4 Reasons We’re Still Talking About Those Balmain Backstreet Boys

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the Backstreet Boys surprise performance, but you can still show any fan a photo from that night and the drool is almost instantaneous. Even the Backstreet Boys Twitter account is still talking about that night with Olivier Rousteing – the french fashion designer who is responsible for H&M’s new Balmain collection and also, a big fan of the Boys. So why can’t everyone stop talking about those Boys at the Balmain fashion show?

1. Because We’re Backstreet Thirsty.

OK, this is probably the least of the reasons, but we have not seen the Backstreet Boys together as 5 since June after seeing them for 2 years straight. We were parched. We were in a desert and then the H&M fashion show came along. WERE WE HALLUCINATING?! Brian, Nick, AJ, Kevin, and Howie are coming down those stairs. They’re singing “Everybody”. EVERYTHING IS SO GRAINY ON THE PERISCOPE BUT WE’D KNOW THOSE BODIES ANYWHERE.

2. Because WOAH! They Looked SO GOOD!

Maybe we’re not used to seeing them out of blue suits anymore. Maybe it’s the Balmain. Maybe they stepped it up to fit in with those runway models. Whatever it was, the Backstreet Boys were on fire! They looked serious business. They looked like they had been prancing about in the fountain of youth. Those outfits were also incredible and there should be a petition for this is be wardrobe on the next tour (especially Brian’s red jacket).

3. They Made The Jenner Girls Fangirl.

Like it or not, anything surrounding the Jenner / Kardashian clan is news. Queens of looking like perfection at all times, Kendall and Kylie rarely show any emotion…… until the Backstreet Boys showed up. LOOK AT KENDALL – She has fangirl face just like we do. Kylie Jenner later tweeted about the Boys. OUR BOYS. Eat that, haters.

4. It Gave Us Another Chance To Yell At Everyone Who Said “Backstreet’s Back”.

When the Backstreet Boys showed up as the surprise performers of the night, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with comments about them. Of course, mostly “Backstreet’s Back!” and of course, we all went off to educate the masses on how Backstreet ISN’T back. Don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for YEARS. And clearly, they’re still making EVERYBODY rock their body. Even members of the Swift Squad. They’re that cool and we knew it all along. Get it, Boys!


7 Fan-Favorite AJ McLean Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruise

Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. It doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite AJ McLean Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

My best memories with AJ is from last cruise. Right after our picture with the guys, me and the girls decide to go enjoy the spa at the back of the ship! We were all laying down on our chair when we heard “Hello ladies”. I open my eyes and AJ was there smiling. No one scream or jump on him! Everyone just respected him. He just sat on the stair and smoke his cigarette!  – @girlygirlstefie


Sitting down to coffee with AJ and my cruise roommate for about 30 min.  He told us some crazy stories and about all his projects. Never gonna get that kind of experience again. He gives good hugs – Cory

AJ went to swim a little among the fans, but when he got off the water, I called him and he looked at me, but then he realized his shorts were going down! Then he looked at the shorts and I took this amazing pic.

This was the first pic I took onboard! I was running with a plate on my hands to get something to eat… Then He was there, in front of me and I was in shock! He smiled and said: “Welcome onboard!” I could barely breathe and then he said: “Do you want a pic?” I just smiled and he got closer. I took the pic and he said: “Enjoy the trip, sweetheart! I promise this is only the beginning” – @ferpatucci

Personal AJ (and Q) 2013 cruise moment: During meet & greet Q told me while I walked up to AJ: no hugs, no kisses! I looked at Q, turned around with a smile and a wink and said ‘I don’t understand English’ and hugged and kissed AJ. Both AJ and Q laughed really loud and said: oh your English is fine girl, you just don’t wanna listen! … I will always remember this special moment. – @Miry_iam

My AJ Cruise memory was on last year’s cruise (my 1st) when I was able to give him the McLean of Duart tartan bow tie that I specifically had made at my work for him.  When going on the cruise I thought for sure there was no way I’d get a chance to give it to him but on the last night at ABC Party as we were queing for our pic with him my sister said this is your chance. I quickly explained that because I am Scottish & work for a tartan manufacturer I wanted to give him a gift that would remind him of his Scottish roots. He smiled & said thank you sweety & asked his bodyguard to make sure he hung on to the gift & kept it safe for him. Life made.  – @Sexykelz86

I have to say my favorite AJ cruise memory happened during bachelorette night in 2013. He shot vodka into my mouth from a penis shaped squirt gun, while maintaining pretty awkward eye contact the whole time. Runners up are him laughing at me after he caught me screaming/singing ‘Fancy’ from the crowd during ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ in 2014, him complimenting my Halloween costume in 2014, how sweet he is in every interaction I’ve had with him, and how much time he spends with the fans. For example, he spent about 20 minutes talking to a small group of us in the hallway in 2013, and he waited in the cold until everyone got a picture during the ABC party in 2014. You can see in this pic how windy it was that night. – @alleyycat


It would have to be when I was asked by AJ if I would like some popcorn – Alisha Kelly

30 Thoughts We Had Watching #TeamNightmare


In my 21 seasons of watching Dancing With The Stars, I have NEVER been so obsessed with a team dance as I was with Team Nightmare’s dance on Monday night (and no, it wasn’t because of Nick….for the most part). Besides Halloween being my favorite holiday, the choreography and imagery behind this dance was ON POINT. Bravo to Sharna, Allison, Emma, and Val for putting this together. Now onto the thoughts:

1. Anyone else having flashbacks to the “Everybody” video in the first second of this dance? Nick is AJ for Halloween!

2. There he goes, moving things with his hands again…

3. Nick is ON THE TABLE, you guys. Can’t decide if it’s hot or if he has really bad table manners.

4. Look at his smell the fart evil face!

5. In these few moments, I realize how badly I want Nick to play some kind of wizard at some point in his life.

6. The banging on the table and switching is so perfectly done that I’m not sure who the celebs are and who the pros are.

7. The most adorable thing I’ve ever seen Hayes Grier do is come down that table like some big guy!

8. How does one jump onto a table with such grace?! IT WAS SO SMOOTH!

9. I do so love when they shake around with their arms in the air. This REALLY is Halloween!

10. That table splits apart?! I must own it.

11. Andy and Allison have the scariest spider fingers. I’ll bet they’re really good ticklers.

12. Is it just me or is Tamar more sparkly than everyone else?

13. If you look at Val’s face through most of this, it’s pretty terrifying.

14. I want to take Hayes home. He is SO cute during this whole thing.

15. Nick skipping out from behind a tombstone like he’s part of the Lollipop Guild is not to be missed.

16. Normally, things that crawl in scary movies freak me out. Nick and Sharna did it and I’m screaming in excitement.

17. Sharna is a damn good spidery thing!

18. Who thinks “let me lay on your back and be creepy while you crawl”!? I’m obsessed with the SharNick creepy crawler.

19. The way everyone hits a sharp pose on the beats of this song is INCREDIBLE.

20. Nick just lifted Sharna then front rolled! He is seriously a bag of surprises this whole show!

21. All of their arms popping out behind Nick — I die.

22. Also, I flashed back to the Backstreet Boys Coming Home concert. If you’re a fan, you know what I’m talking about.

23. I’m digging Tamar’s top hat!

24. Note: Nick is not the best at bending down and looking creepy. The man is too tall!


26. Val jumping around in the front is something to be seen.

27. Disney should seriously buy the rights to this dance.

28. I haven’t seen Nick get through one dance without his boyband pointing hand.

29. LOOK AT THE FINAL POSE! These are WINNERS, you guys!

30. Sharna is really good at flipping upside down at any given moment.

If you’re not hitting replay at this very moment (or haven’t already watched this dance 324 times), you’re living your life wrong.

12 Thoughts We Had About Nick and Sharna’s Argentine Tango


Before I begin, let me just say – after reading that they changed this choreography at the last minute, I am SUPER impressed with the job Team SharNick did. As always, Nick is a professional and Sharna is an incredible teacher.

1. Even dead-Sharna is beautiful!

2. Nick is magic! We knew it!

3. Fans are literally going to lay in the floor now and ask Nick to bring them to life. It’s totally going to be a thing now.

4. Typical Nick – before you get up, I must do a fancy spin then bring you even more to life! Isn’t that how he always gets us?

5. Anyone else wondering if Lauren stands against counters at home and Nick shuffle dances around her now?

6. That one armed lift though – You go, boy!

7. Let’s take a moment (as always) to pay homage to Sharna’s amazing face. And that hair.

8. Their arms are really beautiful!

9. Those spins while lifting! Line the Backstreet Boys up and have Nick do this with each of them on tour!

10. This dance keeps getting more intense! I don’t ever remember Frankenstein being so hot.

11. I’m a little dizzy…

12. Those last few counts were so slow and beautiful. WHY IS IT ALREADY OVER?!

Tune in next Monday when Nick and Sharna dance a Contemporary routine during “Icon” week!

GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win A Backstreet Boys Inspired Guitar Pick Bracelet


If you love the Backstreet Boys / Guitar Picks / Jewelry, you’re in luck! I’m teaming up with Shana, owner and creator of Made With Love Jewelry, to give you a chance to win a Backstreet Boys inspired guitar pick bracelet. As an owner of several pieces of her jewelry, I am EXCITED to share her talents and products with you!

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IMPORTANT: Please use an email address to log in/sign up that you check most often because this will be the way we will be contacting the winner!

27 Reactions Backstreet Boys Fans Have (As Portrayed By The Cast of “Friends”)

In the same year that the Backstreet Boys came together, a show named Friends also hit the airwaves. Let’s face it, many of us would have never made it through the 90s without Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Kevin, AJ, Howie, Brian and Nick. Some of us totally relate to the cast of Friends in our own lives and our fangirl lives are no exception. Check out these gifs (all courtesy of giphy.com) for every Backstreet fan reaction as relayed by the Gellars, Bings, Buffay, Tribbiani and Green. *clap, clap, clap, clap*

1.When Someone Asks You If The Backstreet Boys Are Still Together

2. When A Backstreet Boy Tweets And Ignores The You’re/Your Spelling

3. When They Don’t Tweet You….AND YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY.

4. ….But When One of Them FINALLY Does Tweet You….

5. That Day Your Favorite Backstreet Boy Got Married

6. You Still Don’t Understand All That Hate Our Boys / Wives Get

7. When You’re All Up In That Backstreet Afterparty! 

8. “Aren’t You Too OLD To Be Fangirling?”

9. EVERYTIME You See Nick / Kevin / Brian / Howie / AJ In Person

10. When You Have To Leave Your Fan-Friends After An Event

11. EVERY Backstreet Boys Cruise You’ve Ever Been On


13. “…Former Backstreet Boy…”

14. When You’re Planning Tour Trips With Your Friends

15. When You Scored Those Fan Pit Tix 

16. When The Backstreet Boys Throw Shade Online / In An Interview

17. When You Go Into VIP and CAN NOT Control Yourself. I Mean, Really… What Did You Just Do?!

18. When The Backstreet Boys Say They’ll Have An Announcement “Tomorrow” (Backstreet Time FOREVER!)

19. When You Can’t Get Off Work For An Event…

20. At The Beginning. Of. Every. Concert.

21. “Ew! The Backstreet Boys Are NOT Hot!”

22. When That Post-Concert Depression Kicks In

23. Every New Backstreet Project

24. A Week After You Got Too Close To Nick AKA Nick Plague

25. New Album?! NEW TOUR?! CRUISE!?!?

26. One Of Those Backstreet “Special Announcements”

27. When You’re Just SO Eternally Grateful For All The Awesome People You’ve Met Because Of The Boys

30 Thoughts We Had Watching Nick And Sharna’s Samba


We had SERIOUS Monday Night SharNick Fever watching this dance, you guys. While we were all disappointed it didn’t get a perfect score, we have to commend Sharna – this dancing disco goddess gave Nick OUT OF THIS WORLD choreography. We give Team SharNick 10s…. as always.

  1. There is nothing better than Nick Carter walking down a street in a blinged out silk shirt carrying a disco ball. Where were you on this TMZ?
  2. That awkward moment when he’s being checked out while checking out someone else. What a tangled web we weave.
  3. Did he just drop his disco ball for a slice of pizza? Also, A for effort with that NYC accent.
  4. Oh good, he got his ball back.
  5. He has so much swag. I love Nick swag!
  6. Nick just hit that girl with his ball and handed it to her. When Nick hits you with a ball, you better hold it!
  7. Look at his face. I have never seen anyone look like the music just jumped inside of them as much as Nick looks like it 19 seconds into this video.
  8. Oh hey, let me spin Sharna and then find my bros!
  9. Nick’s disco squad needs to open for the Backstreet Boys.
  10. Those disco moves are so smooth!! He looks animated! It literally looks like someone drew him and is using a flipbook to make him move. That’s how fluid these movements are.
  11. HEY! Those two girls aren’t Sharna!
  12. We’re sure that those hand slide things could be incorporated into BSB choreo – which we’re still begging Sharna to do.
  13. Did he just snap and thrust?
  14. The way he put his hands on his pelvis before he did that snake wiggle thing was like he was preparing us.
  15. There is really nothing cuter than his face during that point finger move. He looks like a happyass turtle / frog. It’s really cute. Just watch. You’ll get the urge to squeeze his face off.
  16. Sharna, we barely recognized you! We dig your funk sister look!
  17. Why doesn’t Nick have a fro?
  18. Why doesn’t Nick have a white suit? I digress…
  19. The samba choreo built straight into the middle of this Saturday Night Fever dance is BANGIN’.
  20. Sharna is a dancing disco goddess and she’s taking Nick with her.
  21. 58 seconds in – that moment when Nick got thrusty and “fingery” as he self admittedly is guilty of doing. Look at those wiggly fingers. Is that why you gave a 9, Carrie Ann? Because John Travolta isn’t as fingery as Nick Carter? That must be it.
  22. Here comes the dance goddess again.
  23. We never knew Nick could high kick! That’s new! We’ll be requesting more of that.
  25. We see you Sharna – over there like “look what I taught this boy!” We would actually LOVE to see her teaching him how to do this.
  26. They are so in sync with each other. I can’t stop staring. Are they attached by strings?!
  27. Our fave.
  28. He just flipped Sharna around like she was cotton candy on a stick! WHO IS THIS MAN?!
  29. Nick Travolta is so hot. We thank you Sharna for bringing him to life.
  30. That point at the end is SERIOUS business.

5 Things You Need To Know About AJ McLean’s East Coast SkulleeRoz Vapor Launch


On November 7th, AJ McLean will be appearing at the East Coast Launch Party for SkulleeRoz Vapor in Charlotte, North Carolina! Here’s what you need to know:

1. AJ Has His Own Line Of Vapor Juice?!

He sure does! The two flavors being offered at the launch party are “CandeeRoz” and “Blueberry Pancake”, both of which have received rave reviews online. The brand just recently introduced a new flavor named “Ro Ro Red”, which is red velvet flavor – WHAT?! If you want to know more, visit the official website and “like” it on Facebook.

2. So, What’s Going Down At This Launch Party?

Kure Society has teamed up with SkulleeRoz Vapor to create this launch event and it’s sure to be a good one! The event, held at Kure University, will be serving beer, cider, and other malt beverages. Our staff will have tasters on hand so that you can try out the new flavors. Plus, there’s a DJ!

Did we mention that AJ WILL BE THERE from 3PM – 6PM?!

3. How Much Is This Event?

Here’s the best part – admission to the event is FREE!

However, as part of the event, there are 100 packages available for $70 and that includes a photo op with AJ. Considering the vape juices are $20.50 by themselves, this is a STEAL! This keeps getting better, right?

4. What Else Is Included In These Packages?

Besides the photo with AJ, you will receive:

  • a bottle each of two Skulleeroz flavors: “CandeeRoz” and “Blueberry Pancake.”
  • These packages are available in non-nicotine juice ONLY and include the necessary vaporizer hardware to be able to experience these new flavors.

REMEMBER: These packages are LIMITED — Purchase yours ASAP!!

UPDATE: See Below

5. If I Have Questions, Where Should I Go?

RSVP to the event here. You will also find all the information you need, including address, times, etc.

If you’re looking for a timeline, I’ll make it easy for you:

Store opens at 10am
Line forms for the photo opportunity at 1:30pm
Photo opportunity lasts from 3pm to 6pm
Event continues until 7:30pm
Store closes at 11:00pm

GO SUPPORT YOUR BOY! We can’t wait to see everyone supporting AJ on November 7th!

UPDATE: This perk was added yesterday by the launch party promoter, Robert Peper. Please read:


Thanks so much to everyone that has ordered their package already!
This is going to be a fantastic event and we are so looking forward to having everyone here for it!

There is a fantastic opportunity for all of you:
AJ has announced that he will be hosting a poker game for an hour after the release party. We have a few seats available at the poker table and we are about to run a contest to see who gets them….

The first 7 people to refer 5 friends or strangers to purchase a Skulleeroz event package (these same ones available through the event page) will win a seat at the table for AJ’s poker game.

In order to qualify, once you have your 5, message me directly (Robert Peper) with their names so I can check them against our system. I will prioritize these by time/date stamp so rest assured if you turn it in first, you will get credit first.
This promotion applies to NEW orders only (your personal ticket(s) are eligible, but the rest of your 5 must be new referrals).

Help me sell out these packages so we can have the best event possible!

92 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” Video

Just in time for the Halloween season, another one of the “Thoughts You’ll Have…” post and this time, it’s for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. The only reason this song is associated with Halloween is because of the music video and is still perhaps one the most iconic to come out of the 90s. Here we go:

1. Did lightning just shoot out of Nick’s hands?
2. Why is Brian beating his head? Lice?
3. What IS this place? How do I live there?!
4. Whatever is on Brian, he’s trying really hard to get it off.
5. Please note Howie’s big cellular phone – with an antenna. And he’s wearing overalls. Howie is walking 1990s right now.
6. Everyone is yelling at this bus driver except Kevin. Kevin looks like this is actually where he wants to stay…. Or he doesn’t understand what’s happening. It’s a toss-up, really.

7. Howie really doesn’t understand how to work that oversized cell phone.
8. Seriously – what did they tell Kevin to do that was so different from everyone else? He is in a totally different world.
9. Brian definitely has lice.
10. Does Kevin even know this bus driver? By the looks of it, I would guess no.
11. In what world does “I’ll be back” mean “Go ahead and go find a creepy room and lay in a creepy bed?”
12. Who makes the face Brian just made then sleeps in the bed anyway? Men.
13. That moon outside of Brian’s window looks so real…….
14. Why is it lightning in the house?
15. Dear Brian, how do you not feel a dead rabbit between your legs? Seriously.

16. Pretty sure oblivious Kevin would have just pulled out that dead rabbit and rolled over peacefully. Actually, Kevin might have put it there.
17. Wow, this “house” is on a mountain? Apparently the Backstreet Boys are mountain climbers, not even phased by lightning strikes.
18. Suddenly, it’s a full house!
19. BACKSTREET MONSTERS!! What did that dead rabbit do?!
20. Oh, hello 90s graphic informing us of a ballroom dance tonight. Now I’m positive Kevin is behind this.
21. AJ?! Is that you?! Where are your tattoos?!
22. Oh hey chesty Kevin…

23. Uhh, that floor didn’t have a swirly design on it less than a minute ago.
24. WHAT is UP with Kevin in this video?! Now the BACK of his shirt is ripped open. He is so shady.
25. Brian is hot. That is all.
26. The origin of brushing your shoulders off.

27. Why is Howie dressed like Latino Prince? What happened to his hair?
28. Who are these dancers? This has to be at the top of their resumes.
29. This. Dance. Is. So. Iconic.
31. How many dead rabbits did Brian have to find to make that coat?
32. Do you think sometimes he sits on a bed and howls? Just for fun..
33. What kind of werewolf wears a suit under a fur coat? A pimp wolf. That’s Brian Littrell.

34. ….And gold chains. So pimp.
35. Who is this renegade girl who wasn’t even at the dance party? Why is it so windy?
36. I totally swing off of my canopy bed too, Brian.
37. Um, Vampire Howie makes girls touch his coffin and lick their hands, apparently.
38. Why is the girl on the right going to pass out?
39. Phantom AJ left one earring in, just so we know it’s AJ.

40. Think Howie’s pocket watch is on Backstreet time?
41. Hey AJ – you have a mouse on the table…
42. AJ would have a table of ladies.
43. Nick peeking out of his mummy tomb makes me think he’s really bad at Hide and Go Seek.
44. Kevin looks like a librarian.
45. Brian and Nick need to brush their teeth.
46. Hey! Howie found the same wind that other girl had!
47. The ironic thing is that Nick Carter has never been more unsexual.

48. If Kevin ever wanted to be a woman, his hands look nice with long nails.
49. Nick’s mummy hand dance…

50. Did Howie just make this vampire dance up or is it choreographed?
51. Why is that man just standing there waiting to serve Howie?

52. Since when do werewolves backflip?
53. It’s really rude of AJ to keep singing while his ladies are trying to eat.
54. Why does Kevin have no ladies?
55. Yeah, you swing that pocket watch, Howie. Werk.
56. What happened to the dinner table?!
57. What is this ripple face thing on my screen? SPIRITS! (Ghosts of NSync wishing they had made this iconic video)
58. Dude – Why is Kevin so angry?! Because they locked him up alone?
59. Hey girl! There’s a Howie behind you!
60. Suddenly Nick is in a graveyard? Is that where he was sleeping?
61. Mummies are never sexual, Nick. Stop.
62. Don’t poke your vamp stick at me, Howie!
63. Flippin’ Brian. Not much has changed there.
64. Great job teaching those mummy girls how to dance…
65. Vampire Howie…about to bite down…BUT FIRST, “Yeaaahhhh.” Priorities.
66. Kevin is really working it by himself. He’s definitely behind all of this madness.
67. Howie’s nails are disgusting. No one likes a dirty vampire.

69. You straighten your pimp coat, Brian!
70. Brian is climbing the walls… see what I did there?
71. Kevin also sucks at Hide and Seek. You’re bigger than that briefcase, Mr. Richardson.
72. Oh no, Nick got his mummy wrappings tangled. Typical.
74. How come no one ever talks about this “I don’t know what I’m doing” mummy dance Nick is doing.
75. Brian was the inspiration for Redbull.
76. Classic Kevin lips. Originator of the duckface.
78. Clearly, Brian can’t just walk back to his bedroom.
79. Brian flipping behind Kevin might be the best part of this entire video.

80. Here come Howie’s crotch bats!

81. Oh ok, release of crotch bats = more dancing and normal Backstreet Boys.
82. Brian’s angry face is hot hot hot. But why so angry, Brian? Miss your pimp coat?
83. Pause at 5:27. Kevin’s shirt might as well not be on, Brian is waiting for something to fall on him, AJ’s leg looks slightly broken, and Howie is hiding. Way to take direction, guys!

84. AH! Brian slaps himself back to reality. Does he have a dead rabbit disease? Is it still the lice? Seriously, he touches himself a lot during this video.
85. Pause at 5:32. Just for Brian’s arms.
86. “…And I had hair all over my body…” It’s called puberty, Brian. Not so scary. By the way, his accent is precious.
87. There’s something to be loved about Howie saying “I had a dream also!” Too, Howie. You had a dream, too. Please note his manbun.
88. Here comes Kevin, late to the game. At least he knows where he is.
89. You KNOW Kevin wanted to smack AJ for interrupting him. Why doesn’t AJ have a bag? We all know he primps the most.
90. How did Nick know they had dreams? No one told him. This is all very shady.
91. Those screaming Backstreet Boys faces will never get old. Ever.
92. Anyone else want to know how this all ends? Me too.

17 Fans Doing Crazy Things To Watch/Vote For Nick and Sharna #TeamSharNick


Every Monday night since September, the Backstreet Army and Sharna Squads gather together to blow up social media promoting Team SharNick, the name given to Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess as they compete on Dancing With The Stars. For some BSB fans, especially those outside of the U.S., this is new territory. We’ve prepared well – learning every way to vote, when to vote, and how to watch no matter where we may be or what time.

What else happens every Monday night? Endless tweets about the lengths we go to to make sure we support our Boy (and his partner who we are now obsessed with)! After spending a night at my own nieces’ soccer game watching Dancing With The Stars on my phone through a Periscope stream from another fan, I took to Twitter to ask what insane things other fans are doing to watch and vote for Team SharNick. From getting up in the middle of the night to coercing moms, grandmas, coworkers, and bosses into voting – we’ve got them covered! Read on for just a few:

“I get up at 2am to watch a livestream. I vote with several accounts on fb and have to use a proxy server to watch DWTS all access (because the site realizes I am watching from Germany) Is the lack of sleep and the crappy livestream worth it?! Hell yes!! So proud of Nick!!” – @WriteOnMySoul

“I vote on every phone line in my house plus online and I have created 3 fake Facebook accounts just for voting. Then I go to my mom and use all their phones and have them create accounts and vote online.” –@JizBSB

“I currently count 192 ABC accounts and 1 FB account. Phone calls are not possible due to being European. Not sure about my friend – but she must be at least around 100 accounts herself.” – @LadyLouveamour

“Some of us Israeli fans watch the show online (we don’t get the channel in Israel), it airs at 4 am over here… We either stay up or we wake up early just to get that glimpse of Mr Carter live! And vote through the Facebook app of course. One Israeli fan even asked her cousins who live in the U.S. to record Nick’s parts on the show and send her through whatsapp, before we found a way to watch it. Oh, and what about waking up in the middle of the night following a tweet from Nick, then tweeting him like crazy and losing sleep… Haha this thing is driving us crazy!” – @ImanAg

“Sitting up to watch DWTS from 1am to after 3am every Monday when I start work at 7am for a 13 hour shift. Have 3 FB accounts to vote! All the way from Ireland…. Maybe I need to reevaluate my life … At least it keeps me happy :)” – @Honeypop03

“Every night between Monday to Tuesday ( Israel time) I wake up at 3:00am to watch DWTS and watch my favorite team burning the dance floor!!! Every night it worth it! But the true story is that even though I’m sleeping half night I getting to work early before everybody arrive just so I can get into their FB accounts (saved on their pc) and vote for Nick and Sharna! Lol also made my grandma, mom, dad and almost 25 cousins to vote EVERY week!” – @MaayanBenYakob

“On Monday nights I take everyone in my houses phones including my son’s girlfriends, and vote by phone. Then I make them all vote of Facebook and by e-mail. On Tuesday’s everyone at work has to vote via e-mail and Facebook. Then I ask every resident I see if they voted!” – @Toni4Kaos

“Is it crazy to vote from every laptop in my classroom? That’s what teachers do right? I have 10 laptops for the kids, 1 for me and a smartboard… the school has 10 classes and yes I asked my collegues to help me out.” – @Howiesgirlie 

“I don’t do crazy voting really since I can only vote on FB, but me and my roommate are using both of our ipads, iphones and computers to vote which in this case = 108 votes , plus I’m using my mom’s fb to also vote so 54 votes again ….Then I’m voting at work for my roommate , me and my mom on mine and my coworker’s computer = 54 more votes .” – @girlygirlstefie

“You know I’d do anything for Nick and since I can only vote online, because I live in Italy, I decided to give my best, creating new Facebook profiles and ABC accounts just for the occasion. I have 3 facebook profiles, 4 ABC accounts and I use my family Facebook profiles to vote each week. If you do the math, with 6 FB profiles and 4 ABC accounts it’s a lot of votes. Not to mention that I use 3 different browsers. Aaanndd I death threat my friends to vote. Not sure if they do what they promise me, but it’s always fun to threaten them. I voted 78 times the 1st week,(yeah, I know, I know, but I still had to learn all the tricks lol) then the number increased exponentially to 576, then 1080 then this week 2160..well,like I said…I’d do anything for Nick.” – @ClanCarter

“Yes I vote as much as possible! I vote through Facebook and Twittter and on my computer and on my cell phone!” – Anyse Gaudet

“I am now the owner of 10 Facebook accounts, it’s hard work but someone has to do it.” – Ree Hall

“I was working one night when the show was on and made my co workers call the voting number when they were on breaks. My manager saw us doing it and ended up pulling out her phone to call too.” – @FrickingKaos

“I vote as much as possible! Off my phone, my dad’s phone, my mom’s phone, my brother’s phone, the home phone, sometimes I will text my friends to call for votes too!” – Noelle Uranga

“I have three different accounts on ABC and I also vote through Facebook. I also watch the show on my laptop during class as my professor is lecturing during my night class.” – Heather Herman

“I use my cell phone and my house phone to vote a few times on each.” – Michele Thompson

“I vote from my phone and my computer. And then I use my mom’s phone and her computer. And I text my friends & post on social media! I even vote online from my work computer the next day!” – Rebecca Boccio


Make sure you’re voting for Nick and Sharna every Monday night on ABC.com, Facebook, and calling 1-855-234-5610 (U.S. only). We got your back all the way to the end, Team SharNick! Keep killing it.