Backstreet Dad: 5 Times Howie D. Won Us Over By Being A Normal Dad

Leading up to Father’s Day, we’re doing a series of posts for each Backstreet Boy. This series isn’t focused on their music or their looks, but for our appreciation for them as the fathers that they are.

In 2009, Howie D. was the next Backstreet Boy to become a dad with the birth of his son James. He was the first Backstreet Boy to break the mold and have TWO children when Holden was born in 2013. While we’ve always known as Howie as the sweet guy and the party boy, he came into a new light when he became a father. We love Howie in general, but seeing him with his kids in normal circumstances certainly tops our charts of things we love about him.

1. When He Has His Boys On Tour.

Fun day with the family and our super nanny Lala in Kansas City.

A post shared by Howie D (@howie_dorough) on


Kids loved playing at the Omaha Children's Museum!

A post shared by Howie D (@howie_dorough) on

James and Holden may not know it yet, but they’re seeing more places on tour than most kids their age. We love when Howie posts photos with his sons in different places doing kid things! The happiness with father and sons is undeniable.

2. That Time He Took James On A Disney Cruise.

No Backstreet Boys cruise for this boy! Although Howie might have been tired from work, he made time to go a Disney cruise with James and Leigh… like regular parents. Love it!

3. Those Steak N’ Shake Visits.


Some of us are lucky enough to have “dad” memories. You know, the place you go and think “my dad always brought me here”. Our heart melts everytime Howie posts a picture of he and James at Steak N’ Shake, which seems to be their go-to place when they’re together.

4. Typical Dad Posts.




A post shared by Howie D (@howie_dorough) on

What dad doesn’t love seeing his boys driving trucks around? Once again, Howie’s just a normal dad, proud of his boys and who they’re growing up to be – which seems to be best friends. Not only are the dad posts cute, we LOVE seeing James and Holden grow up together. So cute!

Always so great spending Easter at Grandma's house with family.

A post shared by Howie D (@howie_dorough) on


And also these normal family photos. Family life suits Howie.

5. That Time He Put His Own Baby In BSB Apparel.

Howie D. He’s just like us. Also, LOOK AT THAT FACE!

Happy Father’s Day, Howie! James and Holden are two precious boys and you are certainly raising them right. ❤


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