11 Signs That You Have Chronic Brian Littrell Syndrome

It pops up out of nowhere, much like Brian Littrell himself. What am I referring to? Chronic Brian Littrell Syndrome, of course. Referred to as CBLS for short, it’s hard to shake once you catch. In fact, most of the infected don’t even want to be cured. Think you might have fallen victim to the syndrome? Check out the symptoms!

1. You Don’t Prefer Your Backstreet Boys Right Side Up.


What are we talking about? If you have Chronic Brian Littrell Syndrome, you know EXACTLY what I mean. Brian often entertains us by flipping upside down at the most surprising moments, making it easier for us to spot him onstage because he is the only one with feet (with oftentimes neon colored shoes) where his head should be. As a person inflicted with CBLS, you notice that Brian is just making his head closer to us. Who wants to look at shoes? Brian is bringing his face down to us. What a gem!

2. You Can’t Say “Alright” And “Gotta Go” In A Normal Voice.


When you read that, you heard exactly what I meant. This symptom might even go beyond the CBLS group and has spread into the fandom in general. If anyone in your presence says “alright”, you find yourself having to whisper it to yourself in the Brian-Backstreets-Back voice. Ok, maybe you don’t whisper, maybe you’re one of the ones who risk the stare you know you’re gonna get. The “gotta go” makes you look even stranger to your normie friends, but who cares? You can’t help what Brian has done to you.

3. You Regularly Squirm Around When You’re Bored With Your Friends.


This is an inadvertent side effect of having CBLS. You have been so often entertained by Brian making a scene by himself when he’s bored during interviews/soundchecks/concerts/life moments that you have taken to doing it on your own. You totally get it now and hey, if you’re really good at it, your friends never find out….until you fall out of your chair.

4. You Secretly Hope That Brian Jumps Off A Stage One Day And Knocks Your Head Off.


In addition to being flipped around during shows, Brian also likes to show off his ability to Michael Jordan jump during shows. While the trick has nearly given us heart attacks at times, those with the worst form of CBLS are kind of secretly hoping that one day, Brian’s aim will be off just a little and he will either hit you in the head or land on top of you. Just as it is an honor for those with CNCS for Nick Carter to get them sick, it would be an honor for Brian to kill injure give you some badass battle scars. One day, someone is literally going to move in his way trying.

5. A Selfie From Mr. Littrell Has Paralyzed You.

Apologies if the above selfie just paralyzed you again. OOPS! Brian’s selfies have been so on point that we even have a whole post dedicated to the perfection of his face. CBLS-ers have a name for every Brian selfie ever posted and can remember exactly how they were affected by it. “The shirtless Spice Girls challenge selfie that made me not sleep for hours? Yeah, I remember.”

6. You’ve Learned To Play Basketball …Just In Case.

It is important for anyone with the syndrome to have a plan in case they run into Brian when they least expect it. Knowing his love for basketball, many learned how to play basketball on the off chance that they needed to have a conversation with Brian and couldn’t think of anything else. A few might even be crazy enough to challenge him in a game. If that is you, you would be in the CBLS Hall Of Champions….even though you would NEVER win the game.

7. Hugging Brian Should Be A Separate VIP Add-On …Because Those Arms.

This doesn’t even need explaining. Those arms. Those hugs. TAKE OUR MONEY.

8. You Went On The BSB Cruise And Had To Prepare Yourself For Brian.

So you’re going on the Backstreet Boys cruise, but you’re not just a regular fan. You’re there with the Brian Syndrome and you have spent your whole trip to the boat preparing for the Brian that is Cruise Brian – because it’s different and we all know it. He’s wild, he’s free, and he is going to be in the ocean. Your brain explodes with the possibilities before you even see him. Also, you just read that sentence as BRIAN exploding, not brain. Another sign.

9. You’ve Tweeted Leighanne On A Regular Basis To Force Brian To Use Social Media More Often.

Much like people ask Howie where Kevin is at afterparty, the Chronic Brian-ers have no shame in tweeting Leighanne to beg Brian to use social media more. Chirp parties were so fun, you say! BONUS: If you have CBLS, you refer to tweeting as chirping more often than not and you have gained several weird looks for it.

10. Near A Shoe Store? Take Multiple Pics Of Different Shoes To Get Brian’s Attention.

…But you’re not going to tweet them all at once – you’re not stupid! One does not use all of their bait at one time. If at any point, Brian responds to any shoe picture you send, you’re probably going to buy them for him because…ugh…THE SYNDROME. You actually can not help it.

11. You Attribute A Lot Of Your Never-Give-Up Attitude To Brian.

But if we’re going by this point alone, anyone that has ever had Brian pass through their life would be suffering from completely content living with Chronic Brian Littrell Syndrome. His attitude about life, his kindness and his drive have inspired millions of us and we’re so lucky that he will continue to do so in the future.


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