5 Things That Backstreet Boys Fans And Zombies Have In Common


Recently, there has been a zombie fascination running through the Backstreet fandom (Thanks to Nick Carter and Dead 7). The more one thinks about it, the more you can start drawing connections between fans and zombies that might have inspired Mr. Carter in the first place.

1. The Boys Infected Us…And We’re Turning Others.

Since 1993, the Backstreet Boys have been traveling the world and “infecting” us one fan at a time. They sing songs that draw us near and then send us out to recruit others. Our friends have tried to run, but they can’t hide. Before they know it, they are hanging out in the night with us, piling into cars, crowding into concerts and hypnotized by our leaders the Backstreet Boys.

2. We’d Probably Eat Their Brains. 

We are so hungry for anything the Boys feed us that we would jump straight into their heads and eat their brains if we could. Consider it extreme affection. And the fact that we want every bit of information that they’re holding inside. At least we’re not eating other body parts…

3. We’re Usually In Need Of Rest.

Let’s face it. Half of our lives as fans aren’t spent not sleeping. We go to midnight releases, we’re up early for morning appearances, we’re waiting in line for VIP, we’re setting our clocks for timezones on the other side of the world for a special announcement, we’re partying on a cruise… Backstreet Boys fans DO. NOT. SLEEP. Unlike zombies though, we are happily unrested…and don’t smell as bad.

4. They Can’t Escape Us.

“Booyyyysssss. BOOOYYSS!” That is our mantra as opposed to the usually “braiiiinss” you hear from the typical zombie. They think they’re being so sneaky about what hotel they’re in, what restaurant they’re eating at, or what studio they’re recording in, but we literally sniff them out and come in hoards to vie for their affections. Nothing affects us. We’ll wait in the rain. We’ll wait all night. Someone could throw a frying pan at our faces and we’d stand there bleeding just for a glimpse of Brian running in front of us.

5. We’d Break Our Limbs Off And Throw Them… If It Meant Getting Closer.

Much like zombies who will do anything to get what they want, we’ve come close to taking one of our arms off and waving it around with the other just to get attention from our five favorite men. While we may not throw it at them (but we might at other fan-ombies that get in our way), there are plenty of us that do not feel pain during Backstreet events. EYES ON THE PRIZE. Our wonderful humans, the Backstreet Boys.


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