8 Phrases You Can’t Say To A Backstreet Boys Fan (And Expect A Normal Response)

If you’re a fan of the Boys in the above picture, you know that they have altered your life in more ways than one. We’re late for everything (Backstreet time has led us to believe that nothing happens on time), our detective skills are sharpened (how dare they try and surprise us…please!), and our way of hearing things is a little altered. What do we mean by that? We mean that there’s certain phrases that have been so drilled into our heads as Backstreet Boys’ fans that when we hear the phrases in normal everyday chatter, we can’t have normal human responses. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? You’re lying…. but continue reading. 🙂

1. “Tell Me Why….”


If you are a normal person asking us to tell us to tell you why something happened, and you hesitate for two seconds, these are the responses you might receive:

– Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache..

– Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake..

– I never wanna hear you say..

– I can’t be where you are..

It’s ingrained into our brains like our first names. Never will you get an actual reason why from one of us without us speaking one of the phrases above or having to waiting for it to play in our heads before we respond. And we won’t sing the words to you. We will respond with one of the above like it is actually the response you are looking for. WE CAN’T HELP IT. And if we try to hold it in, our faces might look like Brian’s in the above photo..

2. “Gotta Go…”

It’s not so much our response to this as the fact that we will repeat it ala “The Call”. Not only is this a severe problem for fans, it has affected Brian Littrell as well. In fact, it’s probably mostly his fault. We might have long forgotten the phrase had he not used it every chance he left a room / interview / ran to the bathroom since the song came out. And now, everytime we need to hang up the phone with our friends, we say “gotta go!” in a weird voice. And we are so judged.


Very similar to “Gotta go!”, “Alright!” just happened earlier. Again, we blame Brian. You may say “alright..” like a normal person, but inside, you’re definitely hearing it as it is heard in the chorus of Everybody. In fact, you’ve heard it in your head the way we all hear it each time it’s mentioned in this paragraph. ALRIGHT.

4. “I Don’t Care Who You Are…”

Much like “Tell me why”, if you hesitate after saying “I don’t care who you are..”, we will most likely respond with:

– “Where you’re from…”

– “What you did…”

Doesn’t everyone? People usually aren’t even looking for a response when they say it, but we proudly interrupt to give them one. Blame the Backstreet Boys.

5. “That’s Something That I Already Know..”

Our response –> “I know, I know, I know.” And this one, for some reason, we actually sing. While the other phrases are excusable because they are from well known BSB songs, this one is like an underground Backstreet language that only other Backstreet fans are going to recognize. It could actually serve as a mating call for other fans. If someone knows what you’re talking about, YOU BE THEIR FRIEND.

6. “Just Want You To Know….”

“…THAT I’VE BEEN FIGHTING TO LET YOU GO…” Our response. Everytime. And for some reason, this one gets really loud and we don’t know at what point in the song we should stop. We’ll probably continue to sing you the song as long as you let us. We might actually keep singing over you talking, at least through the chorus.

8. “Didn’t The Backstreet Boys Break Up?”

This isn’t part of a song, it’s just something you shouldn’t say to a Backstreet fan. Ever. It’s never going to end well and our response won’t be that of a normal human being. We’ll either slap you with a novel of everything they have done since 1999 (when you apparently stopped caring), blink at you and then ignore you, or completely rage (depending on the time of the month). Tread lightly. And walk way.


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