60 Thoughts You’ll Have While Watching The “Anywhere For You” Music Video

1. In the first 3 seconds, we see the Boys on the beach and we’re excited. In the next second, we realize they have clothes on.

2. What are these seagulls?? Do they know whose shot they are blocking?

3. If this video was in 2015, Kevin would have that collar POPPED like a boss. Not tucked into his sweater.

4. Why are they a) wearing long sleeves on a beach, b) wearing so many layers of long sleeves on the beach? Did they have chicken pox? Run out of sunscreen?

5. Brian’s “jacket/sweater/robe” is straight from the Bible.

6. Brian REALLY stands out with the blue. Did he not get the black and white on the beach memo? Thank GOD he got the 30 layers of clothes memo….

7. In this video, Howie and Brian have joined the dramatic arms game.

8. They are standing all on separate rocks so that their drama arms don’t hit.

9. The Backstreet Beach Birds just keep multiplying throughout this video. Did they pay these seagulls?

10. At 0:32, why is Nick’s mouth moving for words/noise he doesn’t even sing?

11. At 0:37, why is Nick running into Howie? It all started so early.

12. Can Kevin really see anything with his hair hitting his eyeballs?

13. Oh, look at Brian! Still the only one with a colorful sweater.

14. Is anyone else SERIOUSLY confused about where we are right now? Beach, rocks…. Bonfire?

15. OH YEAH! Shirts are off! Well, except for Nick and his mushroom hair…

16. Ummm, is that Lou Pearlman selling Howie a balloon? Or is he giving Howie a balloon to entice him? Awkward.

17. Are Brian and Nick looking on jealously? They want balloons.

18. Oh wait, Howie flirts with girls by buying them balloons? Niceeee..

19. Is anyone else weirded out that AJ just showed up out of nowhere once the girl started walking toward him? AJ and those ladies, y’all.

20. There’s not enough time to even talk about everything Nick is wearing throughout this video.

21. Anyone else feel like this video is basically Nick, Brian, and Howie? A little Beatle Kevin.

22. Ok, no, seriously…WHAT is this sweater vest thing Nick is wearing? Does he even know?

23. Count the times the Boys use their hands to gesture to “you” in this video and make it a drinking game. You’ll be drunk in less than a minute.

24. Everyone pause at 1:11, WHAT is going on with Brian and that balloon?! The string is wrapped around his head and his looks like a cat stuck in a bag..

25. ….No one cares. Howie is checking out another girl, wondering if she’ll settle for a football instead of a balloon.

26. Brian’s had enough with the walking. He’s take a seat on the beach…as are the Backstreet Beach Birds.

27. Oh hey! There’s AJ. Grand total of 4 times!

28. 1:20 – why is Brian turning away from the girl so quick? Did she steal his ice cream? Did he try to steal hers? Why is everyone else watching like creeps?

29. Kevin and Nick are both checking out ice cream girl. BUSTED.

30. 1:25, Kevin is so poetic looking.

31. Oh ok, tired of walking. Going to ride bicycles now. Cool.

32. Side note: These bicycle outfits are the most weather appropriate things they’ve worn in one minute and 27 seconds of video.

33. Kevin’s so cool. LOOK MOM, NO HANDS.

4-AnywhereForYou (2)

34. Oh hey Brian…you’ve got a girl on your back.

35. What group of girls SKATE among five bicycles?!

36. The boys are literally biking away from them…this is a chase!

37. How does Kevin keep switching sides? Nick or Brian, Kevin! PICK ONE! We all had to!


38. Oh no, Brian got the girl back on him. Hey! Isn’t that Howie’s balloon girl??

39. WHO skates on the back of someone’s bike? WHOSE idea was this??

40. 1:38 – Why are Kevin and Howie both flailing for no reason? Was there a large bee?

41. Oh, now we’re sitting on the beach like normals. No sweaters, no problem. Also, no Backstreet Birds!

42. Who are these girls?! Why were the Boys trying to pick them up and now they can’t be left alone?

43. Pretty sure the balloon girl, you know Brian’s skate chaser, is the one in Howie’s face with a camera. This isn’t awkward.

44. We were sure they were dressed normally now…..then Brian showed up with his wetsuit.

45. Nick almost took Brian’s head off with his drama hands.

46. Balloon skating girl has moved onto Nick. Playa gonna play.

47. Bunch of hot guys playing volleyball behind these guys that just decided to sit in a circle and sing to no one specific about going anywhere for them.

48. 2:15 – Don’t be distracted by shirtless Brian, pretty sure a bird just fell from the sky at the end of the shot. Suicidal Backstreet Bird.

49. Shirtless. Brian.

50. Hey! There’s AJ again!

51. Nick and Kevin with the head bobbing in this video…

52. 2:33 – Are they about to form a conga line?

53. Brian standing on his toes to sing “See, yeah!” is so cute and I’m not sure why.

54. If you pause on AJ’s face at any time, he looks like you’ve offended him.

55. Is Nick even old enough to be seeing a girl in a bikini like that?

56. The amount of times Kevin tries to steal the video by biking with no hands is unbelievable really.

57. Who plays volleyball with a beachball? Backstreet Boys.

58. Seriously, how long is this beach that they are STILL walking?

59. Was their supposed to be a random speedboat in the background? Did they just show up at the beach one day to shoot this?

60. Conclusion: The Backstreet Boys will go anywhere for you….if by anywhere, you mean this really long beach, some beach rocks, bicycling, sitting on another part of a beach, or joining them around a “bonfire” (We never actually saw it.)


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