3 Things We Know About Kevin Richardson’s Solo Album

For as long as the Backstreet Boys have been going on solo ventures, we have been waiting for Kevin to do his own. As the final band member standing without a solo album, we were so excited when he announced on the 2013 cruise that he was indeed working toward releasing one of his own. Since 2013, he has been on tour with the Boys but with the tour ending last week, we have been getting more and more hints about this mysterious album. Here’s what we know so far:

1. The Album Will Be Called Cover Story.

It has been revealed that the title of Kevin’s upcoming album will be titled Cover Story and appropriately so as the album will feature covers of classic songs. Why are we excited to hear this? Because Kevin’s taste in music has proven to be pretty fantastic. Everything from The Beatles to Elton John to Maroon 5 to less-mainstream selections have earned Mr.Richardson’s nod of approval. Classic songs mixed with Kevin’s smooth vocals? Sign us up! It’s the best of all the worlds.

2. What We’ve Heard So Far…

On Mother’s Day, Kevin unexpectedly dropped a song from his upcoming album on us and it was the talk of every fan’s twitter for the next week. His cover of Billy Joel’s “She’s Got A Way” does NOT disappoint and, as previously stated, it proves his musical tastes won’t let us down.

A few weeks later, he tweeted out another cover. This time it was of “Danny’s Song”, a song by Loggins and Messina from the early 1970s. While the song may be lesser known by this generation, this is a perfect example of what Cover Story can accomplish – bringing new life to an old classic.

We also have clips from the 2013 Backstreet Boys Cruise when Kevin first debuted his solo plans, thanks to @sv02! (Starting at 20/24 on her playlist)

3. When Can We Get Our Hands On It, You Ask?

The answer to this is that we don’t know exactly. When Kevin was asked at a recent soundcheck in Mexico about the release of his album, he was pretty vague. Known for his perfectionist ways, we’re not surprised that he hasn’t nailed down a date until the album is absolutely ready and honestly, we’re okay with that. Kevin has never disappointed us before and he likely won’t start now. We do know, however, that the album will be released this year.


Follow this post for every new update regarding Kevin’s Cover Story as it comes in. We can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “3 Things We Know About Kevin Richardson’s Solo Album

  1. #4 It won’t be released in Australia and I’ll have to deal with some serious monkey business to get my hands on it. Amazon will pretend it’s shipping to me, only to tell me weeks later that it hasn’t arrived because I don’t exist. Then I’ll order it from some little online shop, get really excited when a correctly shaped package arrives, then be left baffled as I unwrap a Wu-Tang Clan CD (what the even?). Customer service will tell me that the item I want doesn’t exist. About this time I’ll start to wonder if the Backstreet Boys and I actually exist in different dimensions. I will eventually find a seller on ebay who will ship me the item. It will not play on my dvd player, and I will find that the guy who made my computer didn’t include region decoding software for my optical drive. I will make a pretty piece of wall art out of the item and download the content from Pirate Bay while wearing an eye patch and dancing on my lounge singing, “I am the Pirate King!” to my cat, who will respond my knocking down my wall art. Lastly, my house will be burned down by Drop Bears.


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