23 Thoughts We Had While Watching Nick and Sharna’s Jive

1. Hey! Where are Nick and Sharna?

2. Does Nick look like he got scared and hid under the covers? Or is he about to jump up and scare us?

3. Hey Sharna – we see you! You’re bad at hiding…

4. Wow! Sharna was up fast. Nick looks like he forgot where he was. MEN.

5. I’ve never seen a man pull off his clothes as fast as Nick Carter did with those “pajamas”.

6. Is anyone else wondering how many times Nick practicing sliding on the floor after those kicks and flicks?!

7. Again, this couple has the prettiest, brightest teeth in all the land.

8. Oh yeah, there it is – a little Nick groove with those hips, smack in the middle of the Jive. We dig.

9. Who knew Nick could high kick!? Sharna just risked her head!

10. There he goes with the pointing…

11. Honestly, has a salute ever been cuter?

12. Not until the replay did I know Nick fell. I totally thought he was trying to beat Derek to the floor sliding to show him whose boss this season.

13. They may have gotten a little lost – but they look like little fireworks!

14. That partner footwork is on point, ESPECIALLY for a 2nd week dance with two dances.

15. Can we take a moment to just pause and stare at these white pants?

16. Tight white pants.

17. How is he even moving so well in those pants? Where’s a 10 just for that?

18. Sharna is actually a tiny little red haired fairy goddess. Where are her wings?

19. OH NO! Nick’s on the ground….

20. Oh wait! He’s got tricks! Look at our boy, bouncing off the floor like it ain’t no thang…

21. The look on Nick’s face at the end of his dance makes us want to eat his cute little face off (Not in a crazy bath-salt-eating way though).

22. Thank you Sharna for telling him it’s okay!

23. Never in 21 seasons have I seen someone throw their shoes off and then point at them. We love you so much, Nick.

We ADORE you, Team SharNick! Tune in tonight at 9/8c on ABC to see them perform the Foxtrot and, as always, vote your night away!



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