5 Pieces of Advice For Sharna Burgess – Love, (Your Fellow) Backstreet Boys Fans


Dear Sharna,

We couldn’t be MORE excited that Nick has you to dance with on this season of Dancing With The Stars – we could not have been luckier! We’re also sure that you heard the fangirling screams when you admitted that you, too, are a Backstreet fan. This is a moment we have been waiting for since the beginning of DWTS – for the Backstreet Boys to somehow be represented on the show. We watched other boybanders enter and leave the ballroom, just within reach of the Mirror Ball Trophy, knowing that one of OUR boys could have won it. Now, we have every bit of faith that, with you as Nick’s partner, there is no competition.

HOWEVER, we feel there are things concerning Mr.Carter, that you may or may not be aware of, that we feel that we must warn you about. We have been studying him for 22 years and we still haven’t figured out a lot of him, but here’s a few pieces to the Nick Carter manual:

1. He WILL Get Sick At Some Point.

“If you wanna stay alive HAVE SANITIZER ON YOU! Nick Plague is no joke (well okay it is), it’s real!” – @ForeverRebel


“My best advice to Sharna is: buy this by the gallons! For Nick AND herself. Nick is famous for his low immune system and also for his whole hand nose wipe..lol Good luck to you both! I know you will do great!” – @JennayHeartNick

Nick is known for being the first to get sick on every tour. He is also known for getting everyone else sick. Honestly, it’s a badge of honor that fans wear after going to a Backstreet Boys concert – if you’re sick, you probably got it from Nick and you feel more accomplished. We’re NOT sure however, that it would be best in a dancing scenario. Take our advice, Sharna – the Nick germs are STRONG and you WILL need to invest in a surgical mask. It’s not the broken bones and pulled muscles you’ll have to worry about this season (Nick is pretty bendy) – it’s definitely pneumonia and other illnesses. WATCH OUT!

2. Sometimes Nick Is A Little Out Of Control And Extremely Competitive. 

“Better get ready for that never ending Carter energy lol” – @Sushi_Flower

“Be aware! When the rhythm takes off his hips… Oh baby, you better keep along with him!!!” – @LilianaDias

“Get him on a lead, he’s like an over excited puppy.” –  Sarah De Ath

“Oh my. Watch out for the jackets flinging off.” – Sandi Crist

“The rhythm gets to him so help him control that, we love it but for this he has to have under control, don’t chop his dancing style just incorporate it in the dance routines, take in account the fact that he loves dancing and use that to your advantage, be patient, have fun and be nice to him.” – Carol Gonzalez

We’re sure you’ve figured this out by now – Nick Carter does not enter into anything without the intentions to win. Sometimes though, his energy is boundless…and then you’re in trouble. You might want to duck if he gets carried a way because arms fly and jackets flail (Editor’s note: No joke, he has hit me from the stage while dancing). Teach him a little control and we will be forever indebted to you. Only a little though. We can’t wait to see suave, frame-holding, romanticized Nick.

3. Don’t Let Him Do Weird Things With His Hair. 

“Don’t try to outdo THE hair. Nick Carter’s hair is holy. It`s like no other. It`s magical. You won’t win it. You just can’t. And NEVER try to stop Nick when he’s in a dance trance.” – @yael1983s

This one may be the most shocking to you – Nick controls the entire fanbase with his hair. We have STRONG opinions about it and, if we don’t, he makes sure we do within 24 hours. Please don’t let him do anything dumb that we have to lie about liking. Also, please inform Derek Hough that no one will be looking at him this season and that we’re sorry.

4. He’ll Get By With A Little Help From His Friends.

“Make sure you have Kevin’s cell number JUST IN CASE they need his Kevin-ness to calm Nick’s Carter-ness” – @AngeleenaMarie

If you find that Nick is a little whiny or a little uncontrollable, it has been proven that Kevin and Howie are the go-to people to motivate him and get his ass back in line. Lauren is also a very good option too, obviously. Sometimes you’re going to need someone to slap him in the back of the head be a little rough.

5. You’ll Forever Having The Backstreet Army Backing You. 

Once you work with one of our Boys, we will support you forever. Your Sharna Squad just grew by thousands and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it – You. Are. So. Fierce. We can guarantee that if you ever turn up at a BSB show from here on out, we’re going to want our picture with you over Nick. Be prepared.

A Few Other Pieces:

“Find ways to touch him and get close to him in any way you can” – Denise Zajkowski

“Just one thing: Please – PLEASE! – get him to Rumba week! We all need to see our boy get sensuous, serious and rotate those hips” – Sharron Martin

“To Sharna.. I’d say Make it fun for him, be patient, keep an eye on his posture, keep him fed (this is important), laugh, let him nap (also important), and just have fun with it. Nick is his harshest critic and he WILL get frustrated so be prepared to give him a little TLC and downtime. Also he is super competitive so be prepared!”– Maura Sullivan

“Be patient he’s had a lot going on in life the past few years. Please don’t make him cry on camera. Good luck!” – @hpwhite4

We can not wait to see you two hit the dance floor. Win or lose, you’ve already won with us. 

– The Fans


3 thoughts on “5 Pieces of Advice For Sharna Burgess – Love, (Your Fellow) Backstreet Boys Fans

  1. Awww those are super sweet words!!! We do care about our Nick and all this pieces if advice will help Sharna to make it!! The world is watching them and she knows that! We’re family and I really appreciate your words! Love u so girls!!! ❤


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