5 Reasons We’re Proud of AJ McLean

To the world, AJ McLean is the Backstreet Boy known for his perfectly sculpted facial hair, his sunglasses, his tattoos, and his killer vocals.

To fans, AJ is so much more. While we obviously love the fact that he is 1/5 of the Backstreet Boys, we know him as a sweet husband, an amazing dad, incredibly talented artist, a non stop talker, a Friends lover, and a man with an incredibly huge heart. For nearly 23 years, we have watched the evolution of AJ McLean ans we have to admit, we are pretty proud of the man he has become.

1.He Admitted His Addiction and Got Help.

Alcohol and drug abuse is a very real disease that affects people, no matter what your status is in life. In a time where a lot of celebrities sweep their issues under the rug or don’t have the courage and support to admit to their problems, AJ did. While addiction is always a struggle, we are so lucky that he has fought it, that he has openly shared his story with others to help them, and that he is still living and blessing the world with his talent. He will never know how many of us have been affected by his story, how many of us were given the courage to reach out to our own loved ones struggling with addiction, and how truly proud we are of him for turning his life around.

2. He Treats His Wife Like A Woman Should Be Treated.

While we’ve already given you the reasons we love AJ and Rochelle, we can’t stress enough how immensely happy we all are that he found love in someone that seems to love him just as much. Their relationship is enviable, their instagram posts are sticky sweet, and the support they show for one another is what we LOVE to see! Not only do they support each other, they support their friends – from attending Lance Bass’ wedding to showing up for Nick Carter on DWTS to numerous other things. We’re proud that the McLeans are able to figure out how to make a marriage last in a world like this (no pun intended).

3. He’s The Dad We All Wished We Had.

If you had told us in the ’90s – early ’00s that AJ would be a dad, we might have believed you, but we wouldn’t think anything of it. He was a bad boy in a boyband with no use for children.

Boy, were we wrong!

Again, we’ve already obsessed over how amazing of a dad he really is, but it may be one of the biggest reasons we are so incredibly proud of Mr.McLean. With every mention of his daughter Ava, every instagram post, and every video we see, he is the epitome of everything a daddy should be. He is an example that being a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re too good to play tea party and have dance parties with your daughter on your off days.

4. He’s Been Incredibly Sweet To Us As Fans.

While proud may not be exactly the right word, it’s never lost on us how INCREDIBLY sweet and kind AJ has always been to fans in person. One of the most approachable celebrities you’ll ever meet, there are so many good stories from fans who have met him and that makes us proud to be a fan.

5. Live Together.

Most recently, AJ McLean has made us proud by starting a movement with his new single “Live Together” (Read about it here and here). Inspired by seeing and acknowledging changes that need to be made in the world in which his daughter will grow up in, he has been proactive in sending out the message to stop the hate. It doesn’t just stop with the music video; AJ also started the Live Together Foundation with his friend Jordan Omley, which aims to simply help people that need it. The first project? Helping a school in Pasadena whose instruments had been stolen and band room had been vandalized. Help spread the word about the Live Together movement by using #LiveTogether on your social media outlets along with positive messages. Change the world, one kind action at a time.


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