Backstreet Dad: 5 Reasons Brian Littrell Is A Fantastic Father

Leading up to Father’s Day, we’re doing a series of posts for each Backstreet Boy. This series isn’t focused on their music or their looks, but for our appreciation for them as the fathers that they are.


In November 2002, Brian became the first Backstreet Boy to become a father. Just when we thought we couldn’t love him more, we were introduced to a new Brian – Dad Brian. Baylee Littrell didn’t make a public appearance until April 2003 at an HHC event, but the Backstreet fandom was already positive that Brian with a baby would be better than anything we had seen before… and we were right! Since then, Baylee has grown up before our eyes and Brian has proven what we had known all along – that he was made for fatherhood. Here’s a few of the things we’ve loved most over the past (nearly) 13 years:

1. The Performers

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images (7)

Our hearts melted when Brian started bringing a tiny version of himself AKA Baylee onstage with him during soundcheck. His tiny microphone and head full of curls was enough to take the attention away from everyone on stage (even Nick). Eventually, Baylee was introducing the Boys…

….And then he was OPENING for them.

The boy is FULL of talent (not that we’re surprised) and we can’t believe how fast he’s grown. Even better than seeing Baylee grown and performing on his own? Seeing Brian watch him from the side. We’ve literally never seen him so proud.


bribay2. The Pride. 

Brian has won multiple awards, been around the country multiple times, has millions of people that love him, but we’ve never seen him light up the way he does when he talks about his son. The love he has for Baylee has always been so very clear and only grows as he gets older. Undeniable.

3. He Takes Time For The “Normal” Stuff.

When the Littrells started posting photos of Baylee on a baseball team, our hearts exploded. It’s no secret that in his downtime, Brian likes to be just a normal guy (because he is, but also there’s that Backstreet Boy thing). Actually SEEING it gives us a whole new appreciation for him. Son of an internationally known singer? Nah. Baylee gets to be just another kid in Georgia and in the long run, that’s what’s important.

Oh, and that time he took care of a pulled teeth backstage before performing. WHAT A DAD!

4. Family Man – Around The World Style.

He could be out partying every night and living a rockstar life, but Brian has literally taken his family around the world and has chosen his son to different cultures while sightseeing on tour. We love his priorities and how clear they are.

5. Let’s Be Real – Brian and Baylee Are Adorable Together.

images (8) images (9) images

Do we even need to say anything? It’s safe to say that Baylee has made Brian an even better person than he was before – inside and out. The happiness that pours out of him is infectious and now, Baylee is showing us what he’s made of as well. His charm onstage and his personality witnessed by many fans this past tour is clearly indicative of fantastic parents!

Happy Father’s Day, Brian! Baylee is so lucky to have you. You’re a fantastic father and incredible human. We can’t wait to see you both grow for another 13+ years! Fatherhood suits you well. ❤

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