A Bunch of Things Dads Say About The Backstreet Boys

In honor of Father’s Day, we reached out on Twitter to ask fans to share their stories about their dads and the Backstreet Boys. Are they fans? Do they have a favorite song? Do they go to shows with you? The response was a sweet one that we’d like to share. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll appreciate these Backstreet Fan Dads.

Some Dads Have Met The Boys… 

Howie and Q Pic KevinDad NickBrianHowie“After being a Backstreet Soldier for – OMG I’m old – 20 years now with many great memories to share and even having met the boys several times myself, this following story still and always will be my favorite of all.

My dad worked at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany for 25 years but something like this has only happened once and never again during his entire career.

When dad started his working day on a Sunday in 1997, he received a message saying due to unforeseen circumstances the band “The Backstreet Boys“ had to spend the whole day at the airport and it was his job to assist them during the day until their plane to Paris was ready.

Afterwards my dad came home from work and held up a frisbee letting us know that the Backstreet Boys were playing with it all day. My sister (11) and me (15) were pretty much existing for BSB during that time in our lives and only started to believe him when he finally showed us a piece of paper with five familiar signatures on it. My dad is the original cool dude and it takes a lot to get him excited but I can tell he was quite hysterical when he told us what happened. He had a long conversation with Kevin about the US (my family travels America for many years now) and couldn’t mention enough what a nice person Kevin is (he was thrilled!). He said Howie, Brian and Q (we miss you, dude!) were goofing around running down the hallways of the airport with one of those baggage carts and Nick (who was 17) looked so young to my dad, he couldn’t even believe he was in a band, lol. And then there’s this special story about AJ who kind of disappeared into nowhere after asking my dad: Is there a McDonald’s? with his deep southern accent. I’m telling you whenever we passed a McDonald’s after that, my dad was doing the AJ imitation. The sweetest thing my dad did, was to get a camera to take pictures with the guys cause yes, no internet, no digital cameras in 1997 (I really feel old now!). We still couldn’t shake off our doubts about dad’s story until we finally were picking up the pictures which proved that dad really spent a day with our boys.

I can’t exactly claim that my dad is a Backstreet Boys fan cause he’s just too cool to admit it but as a suspicious father who’s daughters were (or are actually) over the top in love with these five US boys, he was definitely very impressed with them (especially Kevin!) and drove us to every BSB event without any discussion after his experience. My dad got very sick a few years later and had to go through a huge struggle with his health but received a donor heart two months ago. I really hope one day I get to tell the guys his story because it means a lot not only to me and my sis but to him as he got the chance to make his girls proud on this day.” –  @Scorpusa

Some Dads Are Closet Fans…

“I was telling my dad about the cruise and how I’m dying to go on it and he said ‘I like the Backstreet Boys. They’ve got talent. They’re alright in my book but don’t tell anyone.’ ” – @believer48

“I wouldn’t call him a fan but he very much enjoyed watching the IAWLT tour DVD with me. He’s always asking if we can watch it together. His favourite song is Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.” – @AndieYammine 

Some Dads Are Real Fans…

“My dad knows IWITW and all the old songs. He is also my companion for BSB concerts (We went to the TIU tour, Femme Fatale tour with Howie as opening act, the ITO Nick tour and we’re going to the IAWLT tour.” – @dark_chii_bsb 

Some Dads Have Jokes…

“My dad used to call them the Frontstreet Girls.” – @puffnstuff08 

“Mine used any direction to refer to the group. Sidestreet Boys, Frontstreet Boys, Downstreet/Upstreet Boys, Kitty Corner Boys. It was all valid.” – @BackstreetGem 

“My dad would says that Nick has a hairstyle that looks like a book. But he would say that in Spanish.” – @BSBNeverGone93  

Some Dads Are Just Happy For Their Little Girls…

“He’s not a fan, but when he saw me talk to AJ and Kevin in Israel, he had tears in his eyes for two reasons: he was happy for me that my dream came true, and was moved by how excited and brave I was talking to 2 of my heroes for the first time in 22 years.” – @yael1983s 

And Some Dads Are Never Gone…

“I’ve been a Backstreet Boys fan for almost 20 years now. I’m now 34 and I became a fan when I was just 15. Since then, I hogged the TV to record all my shows on my VCR and the radio was most of the time playing BSB from the speakers. We had one computer in my dad’s hobby room so when I wanted to look up pictures from the BSB to print out for my books, my dad was sitting beside me busy with his stamp collection. He was always singing along with the songs, but I was 16 so that was the most annoying thing a dad could ever do and I would tell him to stop singing. Then, he would start humming and giving little drum solos on the desk…which annoyed me even more haha.  At Christmas time, I always got to hang my huge BSB Christmas poster in the living room for everyone to see. He always said he would love to come to a concert with us but I didn’t want to scream for some gorgeous man next to my dad. His all -time favorite song was Show Me The Meaning and he always burst out into song with that one.

Sadly, after being sick for a really short time, my dad passed away in 2002.

Since then Show Me The Meaning became his anthem for me.

Now whenever I’m at a BSB concert, I always go into the ‘Oprah-ugly-cry’ when that song starts. I always have my bestie by my side and she always makes sure AJ sees me at that moment to give me a little boost, he often sings to me at that moment or just blows me a kiss and a little wink –  I still want to thank him for that. All my girls know what that song means to me.

It gives me such power to know all my girls are there at that moment with me and I know my dad is sitting front row enjoying every minute of his little girl still getting crazy over those five boys.” – @DutchieElise 

“My dad passed away when in 1998 when I was 9 years old. It was the same year that I had discovered the Backstreet Boys so he never really knew anything about them. However, on the the 7th anniversary of his death, I (through a series of chance events) met the Boys for the first time. I can’t help but think that he sent them to me as a form of healing.” –  

“I lost my dad on September 19, 2001.  For a daddy’s girl, losing your father is beyond inconceivable.  But I had THE best dad ever.  He was always ready to spoil me in every interest I might have had at any given moment.  One of my fondest memories of my dad is, when Burger King was doing the promo for the Backstreet Boys, he made several trips into town to buy the “For the Fans” CDs and buying happy meals for my kids just so that I could get the toys.  I didn’t ask him to do it, but just because I loved those Boys so much, he loved to see how happy I was when I received them, he just kept going to add to my collection.  I will never forget all the things he ever did for me, including this somewhat trival thing, and all the love that he gave to me.   I miss him so much.  Thank you Dad for being THE best father a girl could EVER have.” –  @JennayHeartNick

And A Few More Tweets About Dads:

“Well, I guess my dad serenades my mum with some of backstreet boys’ songs and some moves yeah awe lmao.” – @wreckingballbol

“Yep.. that’s my dad driving through downtown McLean blaring the Backstreet Boys.” – @arielothompson

“My mom is blasting Backstreet Boys at brunch and my dad is convincing my cousins that he was up for a spot in the group.” – @kategersten

“Okay, so I recently heard that my mom and dad are going to Backstreet Boys’ concert tonight without me… WITHOUT ME OMG.” – @officialleean

“Dad just said ‘stop singing backstreet boys… that.. thats mine and your mom’s thing..’ ” – @0RE0CLIFF0RD

“My dad knows the lyrics to “Get Down” by the Backstreet Boys. He’s 54.” – @abeljoshuaasa

“I just said to my dad ‘we are so in synch’ and he said “can we be the Backstreet Boys instead?” and I know I was born into the right family.” – @Katiekat745

“My dad’s convincing me to go Backstreet Boys with him.” – @encodedtiger

“My dad spends his free time at home watching documentaries on the backstreet boys.” – @_CaitlinLambert

“Backstreet Boys just came on the radio and my dad goes “I love this song!” And started singing along.” – @lostnightwisher

“I asked my dad if he liked the backstreet boys and he said that he loved them. Lol.” – @Ana_Ayalaa

“Dad just saw Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys on ET & muttered ‘Pretty hair.'” – @walstonecounty

“Dad why are you listening to Backstreet Boys??” “Because they’re THE boyband” – @lydialwthr

“Me: Dad, Zayn left One Direction! Dad: It’s like when Kevin left Backstreet Boys. Me: I think that’s false. Dad: Google it. He was right.” – @jorygoldbach

“My dad just now: “Hey Caroline the Backstreet Boys Documentary is on tv and I wanna watch it, so can you finish the dishes?”” – @hitbya_CARoline

“My dad is the only person I can think of to roll up to the house on his motorcycle BLASTING backstreet boys…” – @cr0wnVic 

Thanks to  for sending these our way from around the web!

Happy Father’s Day!


One thought on “A Bunch of Things Dads Say About The Backstreet Boys

  1. Amazing. I’m 29 and still a huge fan. I was at their concert on June 12th which is Valentine’s Day here in Brazil. My girlfriend and I were there and, as usual, people got surprised to see a man there singing all the songs. Just so you know, she became a fan because of me.

    I’m not a father yet. But I’ll certainly listen to the Backstreet Boys in the future and my children will have the chance to appreciate good music.


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