7 Things That Happen When The Backstreet Boys Have An Announcement To Make

Being a Backstreet Boys fan can be stressful, exciting, exhausting, and more rewarding that being a fan of any other band. That being said, there are certain things that happen EVERYTIME the Boys say they have an announcement to make and we’re here to make sure you complete the cycle thoroughly everytime.

1. The Investigation.

Did we mention that being a BSB fan means that you are a skilled detective? We usually know where they are at all times, what they’re working on, and who they’re with. If we don’t, we compare notes with other fans until we can make a very educated guess. So it’s no surprise that we normally know (or have an idea of) what they’re going to announce before they even say they have an announcement. We might even know what they’re going to announce before they even know they’re going to do something. Don’t ask how, we just do.

However, if the Backstreet Boys say they’re going to make an announcement and we weren’t prepared, you better KNOW we’re going to find out in 24 hours. It is actually a disgrace to our fan-cards if we do not find something out before they announce it. Perhaps we’re protecting our minds from exploding, our hopes from getting crushed, our hearts from sudden impact. Or maybe we’re just girls (and a few boys) and we NEED to know things before anyone tells us first. You know how we love to say “I told you so”.

2. The Announcement For The Announcement.

“How does ________ sound? Stay tuned… ;)”

STAY TUNED?! Instantly we are hit with the high anxiety. How long are they going to take? Is this Backstreet time or real time? Should we stay up all night? Do we need to call out of work? Do I have time to go pee? Is this announcement even going to affect me?

But, our first visible reaction? To reply like this: “Oh, we know it’s _____”. We put on such a brave front. Oh please, Boys, we know what you’re up to. Again, this is just to protect ourselves. To let them know we know, but maybe we don’t know, but oh please, God, let it be something we’re prepared for.

3. Speculation.

We’ve all prepared as much as we can for “the announcement”, but that does not stop us from last minute speculations. We have hard facts to back us up on any kind of idea we might have, but what if it’s NOT what we thought?! Could we actually be a surprise? COULD THE BACKSTREET BOYS ACTUALLY SURPRISE US?

Usually not, but we like to add on last minute thrills.

4. The Announcement.

The only 10 seconds we’re quiet in this whole process. Must. soak. up. all. info.

5. Hysteria.

Our reactions will go one of two ways…

You will revert back to the age of 12 and lose your mind if this announcement applies to you. You may have known it all along, felt it coming, hoped and prayed, but now – you can’t even breathe. Your tweets look like this –> “sh874y28rfsof@#@#” and you’re flailing about as if your limbs are independent of your body. You might actually break something.


You will act like it doesn’t bother you that you can’t, in any way, make this announcement apply to you. It’s the wrong location, the wrong timing, too much money, WHYYY BACKSTREET BOYS WHYYYY?! Eventually, it becomes apparent that you aren’t handling life well. You will blame it on your family, your job, your dog..that’s why you’re in a bad mood. As soon as you find the one friend that feels the same though, it’s all out there. You hate them, you don’t why they are personally attacking you and leaving you out of things. You’ll never ever ever ever see them again and it’s already been 2 weeks since you’ve seen them last. You really become quite irrational.

6. Planning.

If the annoucement pertained to you, you’re going crazy. Where will you stay? How much money are you going to spend? Who is going with you? IS NICK CARTER GOING TO REMEMBER YOUR NAME?! Are you going to be close enough to them to actually speak words? You must plan so you can start a countdown and post it obnoxiously on social media for all of your friends for the next 234 days.

If the announcement did not pertain to you, you are planning what to do with the rest of your life and what you might be able to weedle out of the Boys to hint to you that something else might be coming. Something YOU can look forward to. If they don’t give you anything explicitly, you’re sure going to make something up. Much like aftershock, it’s just your brain’s way of protecting itself.

7. The Wave of Anxiety / Annoyance From Another “Announcement”

You JUST paid off and budgeted neatly for what you’re going to do. You were at peace with yourself. And now there’s something ELSE?! An afterparty, a solo event, added things to what you already purchased?

Whatever. Take my money.

This is the fan circle of life and we’re all in it for the long haul.

Sidenote: As stressful as these announcements may be, they are what we live for at times. We are so grateful to have a band that has stuck around for 22 years and continues to do things for us. We’re so lucky! But we’re also hormonal and a little crazy. šŸ˜‰


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