7 Fan-Favorite Brian Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruises

Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite Brian Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

1.“My fave Brian moment hmm so many …the family feud game and him joking around and being funny. That man shows his sense of humor!” – @ilovebrian4life

2. “During the 2013 cruise beach party, Brian took pictures with everyone in the first couple of rows. I think it took him hours and I was one of the lucky ones.” – @Miry_iam


3. “On the 2013 cruise, which was my first cruise, was the first time I “officially” met BSB and I was awkward and nervous. I went to hug Brian and he didn’t notice (because I’m awkward like that?) Lol but then he turned around and gave me 2 hugs because he missed the first one. 🙂 Then on the 2014 cruise, I waited up on the upper deck to get my selfie with Brian and when he finally made it to me, I took the first pic and it sucked so I asked him to take it. He didn’t like that one so he accidentally pushed the wrong button on my phone and scrolled through my apps to find the camera to take a better selfie! He was such a sweet heart.” – @AshlovesBrian


4. “I was on the 2013 cruise, and right after we boarded, it was time to eat. My friends and I grabbed some food at the buffet, sat down at a table, and ate. After, we decided to get up so we could get a spot on the deck for the Sail Away party. All of a sudden, we heard a commotion back by where our table had been. We turned to look, and realized that Brian was going through the buffet line to eat. Shortly thereafter, he walked by the area we had been sitting, and swiped a plate full of food from an unsuspecting fan who hadn’t seen him coming! She turned quickly, clearly prepared to let whoever it was have a piece of her mind, but her jaw dropped open when she saw who it was! It was the funniest thing. Even though it isn’t a personal interaction of mine, and I have no idea who the girl was, it still remains one of my favorite memories of the cruise, because it was just such a classically Brian move – and it made EVERYBODY laugh!” – @BSBStreetups


5. “So on my 1st cruise (the 20th anniversary one) my goal was to get my 1st solo pic with my fav boy, which just happens to be Brian! Anyways, while we were about to go through security to get on the boat we were told to stop cause the boys were about to go through. So I waited impatiently for the boys and eventually Brian walks by. Fortunately, I was able to find my voice and he came over to take a pic with me. Needless to say I was ecstatic since I was able to get the one thing I wanted before even stepping on the ship! Brian was so sweet in that moment, he made sure he took the best picture before handing my camera back over!

On concert night of the 2013 cruise, we managed to get front row. Brian was on the other side of the stage for the majority of the show, and towards the end he made a point to come say Hi because these are his words “I saw that you wanted me to come over, so I had too” …this may be one of my fav Brok moments from the cruise! Both of those were just small/quick moments but it was those moments that I will never forget! Memories to last a lifetime!! Not many people get to meet there idols, and I am so thankful to have had the chance to meet Brian and say thank you! He truly is one of the most caring, sweetest and funniest people I’ve ever met! Basically Brian is Awesome!!!” – @AmyBChirps

6. “My favorite memory with Brian is from the 2013 cruise. Brian was autographing things for people during Bachelorette night. I was right near the back of the stage when this was happening and luckily I was close enough. I handed him my drink receipt which was literally the only thing I had. He looked at it with confusion. I gestured that it was mine. He read the receipt which was for the “Kiss on The Lips” drink, so I started blowing him kisses. He kissed my receipt and signed it. I kept looking for videos of this interaction, but I haven’t found one yet. It was just so adorable.” – @Sushi_Flower

unnamed (6)

7. “One of my favorite Brian cruise moment was when he gave me custom Air force ones on the 2013 cruise during the sail away party.

I have to back up a bit before the cruise I jokingle tweeted Brian asking him if I could borrow a pair of his bright kicks for neon night. He replied and asked me what size I needed because he might make me some. I decided to humor him and tell him. Fast forward to the day before the cruise he tweeted me saying he didn’t have my favorite color (orange) but asked if his favorite color would be okay. I told him any color would do. (At this point I still didn’t believe him.) So the next day the cruise starts….fast forward to the sail away party and Brian comes over with Blue and white Nike Air Force Ones. He was serious about it. So crazy but awesome. I mean how many fans can say their favorite musical artist made them sneakers? Not many right? Just another reason Brian Thomas Littrell is such an incredible human being. :)” – @Yahtzee27

What was YOUR favorite Brian moment?!


One thought on “7 Fan-Favorite Brian Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruises

  1. Well, I just caught the 7 things…Cruise and have been wanting to say this about Brian: After the photo shoot with the Boys, I was looking for the way off the stage and getting my bearings, in general (fans know what I mean), and someone took hold of my right hand. When I looked, it was Brian and his earnest and pretty blue eyes who realized that we had missed each other before the shoot! Quite exciting to have been in his consciousness for so long


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