7 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Tweet The Backstreet Boys


Most Backstreet Boys fans have loved the Boys since the 1990s, a time before social media. It was a time when we had to find the P.O. Box for their fanclub to try and get a message to them. It was a time when things like VIP didn’t exist and a time before digital music. Just as cassettes have turned to CDs then turned to iTunes all in the lifespan of our fandom lives, our ways of getting to the Backstreet Boys have changed as well. We no longer have to write letters, scream at their hotel windows, hide in their tour bus, etc. In 140 characters or less, we can try to reach each of them and sometimes they reply! The 12 year old inside of us instantly shows her excited brace face when a BSB acknowledges us and of course, we feel as though we have succeeded.

Sometimes though, the 12 year old comes out before we have been acknowledged and things get a little crazy. The following are a few things you should maybe stay away from when vying with 1000s of others for the attention of Nick, Kevin, AJ, Howie, and Brian.

1. How Much You Hate (Insert Current Project)

Guys. The Backstreet Boys are still making music FOR US after nearly 23 years. They are fulfilling their own dreams while fulfilling ours. It’s a win-win. We must keep this in mind when they do something that we don’t THINK we’ll like and/or don’t think is the best thing to do. The truth is 9 times out of 10, we’re going to end up supporting it anyway. The endless tweets TO any of the BSB about what they should / should not do is a waste of 140 characters. They’ve been doing this for years, they’ve got this! We need to remember to be grateful that they’re still around. They didn’t N*Sync us!

2. Your Negative Opinion of Their Significant Other

Have whatever opinion you want, but for the love, if you’re going to hate on their wives, family, dogs, etc., keep it to yourself. We’re here to be fans of their music, first and foremost, and we just happened to be blessed that they have opened their lives to us. Their significant others have to deal with them being gone, being sometimes the only at-home parent, washing their disgusting laundry – don’t give them hate! Tweeting it to their husbands is not going to change a thing, except make them happy they didn’t marry you.

3. The Same Thing… 643 Times.

Sure, you can tweet Nick the same thing a few times in 24 hours – sometimes it’s necessary if it’s something really important to you. When it exceeds 15 tweets…and it’s the same tweet…you might get blocked. Get a grip, friend! No one likes a spammer.

4. “Come back to (Insert place they left an hour ago)!!”

Your arena is NOT EVEN COLD YET and you’re on Twitter frantically tweeting that they must come back immediately? Allow them to spread the love to other fans, don’t steal the joy! Yes, PCD is SO real and obviously, you’re going to tweet them that you miss them, but meaning it is a different story. The same goes for a tour that already had 36 legs. If you’re blowing up twitter asking for just ONE more leg for your city, stop it. These Boys need some serious rest.

5. How Much They’re Ignoring You

No one likes a pity party. While one of the Boys may occasionally tweet you if you’re feeling ignored, don’t try it more than once. Twitter sprees are so rare sometimes and it’s such a good time to get some legit information answered. You can be the hero of the fandom if you get a response to something everyone is wondering! Of course you can tweet for some love every now and then, but if you were just tweeted 3 hours ago, pretty sure you aren’t being ignored. Tweet love. Ask for thoughts or prayers. Tweet them about your friends. Tweet them pictures. Tweet them knock knock jokes! They HAVE to answer those, right?

6. Why They Shouldn’t Tweet Someone Else

Worse than tweeting about how much one of the Boys hates you is how much they should hate someone else that they tweeted. If you commenting / tweeting to the Backstreet Boys telling them who to avoid, just because YOU have a problem with them (not because they’re going to cause any real danger), it only makes you look bad. Hating on others is NEVER cool and honestly, usually doesn’t make the person you’re angry about look bad at all. SPREAD LOVE, PEOPLE!

7. Anything Other Than Love, Encouragement, And The Occasional Burning Question Or Sassy Tweet

You want to know which Halloween movie one of the Boys prefer? Tweet them.

Did you make some AWESOME fan art that you want to show off? Absolutely show them!

Do you really just want to say “Hey! You’re awesome! Thanks for all you do!”? Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff.

Everyone…EVERYONE…loves a good tweet, Backstreet Boys included. Make your tweet stand out. Make those 140 characters mean something. As always, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. ❤


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