15 Words / Phrases In The Backstreet Boys Fan Dictionary (Part One)


It has become quite apparent, over time, that Backstreet fans have created their own phrases and definitions for everyday words that on we understand. These words and phrases have become universally known in the fandom, and have even spread to the Boys themselves. Let us introduce you to part one of the Backstreet Boys Fan Dictionary.

1. Backstreet Time: The time between  when something Backstreet-related is supposed to happen and when it actually happens. We don’t even get mad anymore; we show up late.

Example: “Wasn’t the soundcheck supposed to start at 2? It’s 2:30.” “Yeah, but we’re on Backstreet time.”

2. “Blame Nick Carter”: The phrase uttered when things with the Backstreet Boys don’t necessarily go our way.

Example: ” ‘Don’t Want You Back’ should have been a single!” “I know. Blame Nick Carter.”

3. The Plague: Any sickness you contract following a Backstreet Boys event / concert / contact with any Boy. This is usually used in conjunction with Blame Nick Carter. (See above)

Example: “Yeah, he threw his towel at me and I got The Plague. IT WAS SO WORTH IT!”

4. SC: Short for Sound Check; Small, but necessary event that the Backstreet Boys have recently invited us to share with them and answer the same questions repeatedly, ridiculously amazing questions sometimes, and then entertain us with antic and song previous to the concert. (Not to be confused with South Carolina)

Example: “Does that VIP include SC?” or “Did you see what happened at that one SC?! The Boys gave us their stripper moves!”

5. AP: Short for Afterparty; Backstreet Boys mini event that began officially with the In A World Like This tour that can be really fun or really scary, but always fun to risk. Brian Littrell (usually) not included.

Example: “The Jones Beach AP was off the hook! I got selfies with Kevin AND Howie!”

6. Tour Season: The time of year Backstreet Boys fans save up for, usually before an album release is even announced. Tour season is usually in the Summer months and will rule our entire lives, including husbands, children, work and school.

Example: “If I start the new job now, I’ll have vacation time before tour season.” or “Sorry, kids, we can’t go to Disney World – tour season is coming!”

7. “Howie Doin?”: Phrase that will always make Backstreet fans giggle; alludes to Howie’s name and is usually followed by a wink.

Example: “Howie doin’, sweetheart?”

8. “It’s My Birthday”: The most tweeted phrase to every Backstreet Boy, even when it isn’t your own birthday; phrase used that makes us feel entitled to all the BSB attention we can get our hands on.

Example: “@nickcarter – it’s my birthday… SEND ME SOME LOVE.” or “It’s my birthday, BSB. Sing me a song!”

9. Wonderful Union: The controllers of our VIP universe; fan experience company willing to help us with any fanclub issue, VIP situation, meet & greet problem, etc.; Keepers of a lot of our funds

Example: “I DIDN’T GET A VIP EMAIL! I must contact Ground(ctrl)!” “No! It’s Wonderful Union!”

10. Littrellized: The word describing how you feel after Brian Littrell does something to own you when you’re least expecting it.

Example: “Did you see AJ thrust beside you?!” “No, Brian was staring at me and I got Littrellized.”

11. Organic: The word Kevin Richardson uses at least twice to describe every Backstreet Boys album.

Example: “We were going for a very organic feel with this album….”

12. Resign: The word Nick Carter used instead of “reside” at a very young age that we will never let him live down.

Example: “Oh Nick, do you still resign in Tampa or nah?”

13. Soon: See Backstreet Time.

Example: “We will be going back into the studio soon.”

Translation: “We will be going back into the studio in a year.”

14. Unreleased: The word every fan uses at least 65 times in a year when asking the Backstreet Boys questions and yields no definite answer.

Example: “When will we be getting unreleased material?” *crickets*

15. Special Announcement: Phrase used by Backstreet Boys to tell us when they are going to announce something we had previous knowledge of, but get excited anyway. If we do not know of said ‘special announcement’, we WILL find out about it before it is announced.

Example: “Did you see the BSB say they had a special announcement?!” “Yeah, it’s tour dates and I have a cousin that says August 28th is when they’ll be in Atlanta – you coming?”

16. WOEJIIHEWJIFNS: The response of any fan who has an unexpected interaction with any Backstreet Boy. Basically, nonsense and explosion on the inside.

Example: “Brian Littrell told me Happy Birthday and called me sweetheart – uiahwirhehfcsfsjif!”

Look out for more installments of Backstreet Boys Fan dictionary – COMING SOON!


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