Why doesn’t Nick have a white suit? I digress…
  19. The samba choreo built straight into the middle of this Saturday Night Fever dance is BANGIN’.
  20. Sharna is a dancing disco goddess and she’s taking Nick with her.
  21. 58 seconds in – that moment when Nick got thrusty and “fingery” as he self admittedly is guilty of doing. Look at those wiggly fingers. Is that why you gave a 9, Carrie Ann? Because John Travolta isn’t as fingery as Nick Carter? That must be it.
  22. Here comes the dance goddess again.
  23. We never knew Nick could high kick! That’s new! We’ll be requesting more of that.
  25. We see you Sharna – over there like “look what I taught this boy!” We would actually LOVE to see her teaching him how to do this.
  26. They are so in sync with each other. I can’t stop staring. Are they attached by strings?!
  27. Our fave.
  28. He just flipped Sharna around like she was cotton candy on a stick! WHO IS THIS MAN?!
  29. Nick Travolta is so hot. We thank you Sharna for bringing him to life.
  30. That point at the end is SERIOUS business.

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