UPDATED: All The New Videos From NetOnNet Featuring Brian Littrell

You might remember this video from the Swedish company NetOnNet last year that featured our Boys singing a new version of “Larger Than Life”, changing the name to “Lager Than Life” and “working” in a warehouse. If you missed it, check it out:

At the end of the IAWLT tour, four of the Boys went home, but one Boy flew to Sweden to work with Dr. Alban, a Swedish musician and producer. That boy was none other than Brian Littrell. By way of his wife, we learned that he was shooting another commercial / video for NetOnNet with the same “Lager Than Life” gimmick. Finally, the videos have surfaced and we are happy to share them with you during our Brian drought!


Warning: You might love it. (Especially Brian choking over “woman bush”)

Thanks Amber for sending these my way!!

UPDATE: This week a new video popped up featuring Dr. Alban and Brian performing “Lager Than Life” together. Enjoy!

For more NetOnNet videos featuring Brian and older ones featuring the BSB together, check it out here!

 UPDATE (11/20/15): Yet another video of Brian has appeared from NetonNet. This one will PULL your heartstrings. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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