For Those Who Think The Backstreet Boys (Just Came) Back…Let Us Help You!


Dear Uninformed Human,

You might have found this by googling “When / Why / How did the Backstreet Boys break up?”. You might have found this page because someone shared it on your social media and you’re like “What do you mean!? Are the BSB NOT back?!”. You might be reading this because an avid BSB fan shoved it in your face instead of explaining to you why you saying “Oh, the Backstreet Boys are back together?!” is offensive to us and also a little very exhausting for us.

Here’s the thing – you may have been the brunt of our rage by asking such questions, but it’s only because we have very little time to explain all of the reasons you’re wrong. It’s also been that since 2005, we have been imploring radio stations, TV stations, media, etc. to play Backstreet Boys music, show their music videos, bring them to our city, put them on their show, interview them and anything else we can do to promote REAL talent. Everyone seems to brush them off until they pop up on something popular and we can’t really understand why.

You might think that the Backstreet Boys disbanded after their Millennium peak, around the same time that those other guys decided to go their separate ways. The music world shifted, as it does, the Boys had gone on hiatus (a real one that they came back from) after Black and Blue, and people seemed to lose faith. Here are some quick facts for you:

– The Backstreet Boys have been together for 22 consecutive years. (23 in April!)

– Kevin Richardson DID leave in 2006, but he has returned and is here to stay. 

– The Backstreet Boys received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on their 20th Anniversary as a group – together.

– Each of the Boys has released a solo album and/or solo projects while remaining together.

If you need proof that these Boys have been in existence consistently since you probably thought they broke up, we have it all here for you!



Album: Never Gone (Buy It!)

This was the first time the Backstreet Boys came back after their hiatus from 2000 – 2005.



Album: Unbreakable (Buy it!)

The first album without Kevin Richardson and had the four remaining Backstreet Boys doing grassroots radio promo across the U.S.



Album: This Is Us (Buy it!)

The last album as a foursome.



The Backstreet Boys joined forces in 2011 with then recently reunited boyband New Kids On The Block to form supergroup NKOTBSB. Together, they toured the world, ending with an announcement that Kevin would be returning for their next album and 20th anniversary.



Album: In A World Like This (SERIOUSLY — Buy it!)

In their 20th year of being TOGETHER, the Backstreet Boys earned their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, revealed that they would be releasing a raw documentary of their lives together, released an album…

…And they toured the world for the next 2 years.

They were featured in the box office hit, This Is The End. 


And a movie/documentary of their own, Show Em What You’re Made Of: The BSB Moviewhich you really need to watch. You will laugh, cry, and then call the nearest BSB fan in your life and beg them to take you to the next concert (that’s right – the next one because the Backstreet Boys have a deal with LiveNation for the next two years, thank you very much).


So, you see, when a Backstreet Boys fan tweets/comments/yells at you for not knowing the BSB are still together, are still incredibly talented, and are still making music and doing things in the world. They are an amazing group of guys that are just as fiercely loyal to their fans as we are to them. They have changed most of our lives and we only feel it’s fair to defend them, promote them, and share the love with you! Seriously, you can’t not enjoy them.

Next time you wonder “What ever happened to the Backstreet Boys?”, do yourself a favor and actually RESEARCH what ever happened to the Backstreet Boys. Just as they promised nearly 20 years ago, As long as there’ll be music, we’ll be comin’ back again. 

Do us a favor — tell all your friends about this new vocal group / boyband you just discovered! They’ll be happy to have you. ❤


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