7 Moments With The Backstreet Boys On MTV : 1998

Recently, our affilate, The Darkside of Backstreet, started a blog connected with their forum and we have decided to collaborate on a few posts that will be posted on both sites. Rose at TDS provided the videos (YAY!!) and I’ve provided the written commentary.

For many of us, we were introduced to the Backstreet Boys on MTV and our lives were changed forever. Sometimes we forget how far they’ve come. Sometimes we forget how much MTV has changed since the 90s. Sometimes we just really want to get those nostalgic feels. For your viewing pleasure, for the next few weeks…days…months (whatever we feel like, really), we’ll be posting old appearances from the MTV days of yore and we’ll be waiting for your cries of joy and “OH MY! I FORGOT THIS EXISTED!”

You’re welcome.

GO HERE for all the goods from ’98 –> Click This


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