23 Thoughts We Had Watching Nick and Sharna’s Foxtrot (#TeamSharNick)


Editor’s Note: This is late because I wasn’t going to do it for every dance, but after multiple tweets and comments, I’ve decided that maybe I should. 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Two shades of grey is better than 50 – just decided that.

2. Who knew Nick could be so gentle?

3. WOAH! Their arms flew out in such synchronization. It was like when you’re watching a peacock and suddenly – FEATHERS!

4. Dude. Why are they so gorgeous?!

5. Either Sharna’s choreography is crazy good or Nick has been in the ballroom dancing closet. (It’s definitely the first option)

6. That moment Nick lifted her chin, we all wanted to hate Sharna. But we couldn’t.

7. These two belong in a music box.

8. I’ve got to get some of these magic lights that come on when I come down the stairs and do beautiful things.

9. Soaring…

10. WHEN DID THEY HOLD HANDS?! Why are they so smooth!?

11. When did I start crying?

12 – 14. I have no thoughts because this is seriously so beautiful.

15. Oh no…Sharna, please keep your foot on the ground…

16. Phew.

17. In this moment, every Nick fan decided they would rather be dipped than lifted during the next round of VIPs.

18. Nick literally just held out his arms, like he was reminding HER.

19. His face. His face cares so much. My heart can’t take it.

20. Seriously, where do I get a music box with Nick and Sharna inside?

21. The chin lift, PLUS a reassuring nod? Let me just vote 345 times right now.

22. Sharna and that kiss blown REALLY got to me. That kiss went all the way to Australia and straight to her family. Let that sink in.

23. At this point, I have drowned in my own tears. Is there an ’11’ paddle, judges?!

In all seriousness, this Foxtrot was one the most beautiful dances I have seen in 21 seasons of Dancing With The Stars (Take that, Derek!) and I can’t watch it without getting some serious feelings. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to Sharna’s hometown and her family, who I’m positive is so proud of her. Team SharNick really danced with their hearts on the outside this time. That was certainly the Nick Carter that all of us know and love – we are proud to be fans.

Catch Nick and Sharna (and more talented celebs and pros) every Monday night on ABC! If you can’t, I’ll be posting the recaps on nickcarter.net and our reactions here.


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