7 Reasons Why We Love Brian and Leighanne Littrell

The second of the Backstreet Boys to be married and the first to start a family, Brian Littrell will be celebrating 15 YEARS with his wife Leighanne on September 2nd. Wow, we can NOT believe it’s been that long. The couple has never been shy about publicly displaying the love they have for one another and the fairytale only grew sweeter when they added their son, Baylee, to the family! After 15 years, we couldn’t imagine not loving the Littrells.

1. The Way They Watch Baylee Perform On Stage HAD To Be One Of The Cutest Things EVER.


Most of the Backstreet fans that have been fans for a while still see Baylee Littrell as a 4 year old. When he began opening shows on the last Backstreet Boys tour, we couldn’t believe how old he had gotten – and neither could his parents. Not only were we obsessed with his talent, we were also obsessed with his parents watching on. Our hearts grew three sizes watching Brian and Leighanne watch their son perform onstage with such pride! They’ve poured their hearts and souls into their boy and it shows.

2. They Support Each Other.

Since day one, Brian and Leighanne have been supportive of each other. Leighanne has been one of, if not the most, present wife on Backstreet Boys tours and events and has made numerous connections with fans, cheering on her husband when she can. Brian has also enthusiastically promoted anything his wife has done as well – from cameos in Olive Juice to modeling for / making appearances for the Wylee brand, run and operated by Leighanne! It’s clear that they’re each other’s biggest fans and we find it pretty endearing.

3. The Social Media Love Notes. 

While the Littrells are known for regular posts on instagram, they are also growing to be known for the sweet (sometimes sexy) comments they leave for each other. You’d think after 15 years of marriage, husbands and wives would be out of the “honeymoon” period – they wouldn’t think to tell each other how good they look, how much they miss each other, how happy they are to have each other… not these two. We’re literally on the watch everytime one of them posts now for the comment to follow… and then we punch our own significant other in the arm.

4. They’ve Stayed True To Their Roots.

Brian and Leighanne were both born in the South and in the South they have stayed. Opting out of Hollywood life while not on tour, recording, etc., the Littrells have stayed true to their roots by putting their roots down in Atlanta and quietly living a life with their friends and family. Their home may be a pretty big one, but they live a relatively normal life inside of it. They make their own meals, put up their own Christmas trees, throw their own pool parties, Halloween parties, birthday parties and shoot their own fireworks. They also don’t make any bones about what they believe and who they are. We LOVE the normal side of the Littrells and really, can not get enough!

5. They’ve (Willingly) Let Us Into Their Lives.

Whether it be keeping people updated on the 43 Christmas trees put up every year, posting pics from vacation, or signing autographs for Wylee orders that fans have ordered, Brian and Leighanne have invited us into nearly every aspect of their lives. Who remembers the time they took to do video chats?! Not only do they let us in on the mundane parts of life, they are also known for their fan events for HHC and Wylee – which end up being more like parties! These two are heavily involved in anything they set out to do to make sure that it is worth it for fans. They’ve made a real connection with fans when they didn’t have to and that is definitely one of the reasons we love them!

6. The Story Of How They Met Is Straight From A Movie.

A boy in a band married an actress from one their earliest videos — is this real life?! For Brian and Leighanne, it is. Their love story gave us hope….until the rest of the Backstreet Boys got married…not to any of us (Just kidding. Kind of.). Regardless of the fact that it never worked for any of us, the story of how they met on the set of As Long As You Love Me is a true testament to the fact that a higher power puts you in the right place at the right time.

7. They Work Toward The Happily Ever After. 

True love exists. True love will withstand the test of time. The Littrells are living proof. Marriage is not easy and 15 years is an eternity nowadays for any couple, much less a celebrity couple. They’ve made it no secret that making a marriage / family work while one half is away is not easy, but they’ve worked at it and they’re happy. It’s refreshing, it’s envy-inducing, it’s beautiful and it’s something we all want for ourselves. Brian and Leighanne have been a pretty awesome example of everything love is supposed to be.

Happy Anniversary, Brian and Leighanne. Congratulations on your continued success at Happily Ever After ❤


REQUEST: What Advice Do YOU Have For Nick’s Partner On “Dancing With The Stars”?


It’s that time again where I need input from all of you. On Wednesday, September 2nd, it will be announced who Nick’s professional dance partner will be on Dancing With The Stars. While we strongly suspect that it will be fan-favorite Sharna Burgess, nothing is written in stone just yet.

Here’s what I need from you — We’ve “known” Nick for 22 years and it’s important that his pro dancer is fully prepared for all things Carter. What suggestions do you have for Nick’s dancing partner?! What should she have with her during rehearsals? What does she need to be warned about? What should she avoid doing? What should she feature from Nick’s strengths? Also, send your words of kindness and encouragement! 

Send yours in via comments, tweets, Facebook comments by WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd. 🙂

5 Fan-Favorite Howie D. Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruise

Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite Howie D. Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

  • “ABC night last year: Howie starting taking Hershey kisses off of his costume and giving them out to the girls who were on stage. I was in a conversation with Brian when my friend came over to me and handed me a kiss. She said that’s from Howie. I looked over at him and he waved/winked at me. Such a sweetheart!” – @AndieYammine
  • “On the 2013 cruise on Neon night it was like 5am and we were walking around the lido deck I turned the corner and LITERALLY ran into Howie. I said “Where the f**k did you come from Howie?” He was beyond drunk. I asked him for a pic he told me to ask Eddie I said “Eff Eddie, I got this.” We took a picture then a bunch of fans wanted pics and I turned into the picture taker making sure everyone got a pic and stayed in a neat line, etc. It was funny and Howie was great.” – @Yahtzee27
  • “Howie is a party animal! At 3pm and 3am…he is there, singing, dancing, drinking, interacting with the fans.” – @Miry_iam
  • “I’ve only been to the 2011 cruise, and there were plenty of amazing moments with Howie. My favorite was meeting Howie at the beach party. Howie tried his best to greet every fan, he even covered his bodyguard’s mouth and said “Josh will never say no to you again.“ Luckily, I got a quick selfie with Howie. It was fun to see Howie playing beach volleyball with Brian and Kevin as well. During the group photoshoot, I got a chance to tell Howie how much I love his solo album Back to Me. Howie listened, put his hand on his heart, gave me the warmest smile, and said “My pleasure”. Thought it was just a simple gesture, it was the sweetest thing ever.” – @emilybsb
  • “My favorite moments that I met Howie on the BSB Cruise 2011 for the first time. When I asked him to take a picture with me at Bahama and he was so happy that I just asked to rock the party at the cruise and he did lol and it was the best time of my life.” – @AJChicaBitches

8 Reasons We’re Excited About Nick Carter on Dancing With The Stars

Rumors had been circulating for months regarding Nick Carter on Dancing With The Stars and, of course, it was confirmed Wednesday morning. Since then, fans have been running wild on social media with ideas of what the season will bring and have actually been able to make Nick a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter since the announcement was made. So, why ARE we excited to see our Boy on DWTS every week and what do we hope the season brings? Find out here.

1. The Return Of A Classic Backstreet Boys Dance.

As we stated before, the Backstreet Boys are KNOWN for some pretty iconic dances that EVERYONE recognizes. Nothing would delight current and former fans (and really anyone who was alive in the 90s, even though they won’t admit it) than seeing pieces of a Backstreet dance tied into one of Nick’s performances. Also, if rumors are true and Sharna Burgess is Nick’s partner, she is already admittedly a Backstreet Boys fan and what ultimate dream of a fan is there than doing their choreography.

….Or maybe just that “vogue-ing” he did in the “Quit Playing Games” video….

2. Backstreet Audience Members.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the Boys supporting each other. Bets are already being taken on how long it takes Kevin and/or Brian to show up and cry and how jealous AJ is going to be that Nick gets to perform and he doesn’t. Then, of course, there is the ever encouraging Howie D., who seems to be a fountain of wisdom when it comes to Nick. We suspect to see him, at least online if not in the ballroom, pulling for his boy every week. However they choose to support him, we have every bit of faith that it will be in a big way. And that if Nick wins the Mirrorball Trophy, one of the other Boys might catch the fever…

3. HELLO! Nick On Our TVs EVERY Week.

When Dancing With The Stars premieres, it will be just over a year since the premiere of having the pleasure of watching Nick on our TVs every with I Heart Nick Carter. Since then, we have been heavily pained to not have any Backstreet Boys on TV and have succumbed to endless YouTube marathons to drown our withdrawal symptoms. While DWTS only lasts a few months, we are PRETTY confident that Nick will be there until the end if we have anything to do with it (which we do).

4. Have You SEEN The Paso Doble?

For those of you who are not regular viewers of dancers in the ballroom on ABC, the Paso Doble is one of the most powerful, sexiest dances of the season. Much like a bull and a matador, the dance requires the man to be strong, confident, fierce…and usually open-shirted. Seeing Nick in this position may be unlike we’ve seen him before, but it would DEFINITELY be something we could get used to!

5. We Want The World To Know What Nick Is Up To.


From Dead 7 to a new solo album to the Backstreet Boys heading back into the studio, Nick’s appearance on DWTS is a great way to let the world know that he (or the Boys) is not slowing down anytime soon. While we tweet, post, and talk about Nick and the Backstreet Boys’ projects to anyone who will listen, having a platform such as this reaches a whole new level of possible successes for him. Of course, that’s what the Backstreet army is interested in – success for our Boys!

6. We Know The Dancing That He’s Capable Of.

Don’t act like you haven’t seen the endless amount of gifs, videos, and even our own post about Nick’s dancing that have flooded Twitter in the wake of the Dancing With The Stars announcement. Nick Carter’s dancing has become a staple for fan affection during Backstreet Boys’ shows. While he KILLS the choreography, when allowed the freestyle, the rhythm jumps into Nick’s body and takes control. We can’t wait to see such a mix when he hits the LIVE dance floor! However, the DWTS time spot may be too early for his PG-13 stage humping and pelvic thrusting….but we hope he sneaks in just a little. What is Nick Carter without his sex-u-alittttyyy?! (We hope you heard that like we did.)

7. We Love A Competitive Nick Carter! 

We’ve seen how driven Nick gets. We’ve seen his intensity to be the best and it’s one of his best personality traits. The higher the stakes get, the closer he gets to finals, we’re sure to all see a Nick that we can get behind! In the past few years, he has proven to be driven to get what he wants in every aspect of his life and we’re sure this competition will be one more thing that he will conquer. Watch out, ballroom – Nick Carter is coming to kick ass and take names (and we sure hope it’s sometimes without his shirt)!

8. Our Mondays Just Got So Much Better.

Dancing With The Stars premieres Monday, September 14th on ABC and will be the highlight of our Mondays until the finale! REMEMBER – you have to vote via text, by phone or online by a limited amount of time after the show. You only get so many votes so use them wisely! If you are not in the U.S., I WILL be updating nickcarter.net every Monday night with a recap of what you missed and more ways you can show your support for Mr.Carter! (Side Note: The final cast reveal is September 2nd and premiere is September 14th – almost the exact same dates last year that Nick and Knight was released and tour started. Should we mark these dates for Nick every year now or what?)

Good Luck, Nick! Your army loves and supports you to infinity and beyond! ❤ See you on the dance floor!

SOLD: Backstreet Boys Memorabilia From The “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” Video

Editors Note: These items HAVE BEEN SOLD but I’m keeping the post up because they’re cool items to know they exist. 🙂

This isn’t my typical post, but a few nights ago, I received an email from a fan that some of you might be interested in.

If you’ve ever wondered where certain things went from the from the “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” music video – here’s an answer to the piece of the puzzle! A fan purchased pieces of the “makeup” for the Boys a few years ago from a makeup artist on set and is now looking for a new home for them. While she paid $1600 for the whole set, she is willing to entertain REASONABLE offers.

So what does this set include? Brian’s werewolf ears, one of Nick’s mummy hands, AJ’s Phantom mask, Kevin’s “scaly” skin, nails and Howie’s fangs as well as the makeup artist’s sketches for the Boys. She is only looking to sell as a SET. Pictures are included below and each piece includes a certificate of authenticity that she can also provide photos of.

If you are interested, email me at whothebackstreet@gmail.com and I will put you in touch! Either way, I thought it would be cool for people to see that these pieces are still in existence! 🙂

IMG_20150822_174446208 IMG_20150822_174455667 IMG_20150822_174459286 IMG_20150822_174501827 IMG_20150822_174505119_TOP IMG_20150822_175155254

8 Reasons Why We Love Howie D.

howie-d (1)

One of the first members of the Backstreet Boys, Howie has worked his way into our hearts since day one. He has been the most stealth, arguably the most reliable, and sometimes the most surprising member of the group and we couldn’t imagine the group without him. On his birthday, let’s reflect on the top reasons we love us some Howie D.

1. His Signature Wink.

Everyone knows about Howie and his wink. If you’ve never been winked at by Howie, you really haven’t made it as a fan. Howie really wouldn’t be Howie without it and we love it!

2. The Way He Sings Like He Means It.

While Howie has really just now come into his own with more solos and such, we LOVE watching / hearing him perform. There’s something about his look and his voice when he sings that makes us believe every word. It’s like every word touches his soul before coming out of his mouth.

3. His Hair That Can Do ANYTHING.

Short and curly, slicked back in a ponytail, the long hair (that fans dubbed “The Jesus Hair”), the Bon Jovi hair, and now the short and sleek hair… Howie has rocked them all. His hair has made us all jealous at one point another – perfection and NEVER out of place. What IS his secret?

4. The Way He Puts Up With…Well, Everyone Else.

Howie seems to be the unspoken unofficial guy-everyone-picks-on of the BSB. Brian or Nick usually seem to be the chronic offenders, but Howie always keeps his cool. He has some sort of inner peace that makes him not punch them right in the face (yet) and we are so very appreciative for that…and the entertainment.

5. He Can Party With The Best Of Us.

images (7)

Anyone that’s been to an afterparty or a BSB cruise knows that as long as there is a party and there is people, Howie will be there. In fact, he nearly “invented” the afterparties all by himself during the NKOTBSB tour and it’s only gotten better since then. Thank you, Howie, for never making us party alone.

6. His Stealthy Ways.

You never know when he’s going to be the voice of reason, where he’s going to pop up, or when you’re going to find yourself completely ignoring Nick to drool over Howie, but it happens. It happens all the time. Howie is STEALTH and you won’t even know it until it hits you.

7. His Style.

Think really hard – have you EVER seen Howie look a hot mess? Nope. You haven’t. Move on.

8. He’s The Yoda Of The Backstreet Boys.

Allow us to flash back to I Heart Nick Carter when (stealth) Howie kept giving loads of wisdom. From what to buy at the grocery store to love advice, MAN he’s good! He may not speak the most, but when he does, it is 100% worth listening to.

8. His Undeniably Giant Heart!

Let’s face it – no one has a bad thing to say about Sweet D. He is an incredibly nice human being who is unfaltering in his ways. We’ve loved him from the beginning and the love only continues to grow.

Here’s to another 42 years, Howie D.! ❤

10 Pieces of Nick Carter Merchandise That We Wish Existed


In times of no-tour, no-album, fans are literally milling about the internet, looking for anything Backstreet related to suck up into our possession. We will give anyone our money that can give us some piece of new merchandise. We already wrote about pieces of merchandise that we wished the Backstreet Boys had, so now we are lurking about the Nick Carter web store, looking for something new to purchase. Here are 10 items we wish existed so that we can snatch them up immediately.

1. Action Figures.

And we don’t mean just the one from Burger King (although we might buy that again too). There could be different Nick Carter action figures for different phases. For example:

  • Now Or Never Tour Nick: Comes with a grunge look
  • I’m Taking Off Tour Nick: Comes with astronaut helmet, removable jacket, guitar, and longish hair
  • Backstreet Boys Nick: Expandable torso allows action figure to “grow” from 13 to 30
  • Nick and Knight Tour Nick: Comes with detachable Jordan Knight and wears a wedding ring to commemorate his first tour as a married man
  • Dead 7 Nick: Dressed in character and comes with two zombies

2. Guitar Pick Jewelry.

It was a highly coveted piece of non-purchasable merch from the IAWLT tour – the guitar pick. Both Brian and Nick had them and would throw them out to an audience member on the regular, but getting Nick’s was like risking your life. If you didn’t have arms as long as a tree, you weren’t getting it. For that reason, we would LOVE them to be sold on his website. To step up the game, it would be awesome if these picks were attached to clasps and hooks that would make them into jewelry. This trend is one of the coolest understated ways to wear your support for your favorite artist!

3. Blankets.

Let’s face it, we’re getting older. We are not out partying every night with glowsticks at a club or taking shots at a bar (unless it’s on the Backstreet Boys cruise). Our perfect Friday night is snuggling under a blanket reading a book (Nick’s book, duh) or watch the BSB movie, of course. What could be more perfect than a Nick blanket? Whether it features his lyrics, his own drawings, or his giant face – we aren’t picky. We feel like a blanket with a dinosaur and an alien drawn by Mr. Carter himself would be the PERFECT conversation piece to drape over the back of our couches…for when we have to adult.

Bonus: A Nick body pillow. Yeah, we said it.

4. Tour DVDs.

This is pretty self explanatory. It the days of Nick-drought, it would be nice not to have to dig through YouTube and the endless hole of videos from different Nick Carter tours. We watch one performance, on thing leads to another, suddenly it’s 3am…and we haven’t showered in 2 days. Put simply, we need Now Or Never, I’m Taking Off, and The Nick & Knight Tour on DVD to save us from ourselves. We can be cut off.. or keep watching in a continuous loop. Whatever.

5. Nick Carter Branded Paper Bags.

You may laugh, but a some sort of reusable paper bag to breathe into would be INCREDIBLY useful. You know, for all of those time Nick Carter literally knocks the air out of us with his face…and his thrusting…and his unexpected tweets to fans. We also need the bag for any announcement we might be waiting for. There is every reason in the world for the Carter Bag to be a staple and, honestly, should come from with fanclub membership.

7. Toys.

I know what you’re thinking and no, Not THOSE kind of toys (not that any of us are against it – but I digress). One of Nick’s most well-loved characteristics is that he is, essentially, a big kid. Therefore, it makes sense that he would have some sort of brand of toys. We’re thinking zombie shooters, alien slime, and his own line of gaming console accessories. Not only will we DEFINITELY buy the products for ourselves, we can buy something for everyone in the family during the holidays. Yesss…

8. Lyric Inscribed Merch. 

Some of us love Nick’s face stretched across our top half and proudly flaunt our tour shirts wherever we go. It would be nice, however, to sometimes still parade our Nick Carter love in an inconspicuous way. We were HUGE fans of the Nick-art shirts that were fanclub exclusives a few years back and would love to see them make a comeback, but we’re also interested in his lyrics on some merch as well. “Oh you like the words on my shirt? THEY’RE FROM NICK CARTER!” Boom. Promotion and good feelings.

9. Energy Drinks.

If ever there was a promoter for energy, it could definitely be Nick. The man is CONSTANTLY busy doing 4 to 98 projects at once and we’re all jealous of the abundance of energy and ambition he possesses. He is a walking advertisement for some sort of energy concoction and hell yeah – we’d buy it. Alien Juice? Yes, please. Carter Craze? Yep. Fizz O’ Nick? JUST GIVE IT TO ME.

10. Nick Carter: The Video Game

While it may not be tangible merchandise, why is there not a Nick Carter video game and/or app in existence? KIM KARDASHIAN HAS ONE. We want to be friends with Nick, go on tour with him, get points for being the opening act, lose points forgetting to walk his dog, fly on the private planes, get him safely to the beach in Brazil – imagine the possibilities in this game! We need more reasons to tweet him incessantly beside the fact that it’s our birthdays. WE WANT HIM TO KNOW THAT WE ARE ON LEVEL 23434 OF HIS GAME AND HAVEN’T SLEPT IN DAYS (Insert the aforementioned energy drink here). Ok, maybe it’s not such a good idea….(But we still want it.)

Let’s face it though, if all of these things existed, we’d be broke…and happy. So very happy.

Why People Think We Love The Backstreet Boys Vs. Why We Actually Love The Backstreet Boys

As a Backstreet Boys fan, you must defend your love for the Boys on a daily basis, right? What people don’t understand is that it’s not just the professional “image” we love…in fact, it’s usually not that at all! We love their personalities, their love for fans, their silliness, their faces in general. Per a request on Twitter, the following graphics were made! Please feel free to share and tag us on Twitter, FB, or instagram (Twitter: @WHOTheBckstreet, Instagram: whathappensonthebackstreet) – We want to see you share the love!

BrianCollage2 WhyWeLoveAJ WhyWeLoveKevinR WhyWeLoveNickC



4 #Dead7 Updates From The First Weekend Of Shooting

This weekend (8.14.15) marked the beginning of filming for Dead 7, the long awaited horror-turned-zombie western film from Nick Carter. Produced by The Asylum, the people behind the Sharknado trilogy, we have been excited for filming to begin since San Diego Comic Con back in July. In a weekly marathon of tweets, Nick has asked a number of celebs to join his cast, from Niall Horan to Paul McCartney, from Kathy Griffin to Mel B., and this weekend, we got our first glimpse of who has joined the cast, what they’ll look like in the film, and what we have to look forward to!

1. You Can Add Three More Boybanders To The “Team”.

While we already knew that Joey Fatone, AJ McLean, and Howie D had signed on to be in Dead 7, we have been in the dark about who else may be involved. Then, on Friday, with a picture and a Periscope video, more cast members were revealed.


The newest cast members include Jacob Underwood and Trevor Penick (both from O-Town) along with Jeff Timmons (of 98 Degrees).

2. Nick Makes A Damn Good Looking Cowboy.

Really, who expected Nick Carter to look SO good as a cowboy? So glad you picked up something in Nashville, Mr.Carter.


3. Other Characters Include….Gunslingers And A Creepy Looking Villain.


We’re seeing these men in a whole night light, guys. AJ, whose character is named Johnny, is going to give you nightmares, but he is apparently the only boybander that isn’t a cowboy. While we have yet to see Jeff, Trevor, or Lauren in character, we can’t wait for more details!

4. We Owe Jacob Underwood.


The O-Town member gave us the first peek at Cowboy Carter and kept the goods coming from Montana set all weekend long!

For all of the latest updates of Dead 7, check right here and nickcarter.net!

6 Reasons We Should Be Thankful For The Backstreet Wives


Many of us have grown up with the Backstreet Boys and we mean that quite literally. We have grown up, some of us have gotten married, some of us have had babies and we have watched the Boys do the same. Some of us seem to forget, however, that these five women fell in love with five men just as we fell in love with our significant others. While their husbands are (obviously) larger than life (no pun intended….ok, kinda), at the end of the day, we should be grateful for them! If nothing else, because females should band together… you know, GIRL POWER (Did you learn nothing from the Spice Girls??), but if you need more reasons, continue reading.

1. They Make Endless Sacrifices For US To Enjoy Their Husbands’ Talents.

Sure, these women knew who they were marrying. They were aware of the tour life, the cruises, the being gone for half of the year, but knowing it and living it are two different things. While living on a tour bus with a Backstreet Boy sounds like a fan’s dream come true, it’s not exactly the dream home situation and definitely not for a growing family. So stay home, some say. Skype, some say… but that’s not really fair, is it? No amount of new invention can replace actually having your husband at home and these five women, while mentioning that they miss their man, never complain about it.

2. They Sometimes Have To Play Two Parents At Once.

Speaking of sacrifices, Leighanne, Rochelle, Leigh, and Kristin all have children who they have to raise essentially on their own during touring years. Sure, they all join up on tour sometimes and Dad is available for chatting, but parenting is a hard job and these moms are superheroes! Not only having to make major decisions alone sometimes, making sure school work is done, keeping up with a schedule and such, but consider trying to make all of that fit for your child to have a normal life PLUS joining Dad on tour! Not to mention traveling alone sometimes with small children, dealing with fans in an airport, and not wanting to throw your luggage into people. Supermoms.

3. They Have The Job Of Telling A Backstreet Boy When He Stinks…Literally.

I mean, none of US want that job. What if Nick, Howie, AJ, Kevin, or Brian showed up to a VIP smelling like garlic from the lunch they ate beforehand?! These ladies tell their men like it is, much like we would tell our own significant others. They tell them about that haircut that was NOT cute and those shorts that NEED to go. Can you imagine the laundry they have to do after hardcore rehearsals?! No thank you.

4. They Believe That Sharing Is Caring.

Let’s be real, from the get go, these 5 women have shared their husbands and their lives with us. Accusations of “selfishness” is laughable because it takes a special kind of girl to share the man they love, the children they created, and the lives they live with millions of people. They are subjected, beyond their control, to unfair judgement, opinions, and sometimes uncalled for hate. None of this has changed that they continue to share with us and we should be appreciative of that fact.

5. They’ve Been So Nice To Us.

Could they hide from fans? ABSOLUTELY. Do they? Not usually. Most every modern Backstreet fan has a pleasant story about one of the wives and that says something. They aren’t celebrities, they didn’t sign up to have “fans”, but they accept it and they stop for photos and talk to us like we aren’t crazy. It needs to be appreciated a little more often.

6. Sometimes They Give Us More Info Than The Boys Themselves.

Rochelle, Leighanne, Kristin, Lauren, and Leigh are ON. OUR. SIDE. They want their husbands to be successful and happy, we want them to be successful and happy. They want us to be excited about what’s coming next just as much as we want to know what’s going on. How many times has it been one of them who has given us info about recording? About cruise events? About film projects? A lot. How many times have they passed something along for us? A lot. We NEED them. They’re our insiders!


Dear Lauren, Rochelle, Leighanne, Kristin and Leigh,

We are thankful for all of you and thankful that you have made what was “our” boys, your boys. Thank you for putting up with so incredibly much – we know it isn’t easy. Please know that you ARE appreciated and that for every one nasty person saying nasty things, there are 100 more that support you 100%. Thank you for being strong women who handle everything with such class. You’re all fantastic.