6 Things That Kevin Richardson Could Do With Those Red Pants

They were perhaps the most iconic things that came out of the soon-to-be-over In A World Like This tour. They showed up to every show. They were constantly talked about, begged for, and stared at… and it had nothing to do with Nick Carter. We are referring to Kevin’s red pants. You know the ones – THE red pants. We’ve pondered so many things about them: Are there more than one pair? Are his perfectly matching shoes actually attached? How has the color lasted for 176 shows? The biggest question recently though… What will happen to the pants now that tour is over? We have a few ideas.

1. Sell Them On Ebay.

This seems like the most obvious choice. With fans clamoring to get in own Kevin’s pants since tour started, he could really make a killing for them. Of course, it could be a fundraiser. Think how many forests you could save with one pair of pants, Kevin. Or all of the equipment you could supply to a high school football team. It’s a win-win situation. Except that anyone who buys the pants will have to look over their shoulder for the rest of their lives because fans are SERIOUS about these pants.

2. Cut Them Up and Distribute The Pieces In His Solo Album.

Just as the NKOTB sold limited edition DVDs with pieces of their Fenway banner, Kevin could easily sell double the albums by including small pieces of the red pants in a limited number of albums. Why do you have 2354 Cover Story albums? Duh, because you were trying to sew the beloved pants back together!

3. Keep Them.

Could the red pants return on the next tour? Will he dye them another color? Orange perhaps? We can continue down the rainbow…

4. Pass Them Along To His Boys.

We all know that Kevin is a huge fan of recycling so why stop at plastics and environmental things? The pants could be folded into the closet for when they are old enough to wear them. They could tie the legs around their necks and use the pants as a cape. Maybe even Kristin can wear them and do something fancy…because let’s face it, the woman never looks bad in ANYTHING.

5. Give Them To Nick So He Can Be Kevin For Halloween.

Let’s face it, that IS Nick’s life dream.

6. Whatever The Hell He Wants To Do.

Those pants are literally a part of Kevin’s legacy. The denim jacket and the red pants are going to go down in history and while the other boys changed up their wardrobe throughout the two years, the returning member was loyal to his look. For that, you do you as you always do, Mr. Richardson…

But, we do want to know what brand they are to hold up so well and if they’ll hire you as their model!

We’ll miss you, Red Pants. You were talked about almost as much as Nick Carter’s hair.



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