10 Things The Backstreet Boys Are Doing Right Now

Since the end of the In A World Like This tour, the Backstreet Boys have been pretty quiet about things they’re working on together. Of course, we have the bonus footage from the BSB movie released by WeAreColony to hold us over, plus the fact that our Boys have signed a deal with LiveNation to do 150 shows in next three years. Also, there’s that weird Backstreet Boys Project thing that popped up last year with Brian, Kevin, AJ, and Howie in NYC – What WAS that?!

While the Boys may not be doing anything together at the moment (although our KoolKiwis tell us they’re going back into the studio in TWO WEEKS!!), they do all have individual projects going on and we’re here to catch you up, once and for all!

AJ McLean

AJ Collage

1. His Solo Album, The Anthem.

We told you about all of The Anthem details we know so far in a post earlier this year, but we have a feeling this album is going to really blow us away. Mr. McLean has been working long and hard on this album, even utilizing fans in the video he shot for “Live Together” back in May! He currently has a countdown going on social media and, while we’re not POSITIVE what it’s for (it might be a AJ-style rendition of “Let It Go”), we’ll venture to say it has something to do with The Anthem. Whether it be video, album release date, or tour, we’re excited for ANY of it! Oh, and if you haven’t purchased his new single yet, what are you waiting for? DO IT! 

2. He Filmed As The Villain in Dead 7.

We’ve known for a while that AJ would play the villain in Nick Carter’s Dead 7 zombie western creation, but we didn’t know that Johnny V. would haunt our dreams. Looking like a killer clown-human with crazy eyes, we still haven’t decided if we really want to see our sweet AJ like that…..Ok, yes we do.

Brian Littrell


3. Being Top Secret, Hangin’ With The Fam….. But There IS A Wylee Party on Saturday!!

While Brian may not be working on anything (that we know about) at the moment, we LOVE all of his instagram posts about what he IS doing. So what IS he doing? Loving life, of course. When Brian’s not on tour, he’s usually spending time with the family and this break has been no different. From UK games to helping his parents move to playing with light sabers with Baylee, Brian is still just a good ‘ol boy from Kentucky and that is EXACTLY why we love him.

His wife, Leighanne, however is having a Wylee party this weekend in Alpharetta, GA and you can get all the details right here — You never know who might show up!

Kevin Richardson

4. Cover Story – To Be Released Whenever He Feels Like It.

Again, we told you everything we know about the first solo album from Kevin Richardson, Cover Story. While in a soundcheck toward the end of tour he had nothing more to say about it than “we’ll know” when he releases it, we feel like Kevin may Beyonce the whole thing. What does that mean? He’ll creep onto to Twitter and drop it like it’s hot at like 3AM. TURN ON YOUR MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS, MY FRIENDS! Kevin is sneaky.

5. He’s Filming St. Mary’s Secret. 

While Kevin doesn’t broadcast his acting ventures usually, according to IMDB, he is set to play Norman in a psychological thriller entitled St. Mary’s SecretWe can’t WAIT for details. In the meantime, you can now purchase his film Bloody IndulgentYou know, the movie that will make you look differently at Kevin forever….as a filthy mouthed vampire. Yeah, check it out.

Howie D.

6. Recording A Children’s Album?

While we’ve only heard about this project once, it WAS from Howie’s mouth. We haven’t heard much about it and we’re not sure if he made it up or what, but we’ll bite, Mr. D. We want to hear it!

7. He Filmed In Dead 7, too! 

While not too much was shared about Howie’s character in Dead 7, we did learn that he was “The Vaquero” and incredibly less scary than his bandmate, AJ McLean. We have enjoyed Howie’s acting gigs in the past, so we’re excited to see him again, even if it is on the small screen.

Nick Carter

Nick Collage

8. Dead 7 is COMPLETE!

After a few years, a few name changes, a few plot changes, etc., DEAD 7 HAS FINALLY BEEN FILMED! With a plethora of boybanders, 90s icons, comedians, and a Backstreet wife, the cast was filled with quite an assortment of people and we have no doubt that it will be a Sharknado-esque good time! If you missed any of our updates, check them out on the Dead7 page. Oh yeah, it will air on the SyFy network in April!

9. #TeamSharNick Is Burning Up The Dancefloor.

It’s the hottest thing in the Backstreet world right now and we do mean that literally and figuratively. 98% of the Backstreet Army are tuning into Dancing With The Stars every week this season to see Nick dancing with Sharna Burgess and showing a whole new side of himself. We’re obsessed with his button-popping, his shoe-throwing, his glass-breaking and his smooth moves. Oh, and let’s not forget, his GORGEOUS, talented, patient partner Sharna Burgess. If you’ve missed a second of it or you’re still confused about what’s going on, catch up here and on nickcarter.net for weekly recaps!

10. All American, the new solo album, will finally be released!

We’ve known about the album for less than a year, but we’ve been excited ever since we found out. Recently, Nick revealed that All American would be dropping in Japan in November, but has since changed his tune and said that it would “probably” drop worldwide at the same time. Probably because if it doesn’t, we’ll figure out a way to get it anyway. He also added that there’s consideration of a tour in January / February. Get your piggy banks ready!

Don’t wait for the album though! “I Will Wait”, the first single from All American, can be pre-ordered now on iTunes and Google Play. Also, you must see the video. If you haven’t already, lie and say you did because WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Get all the order info and video here!

So there you have it – the Backstreet Boys are all over the place and busy as ever, but of course, we can’t wait to have them back all together in studio and on tour! Soon. Backstreet Soon. 😉


23 Thoughts We Had Watching Nick and Sharna’s Foxtrot (#TeamSharNick)


Editor’s Note: This is late because I wasn’t going to do it for every dance, but after multiple tweets and comments, I’ve decided that maybe I should. 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Two shades of grey is better than 50 – just decided that.

2. Who knew Nick could be so gentle?

3. WOAH! Their arms flew out in such synchronization. It was like when you’re watching a peacock and suddenly – FEATHERS!

4. Dude. Why are they so gorgeous?!

5. Either Sharna’s choreography is crazy good or Nick has been in the ballroom dancing closet. (It’s definitely the first option)

6. That moment Nick lifted her chin, we all wanted to hate Sharna. But we couldn’t.

7. These two belong in a music box.

8. I’ve got to get some of these magic lights that come on when I come down the stairs and do beautiful things.

9. Soaring…

10. WHEN DID THEY HOLD HANDS?! Why are they so smooth!?

11. When did I start crying?

12 – 14. I have no thoughts because this is seriously so beautiful.

15. Oh no…Sharna, please keep your foot on the ground…

16. Phew.

17. In this moment, every Nick fan decided they would rather be dipped than lifted during the next round of VIPs.

18. Nick literally just held out his arms, like he was reminding HER.

19. His face. His face cares so much. My heart can’t take it.

20. Seriously, where do I get a music box with Nick and Sharna inside?

21. The chin lift, PLUS a reassuring nod? Let me just vote 345 times right now.

22. Sharna and that kiss blown REALLY got to me. That kiss went all the way to Australia and straight to her family. Let that sink in.

23. At this point, I have drowned in my own tears. Is there an ’11’ paddle, judges?!

In all seriousness, this Foxtrot was one the most beautiful dances I have seen in 21 seasons of Dancing With The Stars (Take that, Derek!) and I can’t watch it without getting some serious feelings. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to Sharna’s hometown and her family, who I’m positive is so proud of her. Team SharNick really danced with their hearts on the outside this time. That was certainly the Nick Carter that all of us know and love – we are proud to be fans.

Catch Nick and Sharna (and more talented celebs and pros) every Monday night on ABC! If you can’t, I’ll be posting the recaps on nickcarter.net and our reactions here.

15 Words / Phrases In The Backstreet Boys Fan Dictionary (Part One)


It has become quite apparent, over time, that Backstreet fans have created their own phrases and definitions for everyday words that on we understand. These words and phrases have become universally known in the fandom, and have even spread to the Boys themselves. Let us introduce you to part one of the Backstreet Boys Fan Dictionary.

1. Backstreet Time: The time between  when something Backstreet-related is supposed to happen and when it actually happens. We don’t even get mad anymore; we show up late.

Example: “Wasn’t the soundcheck supposed to start at 2? It’s 2:30.” “Yeah, but we’re on Backstreet time.”

2. “Blame Nick Carter”: The phrase uttered when things with the Backstreet Boys don’t necessarily go our way.

Example: ” ‘Don’t Want You Back’ should have been a single!” “I know. Blame Nick Carter.”

3. The Plague: Any sickness you contract following a Backstreet Boys event / concert / contact with any Boy. This is usually used in conjunction with Blame Nick Carter. (See above)

Example: “Yeah, he threw his towel at me and I got The Plague. IT WAS SO WORTH IT!”

4. SC: Short for Sound Check; Small, but necessary event that the Backstreet Boys have recently invited us to share with them and answer the same questions repeatedly, ridiculously amazing questions sometimes, and then entertain us with antic and song previous to the concert. (Not to be confused with South Carolina)

Example: “Does that VIP include SC?” or “Did you see what happened at that one SC?! The Boys gave us their stripper moves!”

5. AP: Short for Afterparty; Backstreet Boys mini event that began officially with the In A World Like This tour that can be really fun or really scary, but always fun to risk. Brian Littrell (usually) not included.

Example: “The Jones Beach AP was off the hook! I got selfies with Kevin AND Howie!”

6. Tour Season: The time of year Backstreet Boys fans save up for, usually before an album release is even announced. Tour season is usually in the Summer months and will rule our entire lives, including husbands, children, work and school.

Example: “If I start the new job now, I’ll have vacation time before tour season.” or “Sorry, kids, we can’t go to Disney World – tour season is coming!”

7. “Howie Doin?”: Phrase that will always make Backstreet fans giggle; alludes to Howie’s name and is usually followed by a wink.

Example: “Howie doin’, sweetheart?”

8. “It’s My Birthday”: The most tweeted phrase to every Backstreet Boy, even when it isn’t your own birthday; phrase used that makes us feel entitled to all the BSB attention we can get our hands on.

Example: “@nickcarter – it’s my birthday… SEND ME SOME LOVE.” or “It’s my birthday, BSB. Sing me a song!”

9. Wonderful Union: The controllers of our VIP universe; fan experience company willing to help us with any fanclub issue, VIP situation, meet & greet problem, etc.; Keepers of a lot of our funds

Example: “I DIDN’T GET A VIP EMAIL! I must contact Ground(ctrl)!” “No! It’s Wonderful Union!”

10. Littrellized: The word describing how you feel after Brian Littrell does something to own you when you’re least expecting it.

Example: “Did you see AJ thrust beside you?!” “No, Brian was staring at me and I got Littrellized.”

11. Organic: The word Kevin Richardson uses at least twice to describe every Backstreet Boys album.

Example: “We were going for a very organic feel with this album….”

12. Resign: The word Nick Carter used instead of “reside” at a very young age that we will never let him live down.

Example: “Oh Nick, do you still resign in Tampa or nah?”

13. Soon: See Backstreet Time.

Example: “We will be going back into the studio soon.”

Translation: “We will be going back into the studio in a year.”

14. Unreleased: The word every fan uses at least 65 times in a year when asking the Backstreet Boys questions and yields no definite answer.

Example: “When will we be getting unreleased material?” *crickets*

15. Special Announcement: Phrase used by Backstreet Boys to tell us when they are going to announce something we had previous knowledge of, but get excited anyway. If we do not know of said ‘special announcement’, we WILL find out about it before it is announced.

Example: “Did you see the BSB say they had a special announcement?!” “Yeah, it’s tour dates and I have a cousin that says August 28th is when they’ll be in Atlanta – you coming?”

16. WOEJIIHEWJIFNS: The response of any fan who has an unexpected interaction with any Backstreet Boy. Basically, nonsense and explosion on the inside.

Example: “Brian Littrell told me Happy Birthday and called me sweetheart – uiahwirhehfcsfsjif!”

Look out for more installments of Backstreet Boys Fan dictionary – COMING SOON!

10 Emotional Fan Reactions To Nick Carter’s #IWillWait Music Video


Since it had been hinted that Nick Carter had a new music video wrapped last month, fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for it to drop. Slowly, details trickled out and “I Will Wait” was, in fact, what we were all having a hard time waiting for. What we weren’t ready for is the extremely stripped down version of Nick that the music video for the song captured or the story that it told.

Minutes after the video was released, the internet was buzzing with emotional responses. Many weren’t prepared for the feelings that were elicited by watching the video (and this time, it wasn’t just because of Nick). The video added layers of meaning to the song itself, introducing us to an elderly couple with an enduring love story that we can only imagine.

Reading through the responses to the video, I realized that many fans had different reasons for their reactions. The stories were feel-inducing and I asked fans to share how the video for “I Will Wait” affected them personally. The following are things that fans shared with me and I thank them for it immensely. I’m sure that Nick never imagined so many people would feel so many things, but hopefully, he might now.


” ‘I Will Wait’ was beyond beautiful. It made me tear up because of how deep the love story was. I should be so lucky to find a love like that one day.” – @Sushi_Flower

“I lost count of how many times I have listened to Nick’s new single ” Will Wait”. It’s a very beautiful song and each time I listen I can picture another scenario. When I saw your post on Twitter, I had to reply. I picture a pregnant woman first. Me. I’m pregnant with my third and final child. The mother is singing to her unborn baby. She might have not done everything “perfect” but she’s waiting for her baby. Scenario 2) A military wife. She’s singing it to him and hes singing it to her from across the seas. He is the end part, he left her to go to war, but she will wait for him. And she wont leave him behind. And then of course Nick’s vision, two old people who love each other too much to be apart.” – @Sstutler12

“Nick’s video made me think of my grandparents. My grandfather recently passed away from Alzheimer’s but my grandmother is still alive. They were married for over 70 years and had 5 kids,12 grandkids, and 17 great-grandchildren. Seeing the couple in the video made me think of them because of how they looked lovingly at each other,how they danced together and the pain my grandmother felt when my grandfather passed away. I’m tearing up now just typing this message to you. I know this isn’t much of a story,but seeing this video really hit home for me.” – @LilMamaOlson

” ‘I Will Wait’ music video reminded me of my GrandParents. Their relationship growing up and the way they show their affection to one another. And now that they are together again in the ever after, I guess in a way, they both waited for each other to be together forever.” – @Jhie0730

“Nick’s new song “I Will Wait” hit home for me! I just lost my Dad 2 months ago to cancer. He was only 66. My Mom is now left without her soulmate for the rest of her life, my sister and I are without a father and my 2 boys are without a grandpa. My Mom, sister and I were with Dad in the hospital when he passed away. A very difficult and emotional thing to have to go through. Watching this video and hearing the words was very moving and I cried throughout. Especially still being so new to the fact of losing dad.” – @alliebsb

“Nick’s new video literally made me cry…reminded me of when I lost my mom. Specifically in the part where the old couple is together and the old woman is on her deathbed holding her husband’s hand…and when she passed her hand let go. That exact same thing happened to me when I lost my mom to Pancreatic Cancer. I refused to leave her hospital room…just sat by her and held her hand until after she finally let go and was in God’s hands. She was my rock…my everything…and life has not been the same without her. I miss her so much and don’t think I would ever be able to get through her loss without the Backstreet Boys and their music. I can’t thank them enough for their existence!” – @AngeleenaMarie

“I lost both my parents a year ago. My Mom, very unexpectedly, went first, and eighteen days later my Dad followed her. While it was incredibly sad I knew he couldn’t bear to live without her so he left us to go to her. Nick’s ‘I Will Wait’ video was so poignant and it really touched a chord in my heart. I’d love to thank him for that”. – Lynne Macaulay

“About #IWillWait video… I’m falling love with song already when I listened only 15 seconds, his sweet voice made me shiver. The Music Video has totally different mean for me, I couldn’t stop to crying when I watched it first…It reminded me about my hubby’s cancers surgeries, I hold his wedding ring almost imprinting on my hands while I waited for the end, how scared I was, how do I wanted to believe he will be fine. I just saw and hold his ring like it’s only hope to me at that time. Beautiful song and video, it means huge for me to realize that how thankful my hubby is still beside me” – @jun_pure_bsb

“So I’ve never cried at a music video before. Let me just say that first. So when I saw this and realized I was outright bawling, I was a bit shocked at myself for being affected so deeply. But that’s the beauty of the “I Will Wait” music video, it’s a deep and lovely story told in a simple but not cheesy manner.

At the end of October in 2012, I lost my mother to a sudden brain aneurysm. She’d slipped, fallen but said she was okay when she got up. When she went to sleep, she never woke up again. So watching that video…and seeing the husband by his wife’s side as she passes. It was so poignant to what my father went through in losing my mother. And he’s waiting for the day when he’ll someday join her again. Seeing that told, in that music video touched my heart. It hurt but almost therapeutically. Thank you Nick, for making this video. Thank you for writing such a beautiful song. I don’t know if you’ll read this blog post of Sara’s or know what you did. But I hope you do. I hope you know the ways you’ve helped your fans. The way you reach us, without even realizing it.” – @ForeverRebel

“I will tell my story about how the song “I will wait” changed my view on things. This is a very personal story I never shared with someone. A lot of people probably don’t understand this, but I’m ready to share this now. As a twelve year old girl I had nightmares about cemeteries. Since this age I’ve always been afraid to die. Every single day being afraid to go to sleep. I thought what if I don’t wake up again. When I walk outside a lot of times I’m thinking have to go home to my kids maybe I won’t be there tomorrow. I’m now 34 years old so it’s a long time that it controls my life. It’s a fact someday I’ll die but to accept that fact is from a whole different level. When finally the video was released of “I Will Wait” it made me cry for so long. The emotions of all the years of being afraid to die. I realized something while watching the video “What if I’ll die like this why would I be afraid”. Still afraid to die but the thought behind the song makes it more bearable. So I’m watching it over and over again some kind of therapy for me” – @belovesmatt


23 Thoughts We Had While Watching Nick and Sharna’s Jive

1. Hey! Where are Nick and Sharna?

2. Does Nick look like he got scared and hid under the covers? Or is he about to jump up and scare us?

3. Hey Sharna – we see you! You’re bad at hiding…

4. Wow! Sharna was up fast. Nick looks like he forgot where he was. MEN.

5. I’ve never seen a man pull off his clothes as fast as Nick Carter did with those “pajamas”.

6. Is anyone else wondering how many times Nick practicing sliding on the floor after those kicks and flicks?!

7. Again, this couple has the prettiest, brightest teeth in all the land.

8. Oh yeah, there it is – a little Nick groove with those hips, smack in the middle of the Jive. We dig.

9. Who knew Nick could high kick!? Sharna just risked her head!

10. There he goes with the pointing…

11. Honestly, has a salute ever been cuter?

12. Not until the replay did I know Nick fell. I totally thought he was trying to beat Derek to the floor sliding to show him whose boss this season.

13. They may have gotten a little lost – but they look like little fireworks!

14. That partner footwork is on point, ESPECIALLY for a 2nd week dance with two dances.

15. Can we take a moment to just pause and stare at these white pants?

16. Tight white pants.

17. How is he even moving so well in those pants? Where’s a 10 just for that?

18. Sharna is actually a tiny little red haired fairy goddess. Where are her wings?

19. OH NO! Nick’s on the ground….

20. Oh wait! He’s got tricks! Look at our boy, bouncing off the floor like it ain’t no thang…

21. The look on Nick’s face at the end of his dance makes us want to eat his cute little face off (Not in a crazy bath-salt-eating way though).

22. Thank you Sharna for telling him it’s okay!

23. Never in 21 seasons have I seen someone throw their shoes off and then point at them. We love you so much, Nick.

We ADORE you, Team SharNick! Tune in tonight at 9/8c on ABC to see them perform the Foxtrot and, as always, vote your night away!


3 Reasons We Loved Seeing Kevin and Brian At The UK Game This Weekend


We all know that after nearly two straight years of touring, the majority of the Backstreet Boys have been taking well deserved time off for their families and side projects. Every once in a while though, they will pop up into the public and we do everything we can to gather all the photos, information and video that we can.

This weekend was one of those times. Kevin and Brian (along with their families) were in attendance at the University of Kentucky game this Saturday and it struck a chord with us.

1. It’s Always Good To See The Boys Back Home.

CPYF4YEVEAIQYwU 12049392_10153485688556999_2134189760524421932_n

While the Kentucky cousins have proven themselves to be highly attractive in most parts of the world, there’s something about the look of pride when they return to their hometown of Lexington, KY. We can only imagine as young boys, Kevin and Brian going to the UK games, never imagining that the band would one day be marching to their own music. You can sell out all the arenas in the world, win all of the awards you want, sell millions of albums, but nothing tops the feeling of coming back home to a fanfare, of realizing that the people you are fans of are actually fans of your own work. The pride and feelings are written all over their faces. You’ve made it, boys!

2. How Unbelievably Cute Were They With Their Sons?!



We always love seeing any of the Boys with their families, especially their children, but something was magic about seeing Kevin and Brian with their boys at a UK game. While Baylee, Mason, and Maxwell may not know it now, these are memories with their dads that they will cherish forever. Sure, they get to travel on a tour bus and see Dad on different stages, but who remembers watching your dad work? It’s things like going to football games like Kevin and Brian did with their dads, that their kids are going to remember. Just as they look prideful about being on their home field, they seem equally as proud to have their families with them. Talk about our heartstrings!

3. We Love Seeing Kevin and Brian Fanboy Like We Fangirl.

CPT1CygVEAAEFQj 12032198_10153485657311999_3632633741237545171_n

They may be celebrities – but they’re two of the most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. Several photos popped up yesterday of Kevin and Brian mingling with other fans, dancers, band members, etc. They could easily sit in a box and ignore everyone, but they don’t. They love this team, they love their town, and they remember where they come from – as if we didn’t already love them. (Oh, and we’re pretty sure you couldn’t keep Kevin still at a game if you tried, but whatever.)

The point is, as much as we love seeing the Backstreet Boys being the Backstreet Boys, we’ve grown to love them as the men they are outside of their onstage performance. This is a group of humble guys who we can really get behind.

Thank you, Boys, for being someone that we can share with our own kids.

In case you missed it, the University of Kentucky marching band performed a tribute to the Backstreet Boys, which you can see below. If I find a better video, I’ll post it ASAP. ❤

7 Fan-Favorite Brian Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruises

Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite Brian Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

1.“My fave Brian moment hmm so many …the family feud game and him joking around and being funny. That man shows his sense of humor!” – @ilovebrian4life

2. “During the 2013 cruise beach party, Brian took pictures with everyone in the first couple of rows. I think it took him hours and I was one of the lucky ones.” – @Miry_iam


3. “On the 2013 cruise, which was my first cruise, was the first time I “officially” met BSB and I was awkward and nervous. I went to hug Brian and he didn’t notice (because I’m awkward like that?) Lol but then he turned around and gave me 2 hugs because he missed the first one. 🙂 Then on the 2014 cruise, I waited up on the upper deck to get my selfie with Brian and when he finally made it to me, I took the first pic and it sucked so I asked him to take it. He didn’t like that one so he accidentally pushed the wrong button on my phone and scrolled through my apps to find the camera to take a better selfie! He was such a sweet heart.” – @AshlovesBrian


4. “I was on the 2013 cruise, and right after we boarded, it was time to eat. My friends and I grabbed some food at the buffet, sat down at a table, and ate. After, we decided to get up so we could get a spot on the deck for the Sail Away party. All of a sudden, we heard a commotion back by where our table had been. We turned to look, and realized that Brian was going through the buffet line to eat. Shortly thereafter, he walked by the area we had been sitting, and swiped a plate full of food from an unsuspecting fan who hadn’t seen him coming! She turned quickly, clearly prepared to let whoever it was have a piece of her mind, but her jaw dropped open when she saw who it was! It was the funniest thing. Even though it isn’t a personal interaction of mine, and I have no idea who the girl was, it still remains one of my favorite memories of the cruise, because it was just such a classically Brian move – and it made EVERYBODY laugh!” – @BSBStreetups


5. “So on my 1st cruise (the 20th anniversary one) my goal was to get my 1st solo pic with my fav boy, which just happens to be Brian! Anyways, while we were about to go through security to get on the boat we were told to stop cause the boys were about to go through. So I waited impatiently for the boys and eventually Brian walks by. Fortunately, I was able to find my voice and he came over to take a pic with me. Needless to say I was ecstatic since I was able to get the one thing I wanted before even stepping on the ship! Brian was so sweet in that moment, he made sure he took the best picture before handing my camera back over!

On concert night of the 2013 cruise, we managed to get front row. Brian was on the other side of the stage for the majority of the show, and towards the end he made a point to come say Hi because these are his words “I saw that you wanted me to come over, so I had too” …this may be one of my fav Brok moments from the cruise! Both of those were just small/quick moments but it was those moments that I will never forget! Memories to last a lifetime!! Not many people get to meet there idols, and I am so thankful to have had the chance to meet Brian and say thank you! He truly is one of the most caring, sweetest and funniest people I’ve ever met! Basically Brian is Awesome!!!” – @AmyBChirps

6. “My favorite memory with Brian is from the 2013 cruise. Brian was autographing things for people during Bachelorette night. I was right near the back of the stage when this was happening and luckily I was close enough. I handed him my drink receipt which was literally the only thing I had. He looked at it with confusion. I gestured that it was mine. He read the receipt which was for the “Kiss on The Lips” drink, so I started blowing him kisses. He kissed my receipt and signed it. I kept looking for videos of this interaction, but I haven’t found one yet. It was just so adorable.” – @Sushi_Flower

unnamed (6)

7. “One of my favorite Brian cruise moment was when he gave me custom Air force ones on the 2013 cruise during the sail away party.

I have to back up a bit before the cruise I jokingle tweeted Brian asking him if I could borrow a pair of his bright kicks for neon night. He replied and asked me what size I needed because he might make me some. I decided to humor him and tell him. Fast forward to the day before the cruise he tweeted me saying he didn’t have my favorite color (orange) but asked if his favorite color would be okay. I told him any color would do. (At this point I still didn’t believe him.) So the next day the cruise starts….fast forward to the sail away party and Brian comes over with Blue and white Nike Air Force Ones. He was serious about it. So crazy but awesome. I mean how many fans can say their favorite musical artist made them sneakers? Not many right? Just another reason Brian Thomas Littrell is such an incredible human being. :)” – @Yahtzee27

What was YOUR favorite Brian moment?!

7 Things To Remember About The Backstreet Boys “Into The Millennium” Tour

In 1999, there was no social media, there was no VIP, there were no digital music options and CDs were fairly new.

In 1999, there was us. Most of us were kids, most of us did not have kids, and all of us shared the same love we do today.

In 1999, there were the Backstreet Boys. Before wives and children of their own, they were coming into their own as adults and selling out arenas worldwide. They were creating a hysteria within us by simply showing up and singing their music.

The Into The Millennium tour would prove to be the point where many fans became hardcore fans, dedicated for life. It was the beginning of an era; not just for the Boys, but for pop culture. Allow us to remind you how awesome it really was:

1. Getting Tickets To The “Into The Millennium” Tour Was CUTTHROAT. 

The tour was the hottest ticket around and God bless our parents for indulging us on this one. Now that we are old enough to buy our own tickets, we know what our parents went through and it was even harder back then. Most arenas sold out in minutes and, please note, online ticket purchasing was not a huge thing in 1999. You had to actually line up at box offices and Ticketmaster vendors to get your tickets or go by phone (while you looked at the seating chart in the phonebook). The fact that the tour was selling so quickly with only these options is insane!

2. That Was Really The First Time Most Of Us Knew What It Felt Like To Feel Our Hearts Exploding.

That feeling we get now when the lights go down just before a BSB concert, all started with Millennium. As soon as Kevin raised his eyebrow and opened his mouth with the “Are you ready to paaarrrrr-taaayyy?!” – We. Were. Done. Our hearts were never the same and from that point on, we were addicted to the Backstreet high.

3. They FLEW! 

For the first and last time, the Backstreet Boys FLEW OVER OUR HEADS. We don’t know how they were talked into it (especially height-fearing Brian), but we were definitely aware that no other boyband was that awesome. We also couldn’t help but wish that one of them might fall on top of us (Look, we had no concept of pain then). Also, we obsessed over the story about Kevin’s pants falling while he was in the air and every girl wished she was there. Simple times, folks. 16 years later, Kevin rips his pants onstage and walks around like it’s no big deal.

4. Kevin Rising Up And Playing The Piano Along With Nick On Drums.

While they played a few of their own instruments during the first Backstreet U.S. tour, there is not one of us who didn’t swoon when Kevin’s piano rose from the middle of the stage, playing an instrumental and then going into “Back To Your Heart”. Tie in Nick on the drums and the smooth vocals of Brian, AJ and Howie and we were puddles on the ground.

5. “The Perfect Fan” Got Our Moms Involved.

Brian wrote “The Perfect Fan” (scoring points with our moms) then invite moms onstage while they sang it (pretty sure that made him the top mom-approved BSB). Most of our moms were already fans of our wholesome Backstreet Boys, but this just allowed them to be out about it. Of course, we thought it was cool that our mom loved them too – that meant we could rewind the cassette tape in the car and play it over and over. It also meant we had someone going with us to the concert that had a credit card for the merch.

6. The Boys Were Untouchable.

At the time of the “Into The Millennium” tour, there was no such thing as VIP. You couldn’t just buy your way in to meet the Backstreet Boys and, really, with good reason. We were CRAZY. The majority of us were going through puberty and didn’t understand our feelings, we just knew that if we got within reaching distance of Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ, or Kevin – we were going to take one home. Mom would approve! There were very few lucky fans who received the chance to do meet and greets back then. My, my, how far we have come!

7. The Tour / Era Changed Our Lives.

While Millennium was really the height of everything career wise, the Backstreet Boys only used it as the first step to show us what they were capable of. Since then, they’ve continually impressed us with tour after tour, album after album, success after success. We have grown, the Boys have grown, and times have changed but the “Into The Millennium” tour was absolutely a game changer for all of us. 16 years later, we still have those 1999 feelings and we wouldn’t have it any other way (‘Cause we want it that way).

9 #TeamSharNick Videos You Need To See Right Now


Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess started their first official DWTS rehearsals this week and let us in on it via a Periscope video on Thursday during a break! Since then, a good bit of media has fallen into our hands. From footage and photos of #TeamSharnick and the other celebs/pros dancing in the street of Hollywood on Thursday night, to Access Hollywood videos to ABC promotional soundbytes, we’ve compiled a sampler for you right here!


ABC Soundbytes


1. Will Nick Be Open To Brotherly Advice?


2. What About Nick’s First Time Dancing In Public?


3. What Do Nick And Sharna Want To Accomplish This Season?


4. Nick Is Excited About Costumes!


Thursday Night’s Just Right… For Dancin’ In The Street!

Thursday night, DWTS asked fans and dancers to learn choreography for a taping of what will be the opening scene of the premiere on Monday. (Sidenote: Make sure you know where to watch / how to vote) WHOTB stayed up late to keep you updated on Twitter and now we can post a few on the best things here. A heartfelt thank you to fans who were there that posted videos for those who couldn’t be!  FYI – We knew Nick would bust out his moves, we just didn’t know it’d be so soon.

5. Yep, That’s Nick.

6. Look At That Choreography!

7. We’re Basically At A BSB Concert…

8. There It Is…


9. Then There’s THIS Interview…. Bless You, Access Hollywood!

We are already even MORE obsessed with Team SharNick and are still convinced they’re the winners, period. They’ve got charm, talent, and looks – TRIPLE. THREAT. Back up, ballroom. These two are coming to burn you up!


Thanks to the fans that gave me permission to post their videos as well as WHOTB affiliates at The Darkside of Backstreet for taking shifts with me in finding all the things!