1 Powerful Message and 7 Fan Reactions to AJ McLean’s #LiveTogether Music Video


It’s a problem we deal with everyday. Society has taught us to discriminate against others, judge others, “hate” others, but every once in a while, an artist comes along with a global platform and a mission to try and change the world one music note at a time. AJ McLean is doing just that with his new single “Live Together”, the first song off of his new solo album, The Anthem, which will drop early next year (Details HERE).

We heard the song back in May and it instantly struck a chord with many of us. With a heart as big as his talent, AJ has taken his vocal ability, his creativity, and his passion and put it all in “Live Together”. When the video dropped on RollingStone.com on Tuesday, the song affected us a little bit more. The visual of an innocent child with peace and kindness in her heart being the one to change things, and ultimately, the one that we need to change the world for, will shake you. It will make you sad about the world we live in, but at the same time, it will instill a hope for the future. It will inspire you to make changes, big and small. In one video, AJ is inspiring the whole world to be kinder, to try and understand others, and to make peace. We couldn’t be more proud as fans and as humans.

To purchase the single and find out more about AJ’s Live Together Foundation, click here for an article I posted on backstreetboys.com last month.

Here is what other fans are saying about the “Live Together” video:

“I think people that say that they don’t like the Backstreet Boys need to listen to and watch this video. People that think all BSB sing about is love and all that jazz have no idea that there’s more to them than fluff music. AJ has shown that he can sing about something that he is passionate about. I hope he can get his wish and this song will bring change to our world that we live in. If not for us, but for children!” – Melissa Wiggins

“Wow. Just wow. I can’t even form the words necessary to describe how I’m feeling while watching the video. It’s spot on with everything. Amazing.  Very powerful message out there. Everyone should listen.” – Vanessa Court-Payen

“That man continues to amaze me. I absolutely love the song and we need more songs like this!”– Kay Brown

“This song is all we actually need! More social conscience! AJ shines!” – Angela Sanchez Vincente

“I really love the video! I like the message he try to get out here! That society need to be better! Better for the next generation. We are all equal.. White, black , woman, man, straight or gay.” – @girlygirlstefie

“When I saw the Live Together video today I cried. The message of the song and the video were so powerful. Especially these days. The violence, the hate, the ridicule people face these days is like nothing I have ever seen. I hope everyone watches this video and does exactly as he says, live together or die alone.” – @Toni4Kaos

“I love ‘Live Together’ by A.J. because it shows the reality! It is a simple video but very fascinating! It is easy to understand what he means. Only can say… Love it, Love it, Love it!” – @FmarionMarion

If you were affected in any way by the new “Live Together” music video, tweet it to us at @WHOTheBckstreet and we’ll RT! Use the hashtag #LiveTogether and make sure to spread the message.

Be Kind. Love More. Live Together. ❤


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