10 Things The Backstreet Boys Are Doing Right Now

Since the end of the In A World Like This tour, the Backstreet Boys have been pretty quiet about things they’re working on together. Of course, we have the bonus footage from the BSB movie released by WeAreColony to hold us over, plus the fact that our Boys have signed a deal with LiveNation to do 150 shows in next three years. Also, there’s that weird Backstreet Boys Project thing that popped up last year with Brian, Kevin, AJ, and Howie in NYC – What WAS that?!

While the Boys may not be doing anything together at the moment (although our KoolKiwis tell us they’re going back into the studio in TWO WEEKS!!), they do all have individual projects going on and we’re here to catch you up, once and for all!

AJ McLean

AJ Collage

1. His Solo Album, The Anthem.

We told you about all of The Anthem details we know so far in a post earlier this year, but we have a feeling this album is going to really blow us away. Mr. McLean has been working long and hard on this album, even utilizing fans in the video he shot for “Live Together” back in May! He currently has a countdown going on social media and, while we’re not POSITIVE what it’s for (it might be a AJ-style rendition of “Let It Go”), we’ll venture to say it has something to do with The Anthem. Whether it be video, album release date, or tour, we’re excited for ANY of it! Oh, and if you haven’t purchased his new single yet, what are you waiting for? DO IT! 

2. He Filmed As The Villain in Dead 7.

We’ve known for a while that AJ would play the villain in Nick Carter’s Dead 7 zombie western creation, but we didn’t know that Johnny V. would haunt our dreams. Looking like a killer clown-human with crazy eyes, we still haven’t decided if we really want to see our sweet AJ like that…..Ok, yes we do.

Brian Littrell


3. Being Top Secret, Hangin’ With The Fam….. But There IS A Wylee Party on Saturday!!

While Brian may not be working on anything (that we know about) at the moment, we LOVE all of his instagram posts about what he IS doing. So what IS he doing? Loving life, of course. When Brian’s not on tour, he’s usually spending time with the family and this break has been no different. From UK games to helping his parents move to playing with light sabers with Baylee, Brian is still just a good ‘ol boy from Kentucky and that is EXACTLY why we love him.

His wife, Leighanne, however is having a Wylee party this weekend in Alpharetta, GA and you can get all the details right here — You never know who might show up!

Kevin Richardson

4. Cover Story – To Be Released Whenever He Feels Like It.

Again, we told you everything we know about the first solo album from Kevin Richardson, Cover Story. While in a soundcheck toward the end of tour he had nothing more to say about it than “we’ll know” when he releases it, we feel like Kevin may Beyonce the whole thing. What does that mean? He’ll creep onto to Twitter and drop it like it’s hot at like 3AM. TURN ON YOUR MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS, MY FRIENDS! Kevin is sneaky.

5. He’s Filming St. Mary’s Secret. 

While Kevin doesn’t broadcast his acting ventures usually, according to IMDB, he is set to play Norman in a psychological thriller entitled St. Mary’s SecretWe can’t WAIT for details. In the meantime, you can now purchase his film Bloody IndulgentYou know, the movie that will make you look differently at Kevin forever….as a filthy mouthed vampire. Yeah, check it out.

Howie D.

6. Recording A Children’s Album?

While we’ve only heard about this project once, it WAS from Howie’s mouth. We haven’t heard much about it and we’re not sure if he made it up or what, but we’ll bite, Mr. D. We want to hear it!

7. He Filmed In Dead 7, too! 

While not too much was shared about Howie’s character in Dead 7, we did learn that he was “The Vaquero” and incredibly less scary than his bandmate, AJ McLean. We have enjoyed Howie’s acting gigs in the past, so we’re excited to see him again, even if it is on the small screen.

Nick Carter

Nick Collage

8. Dead 7 is COMPLETE!

After a few years, a few name changes, a few plot changes, etc., DEAD 7 HAS FINALLY BEEN FILMED! With a plethora of boybanders, 90s icons, comedians, and a Backstreet wife, the cast was filled with quite an assortment of people and we have no doubt that it will be a Sharknado-esque good time! If you missed any of our updates, check them out on the Dead7 page. Oh yeah, it will air on the SyFy network in April!

9. #TeamSharNick Is Burning Up The Dancefloor.

It’s the hottest thing in the Backstreet world right now and we do mean that literally and figuratively. 98% of the Backstreet Army are tuning into Dancing With The Stars every week this season to see Nick dancing with Sharna Burgess and showing a whole new side of himself. We’re obsessed with his button-popping, his shoe-throwing, his glass-breaking and his smooth moves. Oh, and let’s not forget, his GORGEOUS, talented, patient partner Sharna Burgess. If you’ve missed a second of it or you’re still confused about what’s going on, catch up here and on nickcarter.net for weekly recaps!

10. All American, the new solo album, will finally be released!

We’ve known about the album for less than a year, but we’ve been excited ever since we found out. Recently, Nick revealed that All American would be dropping in Japan in November, but has since changed his tune and said that it would “probably” drop worldwide at the same time. Probably because if it doesn’t, we’ll figure out a way to get it anyway. He also added that there’s consideration of a tour in January / February. Get your piggy banks ready!

Don’t wait for the album though! “I Will Wait”, the first single from All American, can be pre-ordered now on iTunes and Google Play. Also, you must see the video. If you haven’t already, lie and say you did because WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Get all the order info and video here!

So there you have it – the Backstreet Boys are all over the place and busy as ever, but of course, we can’t wait to have them back all together in studio and on tour! Soon. Backstreet Soon. 😉


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