5 Female Artists We Want The Backstreet Boys To Collaborate With

At the beginning of every new album cycle, Backstreet Boys fans love to throw ideas around about what might come with the new music. One of the most commonly talked about subjects recently are collaborations, specifically with female artists. The Backstreet Boys are already a harmonizing powerhouse and while they don’t need to collaborate with anyone, bringing a lady into the game would not be a bad idea. From P!nk and Nate Ruess to Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, male and female duets are blowing up the charts! Here are the 5 talented women we’d like to see the Boys pair up with in the future:

1. Kelly Clarkson.

There is NO denying that Kelly Clarkson is an incredible artist with amazing vocals who loves what she does. She’s grounded and she’s not afraid to do what she wants with her music. All of the above makes her a perfect match for the Backstreet Boys. Her recent duet with Jon Legend (“Run”) is chill inducing and we could only imagine what she would sound like with our five. We feel as though this pairing would be a match made in Heaven – especially on a ballad. It would rock our worlds.

2. Meghan Trainor.

Not only do we (and millions of other people) love Meghan Trainor’s tunes, collaborating with her could draw in a new fanbase for the Backstreet Boys. Meghan has an established retro sound and we would love to hear the Boys join in. It’s a win-win situation as the new songstress-meets-90s boyband would certainly drum up some press for both sides.

3. Shania Twain.

This one really seems like a no brainer as Shania is a fan of the Backstreet Boys as well as being an accredited vocalist that has held her own on the Country and Pop charts for years. The Boys performed her hit “From This Moment On” with her on her televised concert special in 1999, but never actually recorded a track with her. The fact that Shania showed up to visit the Boys after one of their shows in Vegas last year proves that the relationship is still a good one and we already know that they sound phenomenal together! With Shania on her farewell tour this Summer, there is no word on what she will be doing next, but we think collaborating with the Backstreet Boys isn’t a bad idea!

4. P!nk.

There is NO denying that Pink has one of the most unique voices in the business today and an attitude to go with it. Hearing her live is even better. We would DIE to hear her with the Backstreet Boys, specifically AJ. Or Brian. Or Nick. Or Kevin or Howie. Really, we just want think that there is no way that this could go wrong. Even if they aren’t singing together, a songwriting collaboration between Pink and the Boys could be gold. We also wouldn’t mind if she had one or two of them suspended in the air doing aerial tricks by the end. We know Brian would be down.

5. The Spice Girls.

Sigh. Since the beginning of time (aka the 90s), the universe has been begging these two bands to pair up. While we wouldn’t normally suggest a GROUP of girls with the Boys, this is just one that needs to happen for our lives to be complete. We have been teased since the beginning of the IAWLT tour (BRIAN!) that the Backstreet Boys had a secret with the Spice Girls that only they knew about and we’re still holding on to hope. This collaboration doesn’t even have to be a song. We’ll take a tour. Ha! Actually, we’ll even take just a photo of them all together….which we will then turn into 2343 rumors about why they are together. For the sake of every 10 year old inside of us, we need Spice Boys to happen.


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