Backstreet Dad: 5 Of AJ McLean’s Sweetest Dad Moments

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AJ McLean is the bad boy Backstreet Boy with a big, big heart. We just didn’t know how big until the birth of the first Backstreet baby girl in November 2012. Out of all of the Boys, it seems most appropriate that AJ would have a girl. We were sure from the start that Ava Jaymes McLean would have all the latest fashions, be AJ’s mini manicure partner, and steal all of our hearts like her daddy. AJ being a dad might be the sweetest thing we’ve seen.

1. Nap Time. 

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Who can resist a sleeping baby? The cute is taken to a whole new level when a sleeping baby is combined with a Backstreet Boy – especially a Boy with a hard exterior. The shots we’ve seen of AJ napping with his daughter warm our hearts over and over again.

2. Like Father, Like Daughter.

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Silly faces, fancy cars, and selfie king and queen, the similarities between AJ and his mini me are more than we can handle. And really, have you EVER seen AJ happier? We haven’t. Something about Ava makes him light up like a Christmas tree and we think it’s by far his best look in 22 years.

BkkepurCcAA7e5w_zps904e5d87 images (3)

Then there was the times AJ brought Ava onstage. She was totally unafraid and daddy was more than proud to show her off. We can’t wait to see more of her on tour in the future.

3. When AJ Is Just Daddy.

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Who ever thought we’d find AJ McLean at a tea party? Or with a baby carrier on? Suddenly, it’s a common occurrence and we can’t get enough. His heart is walking around outside of his body and her name is Ava. We all see it.

4. The Fashionistas.

fashion images (5) o-AJ-MCLEAN-facebook

Perhaps the least surprising of the things we’ve learned about AJ McLean since his daughter was born is that girlfriend will ALWAYS be in style. The McLeans always look pretty on par when it comes to fashion and Ava is no exception. Her multiple leopard print outfits since she was born, her hair accessories and clothes-cuter-than-ours leave no wonder about who her daddy is. And when they’re dressed up together? Well, that’s precious.

5. When He Fanboys Over His Girl.

WARNING: This IS the cutest thing you will see for a while.

Rochelle and AJ have both posted in the past that Ava is a big fan of the Backstreet Boys’ music, but we think AJ is an even bigger fan of his little girl. We have a sneaking suspicion that he will always be her #1 fan in everything she does and we don’t blame him one bit.

Happy Father’s Day, AJ! Your little girl adores you as much you adore her and we can’t get enough of you two together. Thank you for letting us watch both of you grow. It’s a beautiful thing. ❤


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