6 Times We Asked “Jack and Rose?” Or “Shartanick?” #TeamSharNick


It all started with the 3rd week of Dancing With The Stars and a Downton Abbey themed Viennese Waltz. Nick Carter instagrammed his look before the show and instantly, light bulbs went off in our heads. We had seen this look before, but where? It wasn’t from Mr.Carter, who usually prefers sweatpants and t-shirts to bow ties and slick hair. Who did Nick look like? Our other 90s crush, Jack Dawson (from Titanic, duh).

The more we watched, though, the more we realized that Sharna Burgess was just as close to Rose as Nick is to Jack. This has led up to start the Shartanick chronicles. The more we see that can be compared, the more we’ll be adding to this post. Ah, Titanic comparisons – just one more reason to be Team SharNick.

Note to Sharna and Nick: Don’t get near cold water, icebergs, and giant ships please.

CQG821HUEAAgzBi JackandRose Jack and Rose titanick


Don’t let Nick fool you – this has clearly been his aspiration for a while! Please see the Britanick from a BSB Cruise a few years back. Stay tuned!


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