17 Fans Doing Crazy Things To Watch/Vote For Nick and Sharna #TeamSharNick


Every Monday night since September, the Backstreet Army and Sharna Squads gather together to blow up social media promoting Team SharNick, the name given to Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess as they compete on Dancing With The Stars. For some BSB fans, especially those outside of the U.S., this is new territory. We’ve prepared well – learning every way to vote, when to vote, and how to watch no matter where we may be or what time.

What else happens every Monday night? Endless tweets about the lengths we go to to make sure we support our Boy (and his partner who we are now obsessed with)! After spending a night at my own nieces’ soccer game watching Dancing With The Stars on my phone through a Periscope stream from another fan, I took to Twitter to ask what insane things other fans are doing to watch and vote for Team SharNick. From getting up in the middle of the night to coercing moms, grandmas, coworkers, and bosses into voting – we’ve got them covered! Read on for just a few:

“I get up at 2am to watch a livestream. I vote with several accounts on fb and have to use a proxy server to watch DWTS all access (because the site realizes I am watching from Germany) Is the lack of sleep and the crappy livestream worth it?! Hell yes!! So proud of Nick!!” – @WriteOnMySoul

“I vote on every phone line in my house plus online and I have created 3 fake Facebook accounts just for voting. Then I go to my mom and use all their phones and have them create accounts and vote online.” –@JizBSB

“I currently count 192 ABC accounts and 1 FB account. Phone calls are not possible due to being European. Not sure about my friend – but she must be at least around 100 accounts herself.” – @LadyLouveamour

“Some of us Israeli fans watch the show online (we don’t get the channel in Israel), it airs at 4 am over here… We either stay up or we wake up early just to get that glimpse of Mr Carter live! And vote through the Facebook app of course. One Israeli fan even asked her cousins who live in the U.S. to record Nick’s parts on the show and send her through whatsapp, before we found a way to watch it. Oh, and what about waking up in the middle of the night following a tweet from Nick, then tweeting him like crazy and losing sleep… Haha this thing is driving us crazy!” – @ImanAg

“Sitting up to watch DWTS from 1am to after 3am every Monday when I start work at 7am for a 13 hour shift. Have 3 FB accounts to vote! All the way from Ireland…. Maybe I need to reevaluate my life … At least it keeps me happy :)” – @Honeypop03

“Every night between Monday to Tuesday ( Israel time) I wake up at 3:00am to watch DWTS and watch my favorite team burning the dance floor!!! Every night it worth it! But the true story is that even though I’m sleeping half night I getting to work early before everybody arrive just so I can get into their FB accounts (saved on their pc) and vote for Nick and Sharna! Lol also made my grandma, mom, dad and almost 25 cousins to vote EVERY week!” – @MaayanBenYakob

“On Monday nights I take everyone in my houses phones including my son’s girlfriends, and vote by phone. Then I make them all vote of Facebook and by e-mail. On Tuesday’s everyone at work has to vote via e-mail and Facebook. Then I ask every resident I see if they voted!” – @Toni4Kaos

“Is it crazy to vote from every laptop in my classroom? That’s what teachers do right? I have 10 laptops for the kids, 1 for me and a smartboard… the school has 10 classes and yes I asked my collegues to help me out.” – @Howiesgirlie 

“I don’t do crazy voting really since I can only vote on FB, but me and my roommate are using both of our ipads, iphones and computers to vote which in this case = 108 votes , plus I’m using my mom’s fb to also vote so 54 votes again ….Then I’m voting at work for my roommate , me and my mom on mine and my coworker’s computer = 54 more votes .” – @girlygirlstefie

“You know I’d do anything for Nick and since I can only vote online, because I live in Italy, I decided to give my best, creating new Facebook profiles and ABC accounts just for the occasion. I have 3 facebook profiles, 4 ABC accounts and I use my family Facebook profiles to vote each week. If you do the math, with 6 FB profiles and 4 ABC accounts it’s a lot of votes. Not to mention that I use 3 different browsers. Aaanndd I death threat my friends to vote. Not sure if they do what they promise me, but it’s always fun to threaten them. I voted 78 times the 1st week,(yeah, I know, I know, but I still had to learn all the tricks lol) then the number increased exponentially to 576, then 1080 then this week 2160..well,like I said…I’d do anything for Nick.” – @ClanCarter

“Yes I vote as much as possible! I vote through Facebook and Twittter and on my computer and on my cell phone!” – Anyse Gaudet

“I am now the owner of 10 Facebook accounts, it’s hard work but someone has to do it.” – Ree Hall

“I was working one night when the show was on and made my co workers call the voting number when they were on breaks. My manager saw us doing it and ended up pulling out her phone to call too.” – @FrickingKaos

“I vote as much as possible! Off my phone, my dad’s phone, my mom’s phone, my brother’s phone, the home phone, sometimes I will text my friends to call for votes too!” – Noelle Uranga

“I have three different accounts on ABC and I also vote through Facebook. I also watch the show on my laptop during class as my professor is lecturing during my night class.” – Heather Herman

“I use my cell phone and my house phone to vote a few times on each.” – Michele Thompson

“I vote from my phone and my computer. And then I use my mom’s phone and her computer. And I text my friends & post on social media! I even vote online from my work computer the next day!” – Rebecca Boccio


Make sure you’re voting for Nick and Sharna every Monday night on ABC.com, Facebook, and calling 1-855-234-5610 (U.S. only). We got your back all the way to the end, Team SharNick! Keep killing it.


2 thoughts on “17 Fans Doing Crazy Things To Watch/Vote For Nick and Sharna #TeamSharNick

  1. OMG I got a question…. so… I have voted with different FB accounts from my computer… but on differents browsers and example, ipads, other computers, phones works every time? Cause I´ll start to do it now if it works!!!! =)


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